When it Rains it Pours

Fast and Furious
The Obamacare Lie

And now a new scandal has joined the list, a new report has just been released claiming that President Obama’s administration falsified the job reports for the week leading up to the election. This falsification was done in order to get the unemployment rate down below that magic 8% number, the number that he claimed it would not pass had the failed porkulus package actually worked.  

So President Obama knew he could not win reelection on his own merits. He knew he would have to lie and break the law in order to insure his destructive reign would continue. This is often the case for progressives. Their radical agenda designed to enslave the people of the world to a totalitarian state where they are nothing more than replaceable parts of a machine, rather than the individuals that they actually are, sickens the liberated people of this country. We push back against their naked power grabs, and they suddenly begin to fear losing the ground in which they have gained in the war against individual liberty. So what do they do, they rewrite history. They use the power of the government to manipulate the truth, until only God himself would be able to discern where the fabrications end and reality begins.
Progressive trash has been rewriting history for at least the past 100 years. They somehow managed to turn the GOP from the party that fought to end slavery and fought to bring about equal rights into the party of bigots. They somehow managed to transform the Democrat party from the party of enslavement, the party of racists monsters (Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Robert Byrd ext..) the party that actually stood up to filibuster equal rights legislation into the party of compassion, tolerance. When the truth is the parties haven’t changed. The Democrats no more believe in equality now then they believed in abolition in the 1860’s. They believe the minorities in this country to be lesser beings incapable of existing without the government their to keep them from killing themselves out of their own ignorance. Somehow the progressive movement has been able to transform the racist bigot Woodrow Wilson, the man who violated the American People’s Freedom of Speech, the man who RE-segregated the United States Military, the man that sank the US economy, the man that spat in the face of Ho Chi Minh, the man who promised leniency to the German people but brought an unholy wrath upon them into an American Icon. I could go on for days about the scum bag that is Woodrow Wilson, and the lies fabricated by a radical progressive movement, but the point has been well established. Progressives get in trouble, they just create new facts and call anyone who questions these new facts a “radical” or a “racists” or simple mocks them and strips away their creditability. Just you watch, some progressive will come along and try to laugh off the claims made in this post, and all the others I make here, as ludicrous and right wing propaganda. They never will attempt to fight in the world of ideas or facts, but rather in feelings and fantasy.
President Obama is no stranger to progressive magic tricks. He has been taught to use them all of his life. so when this story about how his administration falsified the unemployment numbers came to light, he sent out the White House’s guard dog, Mr. Jay Carney to laugh off this story, in the hopes that it will fade away and stay hidden unlike the countless other scandals that this thug of a President has been able to lie himself out of.
There is good news though. I am glad to report that a new poll is out, and it seems as though try as he might President Obama has become attached to his failed agenda. People are starting to realize that he isn’t the innocent outsider that he plays on TV. According to a new poll from that radical right wing organization known as CNN, 53% of Americans now feel that the terms trustworthy and honest do not apply to President Obama. the numbers get much worse for President Obama, but much more reassuring for those of us who have a rational thinking mind within our heads. The poll results were as follows;
56% do not agree with President Obama on big issue items, including Obamacare.
53% do not believe that President Obama is a strong and decisive leader.
56% do not believe that he “inspires confidence”
and the hardest blow for President Obama,
56% do not believe that President Obama is an admirable person.
Final number, 56% not believing that he is an admirable person is really telling about the direction that his legacy is headed. Most people can say, “I didn’t agree with the man, but he was a honorable man” about just any president. For the majority of the people of this country to finally realize that there is nothing admirable about tyranny and arrogance tells me that the fire of liberty is not yet dead in this country. It reminds me that history is what we make it, and has yet to be written. We have a great chance to ensure the truth about the scandal ridden Obama Administration are recorded for the rest of the world, and the future generations of this nation to see. We have a chance to ensure that President Obama is remembered for the lying thug that he truly is. I do not enjoy saying these things about the American President. I have the utmost respect for the office, and try my hardest to respect any man whom we allow to hold it. But my duty to the cause of liberty out ways my duty to respect a mere title, or mortal man. President Obama has proven himself time and time again to be a man lacking of moral fiber, a man hell bent on a ideological crusade to destroy liberty in this nation. A man determined to create an all powerful government in this nation. He must be stopped, to achieve this goal the congress must be purged of progressive filth in 2014.

Remember the countless scandals and lies of the progressive movement, if we do not stand up and hold them accountable, if we do not remind them that we are a nation of laws, not of man, then there will be no stopping our march towards tyranny.


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