New Update on President Obama’s Approval Rating, President Obama now has just a 39% approval rating, an all time low in his presidency. His ratings are the same as President George W. Bush’s approval ratings were at this time in his presidency.

When I heard that a thought came to mind. President Bush had five years of negative press to kick, punch, and drag his approval ratings down to the 39% level. President Obama on the other hand has had the press in his pocket on just about every issue. The press gave him a pass on the NSA spying. They barely covered the terrorist attack in Benghazi, and the lies that President Obama and his administration spun in order to cover up their actions. The press glanced over the Obama Administration using the IRS to suppress political opposition. Then of course the press has been trying everything in order to keep obamacare from sticking to President Obama. So I have been wondering what would President Obama’s approval numbers be like if the press had actually been reporting the truth surrounding President Obama’s historic failure of a Presidency. Let me know what you think.

  1. I completely agree that the press is in his pocket. The frustrating thing is the token opposition put up by Boehner. If we had a few select committees and special prosecutors looking into the IRS scandals, fast and furious, Benghazi ,obamacre, etc. maybe his approval rating would be even lower. Republicans spend more time attacking each other than the Dems. Leadership needs to change!

  2. It is not Republicans attacking Republicans, it is progressives attacking conservatives. Progressives exist in both parties.

    You are right though, leadership must change. This will only happen if we cast the putrid progressive filth from our society.

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