King Obama

So President Obama is at it again, showing his true radical colors. This Tuesday President Obama told his cabinet that he had a way around congress, that he was going to rule illegally, rule as a tyrant, rule without the authority of law or consent of the masses. In a cabinet meeting President Obama said, “But one of the things that I’ll be emphasizing in this meeting is the fact that we are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.” What does he mean he has a pen, what good is that going to do him if he is not going to wait for legislation? He cannot create law, he can only sign and enforce the laws passed by the legislature. So the only thing that can be derived from this statement is that President Obama is going to begin ruling outside of the law, outside of the Constitution, and therefore without the consent of the masses, like a tyrant, a dictator.

I really wish someone could have seen this coming, warned the United States of the radical progressive that is President Barack Obama, oh wait someone did, just about every red blooded conservative in the nation warned about the dangers of re-electing this fascists drunk on power. Of course no one took us seriously, the propaganda machine that inhabits what was once the main stream media was complacent in covering up the countless scandals and abuses of power that summed up the first four years of President Obama’s rule.  If the media was actually doing its job, President Obama would have been exposed for the radical that he is, and never would have been elected.  If the media was actually non-bias, was actual a news outlet, rather than a propaganda outlet, the Christ Christie scandal would not have received 17 times more coverage in a mere 24 hours, than the Obama Administration abuse of the IRS did in six months.

President Obama is preparing his staff, alerting them to his plans, his contingency. The progressives are on the run, they are scared, they have come so close to achieving their goal, the complete restructuring of the United States of America. They were there, they had control of the House, The Senate, and they had their radical son in Power, but something happened these elitists thugs did not intend, could not perceive, 2010. The people of America stood up, the common man said no, we will not be dictated to, we will not be ruled. Ever sense then the progressive march towards a socialist state has been nearly halted. He knows this is their last chance, this is the last stand of the progressives, they have been exposed and drawn into the light. He is preparing his minions, telling them that he will not yield to the will of the people, that he will force his agenda upon us. He tried to collapse the system through the system, but he learned the hard way the free men will not just lay down and accept serfdom. He is not giving up, he is willing to rule outside of the law, like the criminal he is.  2014 is a year of choices, you can choose the side of the tyrants, or you can choose liberty, the choice is yours.


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