A New Year, The Same Old Fight

I am sorry that I have been somewhat absent the last couple of weeks. Life has been somewhat hectic. I am back now, and ready to take on the great fight of 2014. Our country stands upon the edge of a knife. If we falter we now, we will be cast into the eternal abyss of tyranny and slavery. The progressive hoard has been destroying the vary foundation of our great nation. They have been working tirelessly for more than a century, eroding away at everything that made this country great.

This nation was created as a beacon of freedom, of liberty, it was a slap in the face to the aristocracies of the old world. Here we have no kings, no queens, no one save God himself is our master. America was a bold step into a new way of life. America became the greatest nation in the world because there was no monarch, no tyrant, telling people that they couldn’t. We were free to create, free to explore, free to change the world. The progressives are trying to change that. They believe that they can control the uncontrollable, that they can alter the laws of nature. They believe that we are not capable of living our own lives, we have to have someone making sure that the world is fair. They believe that they can dictate that everyone has an equal outcome, despite varying levels of input.

I have long believed that America is great because America is free. Progressives think the common man small, inferior, insignificant. They see him as a feeble creature incapable of fending for himself, like a gold fish in a river full of piranhas. They seek to protect these weak, dimwitted, creatures from the harsh realities of the world. They place the gold fish in a tank, safe from dangers of the river, free to continue living. But, in so doing they deprive them the adventure of life. What good is it to merely survive, if you are a prisoner. You can’t grow, you can’t learn, you can’t improve, you just float in the void a pawn for the enjoyment of the greater power. I however know that the individual man is not weak, he is not helpless, for within each individual there lies the yearning for adventure, the potential for greatness, the potential to change the world. A potential that progressives seek  to bottle, to harness, to control, and will ultimately extinguish. It was not some government entity that brought the freedom of mobility to the masses, it was the brain child of Henry Ford. It was not through federal decree that one man put pick ups on a four by four, and created the first Gibson electric guitar, changing music forever. It was not some elitist in a cold marble chamber who legislated the creation of a device that would bring about the downfall of land line. That was done by a man who dared to dream, who started out in his garage, of course we know him as Steve Jobs. These men saw the world differently, they could see the voids, the openings, the possibilities. They took a risk, and changed the world. They did not run from the piranha infested river, they jumped in. Where would we be if they had stayed on the shores were it was safe? Where would we be if they just followed the stream, excepted the norm? Where would we be without risk?

2014 is an important year, it is the year that our children will look back on as the year we made a choice. Will we choose to continue the progressive path, the path of servitude and desperation, or will we choose the path of risk, liberty, and unlimited possibilities? In 2014 if we allow the progressive filth to continue to infest the marble halls of Washington DC our nation will fall. If we continue down the easy path, the safe path, the path of a gold fish, the path of all the great civilizations of old, how could we ever face our children? How could we let them know about the greatness of America, the cradle of innovation and creation, and tell them we gave it all up for the guarantee of a small house, a crappy job, and miserable car.  How can we tell them that we choose to abandon all that makes us human, our individuality? How can we tell them that we gave up unlimited possibilities, a chance at greatness, all for a guarantee of  mediocrity? 2014 is the year we must choose to set the country right, to cast out the progressive tyrants, to reclaim our dominance over our lives. We must purge the capital of their filth, and never again let it infest its hallowed halls.

Join me, fight with me, for God and Country, for your children, we must take the senate back, not from the democrats, but from the slimy grips of progressive worms.  2014 will be a year of legends, what side will you stand on? Will you be liberator, or a captor? A progressive usurper, or a conservative restorer? The choice is yours, I just though you should know what the choices are, liberty, or tyranny, a chance at greatness, or a guarantee of mediocrity, but you must choose in 2014


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