Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all of you a happy thanksgiving today. I pray you are able to spend it with those you love. I also hope that you do what you can to extend that blessing to others. Shopping, going to the movies, eating out on the holidays forces people to be separated from their families and despicable. It burns me up to see the selfishness of others in this season that once marked a time of good will and selflessness. Stay home today, and be with the ones you love. This simple act will ensure that others get to do the same. In the last two years I have watched my family crumble into the dust bin of history, the rancor always hitting its zenith around the holiday season. I know what it feels like to have a loving family, and then have it snatched away from you.  I would do anything to fix this divide that has severed ancient bonds. I have yet to find the right words or the proper action to grant me this power, but I pray that I my pain might be a lesson for you. It is not the turkey, the toys, or any of the typical holiday obsessions that make this season great. It is the bonds of fellowship forged between family, neighbor and friend, traditions passed from one generation to the next. Most importantly of all it is the memories that burn on eternally within our hearts that bring magic to the darkest time of the year. 

A cold wind howls outside the walls in which I dwell, biting and clawing at any who dare to brave its embrace. The warmth of the world has been stripped away by an early blanket of snow. The silence of the frosted street brings these phantoms of my past rushing back to me. It is these memories that both warm my heart, and haunt my mind. I remember the happiness that once filled the now lifeless halls of the family home. I swear I can still hear the echoes of laughter, when the shrill shrikes of anger fall silent. Yet despite the warmth that these joyous memories bring me, the cold harsh reality of the season always drag me back into the colorless present world.

My family collapsed, leaving behind it only memories of happiness. This collapse was brought on by my own weakness, and fear. I retreated like a coward, when I should have stood strong. I trusted others to do, what I should have done. My failings are in the past. I have learned to never back down in the face of injustice, or fear itself. I pray that you all take the time to enjoy this most magic time of year, with the ones you hold dear. I hope you all realize just how precious these moments are, and how fragile a family is. This could be the last thanksgiving you get to spend with them. So make it count. And please, please I implore you from the bottom of my Christian Soul, do not take part in anything that would pull someone away from these joyous memories. What does it say about you, if you are willing to drag others out into the bitter cold, away from the warmth of a families love.


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