Today is the day that we celebrate the things that we are thankful for. Our families, our friends, being born in a land of liberty where all men are created equal. Todays holiday was based on the feast held by the pilgrims to celebrate their departure from the communist philosophies that nearly killed them all.  You see the pilgrims original contract stated that each person was entitled to an equal share of everything in the colony. Sounds a lot like something President Obama would have liked. It was this guarantee of life sustaining goods that led to a lack of work ethic amongst the people in the colony. The natives had to step in to save these starving communists. They helped them recover and grow. So Thanksgiving is a celebration of the down fall of communism, and the bounty that comes from embracing capitalism.


I wonder, if the truth behind the thanksgiving day celebrations was known, would President Obama allow it to be celebrated anymore.


Let the discussion begin

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