New Home

A New Home

Welcome to Progressive Watch, the new home of Obamawatch from Xanga. Yes I am yet another refuge from the collapse of the once proud blogging site. There I made a name for myself by insuring that the truth about President Obama and his agenda got out.

After the election of 2010 I realized that I had limited myself far too much, focusing only on the actions of one progressive. I had to branch out, and so I have started this blog to bring the shady world of progressive thugs out into the light.

I have taken a back seat in the blogging scene. Having allowed myself to be ruled by my temper, letting my rage guide my hand, I figured that maybe it would be best for me to step down with the fall of Xanga. However seeing recent acts by progressive thugs around this nation I know I can no longer stand silent.

This blog is a place where the shady world of the progressive will be brought into the light. Where the corrupt will be exposed for the scum they are. Where I will on occasion (okay very often) rant about the stat of things in the world.

Come here with an open mind, and prepared to question with boldness. Again I say welcome, and I look forward to the vibrant debates that are sure to follow.


Let the discussion begin

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