The Lonely President

Sometimes I feel bad for President Obama, after all it must be lonely being President. It seems like is put on an island all alone for months on end, only brought back to civilization to make a speech on the actions of someone else. The people in his own administration seem to refuse to speak with him, making his solitude all the more confining.
For example, the scandal that has erupted over whether or not President Obama stayed with an illegal alien while attending classes at Harvard. The name of this illegal alien, Onyango “Omar” Obama. Omar Obama happens to be President Obama’s uncle. The issue of Omar and President Obama’s relationship came to light when Omar Obama performed a rolling stop and nearly caused an accident with a police cruiser. He was subsequently was arrested for drunk driving. This incident took place in 2011, which is hard to believe seeing as Omar Obama had been ordered to leave the country by an immigration judge in 1992. It is truly hard to believe that Omar Obama was ordered to leave the country in 1992, but has held a Massachusetts driver’s license and had a social security number sense at least 1992. When Omar Obama was arrested he told the booking officer “I think I will call the White House”.
This happened in 2012, the middle of an election year. President Obama was already dealing with enough issues, a stagnant economy, sky rocketing debt, unrest in the Middle East, and a conservative movement that just refused to sit down and shut up. Then pile on top of that this news story, that his uncle who had just been arrested for drunk driving was also living in the country illegally for 20 years. His administration was quick to jump on the story. The Obama Administration quickly told reporters that President Obama did not know his uncle. End of story, the matter was handled. Unfortunately that was not the case, as Omar Obama testified in his deportation hearing on December 3rd that President Obama had stayed with him while he was attending Harvard University in the 1980s. This testimony was backed up by Omar’s landlord who also testified that President Obama had stayed there.
So here is President Obama caught up in yet another lie, how is it that this continually happens to this poor president. White House Spokesman Jay Carney had the answer for us during a press conference held on December 5th, where the administration admitted to President Obama’s having stayed with his uncle. Jay Carney said, “Back when this arose, folks looked at the record, including the president’s book, and there was no evidence that they had met and that was what was conveyed. Nobody spoke to the president.” No one even bothered to speak to President Obama on this matter? President Obama has shown himself to be highly interested in the functions of the legal system in this country. Why on earth would he not be interested in a case involving his own uncle? Surely he would be interested in knowing that a family member, even if he didn’t know them, was in trouble. That is the extent of his isolation. But fear not, for Jay Carney once again came to the rescue, “When Omar Obama said the other day, and there were reports that he said the other day, that President Obama, back when he was a law school student had stayed with him in Cambridge, I thought it was the right thing to do to go ask him.” Finally someone is going to remove President Obama from isolation. Surely he would know the best way to go forth from this point. Jay Carney continued, “Nobody had asked him in the past and he said that he in fact had met Omar Obama when he moved to Cambridge for law school, that he stayed with him for a brief period of time, until his — the president’s — apartment was ready. After that, they saw each other once every few months while the president was in Cambridge and after law school they gradually fell out of touch. The president has not seen Omar Obama in 20 years and has not spoke with him in roughly 10 years” Proof positive that it is not President Obama who lies, it is his hapless administration. The blithering idiots who run the White House are to blame, not President Obama. If they would simply go to him for guidance, and use his wisdom, the countless scandals that have rocked the Obama Administration would not have happened.
Unfortunately the above narrative, is nothing more than a fable. Something constructed by the Administration to shield President Obama from the consequences of the truth escaping from its prison. In his 1995 book, “Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” President Obama makes reference to an Uncle Omar, a man who shares the same birthday as Onyango as well as background. President Obama goes on in the book to discuss a Kenyan expression, getting lost, which means to not see someone in a while, or to move away and stop communicating “like our Uncle Omar, in Boston”. Wait a minute, I thought Jay Carney said that they check the record, and President Obama’s book, I am sure of it, his exact words were “Back when this arose, folks looked at the record, including the president’s book, and there was no evidence that they had met.” Yet his book talks about an Uncle Omar, who live in Boston, and has the same birthdate as Onyango “Omar” Obama. The sir name Obama is not a very common one here in America, and I cannot imagine it is any more common in the area surrounding Boston. So what are the odds that there is a man with the sir name Obama that also shares the same birthday and back ground as President Obama’s uncle? There is no way that the Obama Administration is that incompetent.
