President Obama stood before the American People and lied to them, this is a well established fact, he told us that if we like our healthcare we could keep it.  Myself and countless others warned the American People about this lie. We tried to explain that President Obama had no desire to allow you to keep your health insurance plan. Obamacare cannot exist if you get to keep your existing health insurance plan. Unfortunatly President Obama and his progressive allies hold a lot of power. They called upon they pawns within the media, the propaganda branch of the progressive movement. They sent forth these agents of deception to discredit and destroy anyone who dared speak out against the tyrannical power grab that is Obamacare. Despite the full force of what was once the mainstream media coming to bare against them most would not sit down and shut up. For those who persisted President Obama and his progressive allies used the full force of the United States Government to stifle political opposition.

We already know that millions of individual policies have been canceled because of President Obama’s trade mark legislation called Obamacare. If that is not bad enough, for all of those who get their health insurance through their employer the pain of a cancelation could be coming to you in 2014.  Avik Roy of the Manhattan institute said “the administration estimated that approximately 78 million Americans with employer sponsored insurance would lose their existing coverage due to the Affordable Care Act.” For those of you who are wondering there are currently 157 million individuals who are get their insurance through their employers. So because of President Obama and the progressive scum in congress almost half of the people who get their insurance through their employer are going to lose their health insurance. Almost half of the people whose employers provide health insurance are going to lose the insurance that they and their families depend on/like, and are going to be forced onto the exchanges where they are going to have to pay much much more for an inferior product.

I can understand if you find it hard to believe anything coming out of the crime syndicate known as the Obama Administration. So I will use numbers from the Federal Register. According to the Federal Register mid-range reports, 76% of small group plans would be canceled by 2014. It makes sense that small business would be hit hard by the coming price hikes, but what about the affect on large business. By the year 2014 55% of large employer plans will be required by law, by President Obama, by the radical progressives, to be canceled.

Again I am sure there are plenty of Progressive Zealots out there who still refuse to believe that President Obama, and the rest of the progressive trash that currently infests Washington lied to them. I also know that there is still an army of progressive loyalists who want a totalitarian progressive state in the United States of America. Both of these groups will fight to the end in order to save the progressive movement. They will continue to claim that President Obama did not know about how bad this would be. If he had known he could have fixed it. Of course they will not miss the chance to blame this mess on the GOP and the TEA Party.  Well the TEA Party tried to end stop this madness, which anyone with a brain could understand would not work. More importantly many of these projections I cited above came from the Obama Administration in July of 2010. So either President Obama is completely and utterly incompetent and is mentally unfit to hold office, or President Obama knew that you were going to lose your health insurance. I put my money on the second option. President Obama knew that you were going to lose your health insurance, he knew that this would outrage the American People, he knew that this would be the nail in the progressives coffin. He knew that if the truth was made known to the American People there was no way that he would win re-election, and the Democrats would not hold the Senate. If the truth was made known, conservatives could roll back the socialist agenda of President Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. If the truth was made known Obamacare would have been repealed and the stepping stone to socialized medicine would be destroyed.

President Obama is a liar, and a thug. He is a real threat to the republican form of government that has existed in this country for over 200 years. He and the progressive’s must be stopped. We must make our voice heard in 2014.


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