Monthly Archives: June 2013

So one of my friends told me an interesting story about his soon to be ex-wife. She is a radical, I mean radical progressive. She has actually said that no one is racists towards white men. She said the term cracker, honkey, and the like aren’t actually racial slurs as they carry no weight behind them. She also has stated that she hates straight white males, because they hate everyone who isn’t a straight white male. She then proceeded to say that nothing bad ever happens to straight white males, despite the fact that in the course of three weeks her husband got a speeding ticket which resulted in his losing his job, she then left him.

The topper is that she actually told him that he was not allowed to associate with me because I was brainwashing him into a fascist. Yes, supposedly because I support the concept of limited government, equal justice, personal liberty, and individual responsibility, somehow that makes me a socialist. Which was a point of a massive argument between the two of us. She refused to admit that fascism was a form of socialism, hell she even refused to admit that North Korea was a communist state, claiming it was actually led by right wing radicals. She actually refused to admit that the Nazi’s where socialists, even though they are the national socialist party. 

670.) President Obama has agreed to arming the rebels in Syria, the same rebels whose leader eats the hearts and livers of his enemies. The same rebels that are supported by Al Qaeda. It is sad when Vladimir Putin can legitimately take the moral high ground, compared to the President of the United States.  We had to arm these guys though, I mean they used chemical weapons. Never mind that 98,000 people died before the chemical weapons were used. I see no reason to get involved in the struggle between a dictator, and terrorists. 

Here is the video

This is what President Obama has decided to support, this is what you progressives sent back to the White House.