I never thought I would find myself living in a nation where the question “which scandal do you believe will bring down this administration” could be legitimately asked. President Obama, the man who fooled a nation. My next post was going to be about the scandal surrounding the administration and the 9/11 attacks in Benghazi, however the Obama Administrations incompetence surrounding the Benghazi attacks, first in allowing them to happen, then lying to the nation and trying to cover it up, is only a small part of a larger circle of corruption.

The story of Benghazi is well known, by those willing to look at the facts. Terrorist attacked an American Consulate Annex in Benghazi, A consulate that was left understaffed and under protected, despite the obvious signs of growing hostilities (and the British withdrawing their personal from the country), and calls for help from the United States Ambassador. American forces where told to stand down, rather than go to the aid of those brave souls who where being besieged by an organized terrorist group. President Obama went to bed that night. Four Americans lost their lives, and the Obama Administration quickly went into cover up mode. The Obama Administration quickly lied to the American People and claimed that the attack was brought about because of a video, despite having the evidence the day after the attack to prove that the attack did not stem from a protest.  President Obama went out of his way to avoid calling it a terror attack, then once the truth came out and public outrage began to grow, President Obama proceeded to try rewrite history and claim that he called it a terrorist attack from the beginning (which is a lie, he alluded to terror but never called the attack an act of terror).

The story of Benghazi can be summed up as simple as this, President Obama lied in order to win an election. He ignored the growing dangers in the middle east, in order to perpetuate the narrative that Al-Qaeda was on the run, and terrorism had been defeated by Barack Obama. This blind political ambition cost four men their lives. 

Benghazi unfortunately was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corruption in the Obama Administration. Two more scandals where kept conveniently under wraps until after the election was over, until President Obama was assured another term in the oval office. First there was the abuse of power by the Obama Administration by using the IRS to subdue political opposition from the TEA Party, a group that routed President Obama’s radical agenda in 2010, and would have ended the disaster that is the Obama Administration. Then there was the abuse of power by the Obama Administration when they saw fit to take phone records from the AP without a warrant, something I always thought Progressives where against, or are they only against it when a Republican are doing it, I digress Scandal after scandal has erupted from the Obama Administration. The press has actually reported on the AP and IRS scandals, because this time President Obama targeted them, and lied to them.

I am currently swimming in the details surrounding this trifecta of abuse, expect many updates   


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