The more likely story in this case, is the most obvious. President Obama was gearing up to run for re-election when this story broke. President Obama was already having a hard enough time being able to contain the failures of his first term in office. He did not need yet another scandal hanging over his dead. President Obama is a man who puts ideology above all else. He is a man who believes that the ends do justify the means. He is a man who is willing to throw a family member under the bus in order to insure the future of agenda. The plain and short of it is that President Obama hoped that he could have people in his administration say, “I don’t know him” and that would be the end of it, the press would make sure that this story never came to light.
Okay so the story about his uncle is not a great example of President Obama being isolated from the world. However, my next story is. In the run up to the launch of President Obama went on a campaign trip to drum up excitement and support. He told the American People that buying health insurance would be as easy as making a reservation on Kayak. October 1st rolled around, and the massive Obamacare failure began. President Obama went in front of the American People and professed his frustration about the failings of the website, and claimed that he did not know about the issues plaguing the website. This is clearly an example of his being isolated from the outside world. How could his administration let him go in front of the American People so unprepared? They clearly let him down. You see in the 1,287 days from the passage of Obamacare to the opening of on October 1st, 2013 President Obama was only able to meet with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius one time. How could he organize his signature piece of legislation, if he was only able to have one meeting with the woman in charge of implementing it? Again, it is clear that President Obama has not failed, it is the bumbling band of blithering idiots in his administration.
Unfortunately this too is a complete fable. President Obama was not “kept in the dark”. From March 23rd, 2010, to November 30th, 2013 President Obama had 277 meetings with 16 other cabinet secretaries. According to USA Today by December 30th, 2010 President Obama had played 57 rounds of golf during the year that is a game a week. Only one of those games took place prior to the passage of Obamacare. In fact President Obama played 118 rounds of golf from March 23rd, 2010 and October 1st, 2013. With an average round of golf taking about three and a half hours, President Obama chose to spend 413 hours, or about 17 days on the golf course. Is it possible that if President Obama had elected to spend time in his office, rather than out playing golf, he might have been able to make time to meet with Kathleen Sibelius, or is golf more important than the legislation that will be his enduring legacy? How many speeches has President Obama given trying to sell the American People on Obamacare? How many times has he “hit the road” to pitch Obamacare to the American People? Perhaps if he had used the time he spent campaigning, to actually do some governing he might have known that Obamacare was going to be a dismal failure.
The truth is President Obama did not care about the obamacare launch. He purposefully distanced himself from it, so that he could be just as shocked when it failed. He could be just as outraged. He could be right there with you, hand in hand, demanding accountability and an answer. He would be perfectly positioned to say, “We tried to fix the private healthcare system. It is time for socialized healthcare”.
I feel bad for President Obama, he believes that if he acts like he is out of the loop, he somehow will be able to remain unattached to his failed agenda, and radical policies. Unfortunately those tactics no longer work. With the technological age, the lies and schemes of radical progressives are much easier to reveal for the scams that they truly are. You, the American People are not the ignorant imbeciles President Obama and the rest of progressive view you as. You are capable of making your own way in this world, and without the gate keepers of old (the main stream media), it is near impossible for them to keep you in the dark. In this modern age, it is possible for us to share our thoughts, and make known when President Obama is trying to pretend like his uncle, who took him in and let him stay in his home, was some estranged relative. We can make known the fact that he played games, rather than do his job. We can reveal that these people are nothing but arrogant thugs. I truly feel bad for President Obama, he might have been successful at implementing his radical agenda, had it not been for technology liberating the flow of information.


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