Progressives, Authoritarians, Communists, Oh MY!

So I have lost all hope for New York City. This city, which is supposed to be s simple of American Pride, just elected a communist to be its mayor. This gentleman that they have elected Mr. De Baliso is an out and out communist. These authoritarian thugs are not even bothering to hide their extremist nature anymore as Bloomberg did. Now people will call me a radical, or insane, or blame this on just more of the same old GOP political hate speech, but I am prepared to defend this position. The facts surrounding this man are alarming, and if you are a child of liberty, I would take notice.

In 1983 Mr. Baliso went on a toured parts of the Soviet Union. He once severed as an organizer for the anti-America group Marxist group known as physicians for social responsibility.
In 1988 Mr. Baliso was an out spoken supporter of the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua, his support went so far as to go on a ten day trip to Nicaragua and hand out food and medicine. Upon his return he joined up with the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York, and helped fund raise for the communist Sandinistas. He also subscribed to the Sandinistas news paper and continues to sing their praises to this day.

If you were hoping for support to fight back the march of authoritarian rule represented by the progressive movement, I hope you were not counting on the GOP Establishment for help. The governor’s race in Virginia shows just how far the infectious filth of progressivism has spread in the heat of American politics. In Virginia there was a prime opportunity to finally make a stand against the radicals that currently infest the once hallowed halls of Washington DC. There sitting on a silver platter was a chance to strike back at the vermin who have defaced the sacred temple of the American Republic, all the GOP had to do was step up and take it. Yet for some reason the spineless pieces of postulant trash known as the GOP Establishment, choose to lay down, and let this opportunity walk right on by. Why? Obamacare is now more unpopular than it ever has been before. People are finally starting to see just what a nightmare this progressive lunacy actually is. The massive GOP victory in 2010 happened because of a grass roots movement of individuals disgusted by the tyrannical actions of DC. John Boehner is speaker of the House of Representatives because we the people did not want Obamacare, but the fascists in DC shoved it down our throats anyways. So here in the Common Wealth of Virginia is a man  by the name of Mr. Cuccinelli, who was the first person to file a law suit against Obamacare, a man who has already proven he is willing to stand against the Fabian Progressive agenda. Here is a man who challenged the rule of the Washington Monstrosity, a hero the people can look to, yet rather than pounce on this opportunity to stem the tide of Marxism the GOP Establishment stood idly by and let the communist take the race.

So afraid were the democrats of this man that they actually orchestrated a progressive to run as a libertarian to steal votes away from Mr. Cuccinelli. Yes they actually got one of President Obama’s bundlers to run as a libertarian. How a big government big taxes guy could ever possibly be confused for a libertarian escapes me, but this action tells me two things. The first, as I already said the progressives in the democrat party are scared. They are scared of a free people, they know that this technological age that they live in will put the death nail in authoritarian rule once and for all. They know that if they do not consolidate power now, they will be unable to enslave us into their collectivist agenda.  The second thing it tells me, is that they know just how damaged the GOP brand is, damaged by progressive rats like John Boehner and John McCain who blame the parties woes on the very people who employ them. They know that the brand is so damaged that many people will vote for a third party candidate based on nothing more than the label before their name.

The progressives ran ads against Mr. Cuccinelli that claimed that he hated immigrants based on comments that he made about a law in Washington DC. In DC it is illegal to kill a rat, it is illegal to relocate a rat, as by doing so you are breaking up rat families. So under DC law you have to relocate the entire rat family.  Mr. Cuccinelli made a comment about how it is ridiculous that we treat rats better than we treat immigrants in this nation. The democrats had a field day with this, twisting this to seem as though he hates immigrants. The progressives in the GOP (the establishment), let them do it. They did not lift a finger to help him. Why?

The progressives within the GOP did not want the TEA Party to get any credit for the victory in Virginia. They do not like the TEA Party anymore the democrats. The TEA Party wants rule of law, and limited government, that doesn’t help big government Republicans like John McCain stay in office. 

The board is set for the final show down. This is not a contest between democrat and republican, or liberal vs. conservative. This is a battle in the war against good and evil. A battle between the forces of tyranny and the promises of liberty. This is a battle not just for one nation, but for the very soul of humanity. The United States is the last vestige of true liberty left in this world, if it is lost here, where then will you turn?   This is a battle to determine whether or not the blessings of liberty will be ensured for the countless generations yet to be blessed by the gift of lift. This is a battle to determine whether our grand children will dance in the light of liberty or be dragged down by chains in the crushing abyss of tyranny. 

The progressives know they face extinction. Social media allows us to spread word of their lies faster than they can create elaborate cover stories to mask the truth from our eyes. The people of this nation are strong, and are capable of amazing deeds, the progressives have not managed to wipe out our will entirely. The ember of hope still burns in every beating heart that calls this great land home. It is up to us to stoke it back into the roaring inferno that brought people to these golden shores from the desolation of Europe.  The noose is tightening around the neck of the Marxist agenda, and they know it all to well. The progressive movement is a cornered beast, wounded but far from put down. It is scared, and desperate. Their reactions will be swift and shocking, I pray not violent but one can never tell. 

It is time that we the American People assert our dominance over our lives. It is time that we stand hand in hand, and pledge our sacred honor to restore the blessings of liberty to this land and stomp out the vile filth that is the progressive movement. Cast the demons back into the black abyss. Stand with those who stand for liberty, cast out those who pretend themselves to be your masters. It is time we stop letting the “elites” play with the fire of government. the progressives must be stopped. The TEA Party is not the problem, it is the solution. the problem is the progressive rot that has ate away at the core of this great nation for far to long.

I ask you stand with me, to fight back these cowards. Expose them where ever you find them. Drag them out into the light and force them to face a trail of public opinion. Force them to defend their radical bigoted agenda. Force them to defend their shameful past. This is our chance America, they stand on the edge of the crashing black depths of history, we need only stand together and shove them into the nothingness that awaits all tyrants.  

Do not let the tragedy of New York spread, do not let the traitors in the GOP throw away another election like they did in Virginia. Stand for liberty, and the victory will be shared for generations.



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