President Obama Greenlights Slaughtering Eagles

We always hear about how evil dirty conservatives want to pollute the world’s oceans, cut down all of the trees, and kill off all the endangered species. We constantly hear about how those dirty conservatives bend over backwards for the evil mustache twirling oil companies in order to make it easier for them to destroy the planet. The progressives love to drive home how conservatives would rather rape our children’s future, than give up subsidies for big oil. It is because of this continual progressive bombardment that I almost fell out of my chair when I heard what President Obama has just allowed.
President Obama, the ideal progressive, the man who is going to bring about all the progressive ideals loved by radicals and tyrants throughout the ages, has just given a massive carve out for big energy. In November of 2013 Duke Energy was fined $1,000,000 for killing 14 eagles along with 149 other birds from 2009-2013. This assault on the avian population by the wind energy only list the birds killed at Duke’s Top of The World and Campell Hill wind farms outside of Casper Wyoming. Federal Biologist announced that sense 2008 wind turbines have killed at least 67 bald and golden eagles. That number excludes the 60 eagles killed every year in the Altamont Pass in California.
Green energy is one of President Obama’s dreams. He said in his 2008 presidential campaign that he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry. So this news that a company was fined $1,000,000 for killing some silly birds, was horrible. It sets a bad precedent, green energy companies being responsible, caving in to radical unjust laws making them pay for the stupidity of an animal. What if all the wind farms behaved so responsibly? That could bankrupt the already highly inefficient wind farm industry. So President Obama, using all the power that he has just assumed onto himself (as progressive tyrants always do), announced on Friday December 6th, 2013 that it will allow some companies to continue to injure or kill bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty. This in an effort to spur the development of the highly inefficient green energy market.
This is a classic case of the corruption of President Obama’s administration. The law to President Obama is a joke. The second he was sworn in, he just decided that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted. Let the IRS run wild, let criminals run rampant on the border, let the NSA violate our most basic human rights, but bring down the full force of the federal government on anyone who dares try to enforce the law or stand in his path. President Obama has refused to hear countless cases of wind farms illegally killing birds. This case involving Duke Energy Corp. is the first such case against a wind farm prosecuted under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. A law that President Obama has quickly brought to bear against oil companies, and power companies for drowning or electrocuting birds. BP, Exxon Mobil, and PacifiCorp (which operate coal power plants) paid a combined total of $111,000,000,000 for killing between 2009 and 2010. These companies deserve the fines, and should pay them. They broke the law. President Obama has broken the law, by allowing wind farms to go unchecked, unpunished for their blatant violation of our laws.
According to the Associated Press story in 2009 PacifiCorp killed a total a 232 eagles. PacifiCorp’s death total is due to eagles flying into power lines and substation. The argument can be made that the situation surrounding PacifiCorp is no different than that of Wind Farms. Once the windmill is up there is little that can be done to prevent an eagle from flying into a turbine. The same is true for a power line, and substation. However, what I find odd here is that eagles apparently never fly into power lines or substations associated with wind farms. They must have special power lines, with special anti-eagle netting. Of course, this oddity could be due to the fact that President Obama is out to bankrupt the coal industry, and is looking for anything it can use to increase operating costs on coal fired power plants. I wonder just how high the Duke’s death toll is if you account for power line strikes?
If you look at PacifiCorp’s settlement of $10,900,000 for killing 232 eagles in 2009, that equals out to a $46,982.75 fine per bird. Duke paid a fine of $1,000,000 dollars, and that is a nice start, but the industry is still far in the whole. By looking at the eagle death toll of 67 eagles since 2008 by big wind energy, the industry as a whole should have paid $3,147,844.82 in fines, if the law is being applied equally (a rarity in President Obama’s administration). I nearly forgot about the 60 eagles killed every year in the Almont Pass in California. If you add in the $46,982.75 fine for the 300 Eagles killed by the wind farms in the Almont Pass in California, the total fine the wind industry should be paying is $17,242,669.82. But of course President Obama does not believe in justice, he believes in socialism. He does not believe in equality before the law, he believes in using the law to punish his enemies.

The long and short of this story is, President Obama has given a green light for his pet project to continue Slaughtering Eagles. For 30 years Green Energy will be allowed to kill Eagles without fear of government reprisal (something they have already been doing, for the most part). Once again, President Obama is pick and choosing how to enact our laws. If he likes you, you can do whatever you want. If he doesn’t like you, rough times lay ahead. Sure sounds like a Representative Republic to me…. wait I meant to say dictatorship.

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