So Governor Chris Christie, one of those who have earned themselves a spot in the Progressive Hall of Shame, has gotten himself into a little bit of trouble. It seems someone in his administration saw fit to shut down traffic on the George Washington Bridge in order to punish the mayor of Fort Lee for not supporting Christie’s re-election bid. Sounds like yet another scandal ripping apart a rising progressive star. A scandal I am going to name after the worst political cover up in American history, Benghazi, I haven’t decided is Lane-Ghazi, or Bridge-Ghazi sounds better yet.
Emails have been re-leased that linked Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s deputy chief of staff to the deliberate lane closers. Part of the email actually read “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee”. Prior to the release of the emails Christie had claimed that no one on his staff was involved in the incident, in fact he even joked about it saying he moved the cones himself. It certainly looks like a typical progressive style cover up. Lie about what happened, make it into a joke, and let the work horses in the propaganda machine rewrite history. However, something with this Christie story is different than the countless scandals that have all but defined the failed Presidency of Barack Obama. It appears as though there is some accountability.
A typical Obama scandal works like this, progressive minions use government authority to try and illegally steer the political landscape, create issues where there are none, intimidate a few people here and there, and make sure no one is able to talk about it. When eventually they make a mistake, which they always do, and the press is forced to acknowledge the illegal actions taking place (giving guns to Mexican drug cartels, using the IRS to subdue political opposition, leaving people to die during a terrorist act, lying about destroying millions of peoples health insurance), they make a quick note of the crime, pretend to be outraged, then move on to the sports news, or whatever Kard Kimdashian is doing. Any attempt to bring it to light is seen as nothing more than a political witch hunt, and called that by the Administration, and the propaganda machine makes sure it stays that way. The Department of Justice drags its feet, stalling in its investigations. The GOP makes a big show of looking for the truth, while progressives within the organization (John McCain, John Boehner) help to ensure they never get anywhere. People are brought up, and ridiculed, disgraced, and then go back to what it is that they were doing prior to the scandal.
Every time there is a scandal, every time President Obama’s administration makes a mockery of the law, he gets away politically unharmed (except with OBAMAcare). Everyone demands a smoking gun, and there is never one to be found. So President Obama gets to pretend like he is outraged, then moves about his marry way. Of course there is no smoking gun, President Obama is smart enough to avoid direct contact, it is called plausible deniability. President Obama, like all executives, ensures that people whom he knows, people whom he trusts, people who think like he does are in positions of power within his administration. That way, when it comes time to stomp out political opposition, or create a world gun trade issue from thin air, President Obama does not have to order it, he does not have to be involved, his appointees can just make it happen. He did not order Fast and Furious, he didn’t have to. He was not involved in the Benghazi cover up, he didn’t need to be. The same is true for Chris Christie. I doubt there will ever be a smoking gun linking him to the actual crime.
So how do we go about judging Christies guilt in Bridge-ghazi? How do we determine if his “outrage” is real or not? Well it is easy to tell a guilty man. For instance during a press conference if they refuse to answer questions, that is a good example of guilt. Answering questions would mean deviating from what is written, and could lead to a Freudian slip. Odd how President Obama doesn’t seem to take a lot of questions. Another way to tell is what the executive does to those responsible. If the executive is truly innocent, if the actions are those they truly do not approve of, if it is actually a case of an employee going rouge, then normally one would assume that they find themselves in the unemployment line. Something that rarely seems to happen in the Obama Administration. I believe the disgraced Eric Holder is still at the Justice Department.
So how did Governor Christie do, well he got up and answered questions for two hours, giving plenty of material for the progressive media to comb through looking for a gotcha moment. He fired Bridget Anne Kelly. So he pretty much handled Bridge-ghazi in the exact opposite method that President Obama uses.
There is no doubt that Governor Christie handled Bridge-ghazi much better than President Obama has handled his endless list of scandals. However, don’t go thinking that I am a big Christie supporter. I am not, he is a progressive, it does not matter what letter falls before or behind his name, he is a progressive. He is a lesser progressive than President Obama, like a progressive lite. I am not going to get up on some soap box and preach about how Christie is the rising star of the GOP and this is just some witch hunt, I am not going to go on a rant about his redeeming qualities, and what it is I like about him. That would be a very short post. What I want to talk about is the affect the R in Christie’s title has on the media.
Christie is a progressive, but he is the wrong type of Progressive, he has an R in front of his name. As such he is only destined to be a pawn in the progressive movement. That R, that one letter separates him the inoculation that has been so enjoyed by President Obama. Because of that R Christie has not been spared from the watch dog that the media once was. The network news agencies, ABC, NBC, CBS, gave Bridge-Ghazi 17 times more coverage in the first 24 hours than they gave the IRS scandal in six months. The progressive media thought that shutting down a bridge was more news worthy than the Executive Branch of the United States government using the Internal Revenue Service to intimidate and suppress political opposition. An act of revenge was more news worthy than an act that would be more at home in Germany under the National Socialist Workers Party. The progressive media feels that a traffic jam is more important than the integrity and legitimacy of our Republic. Not just more news worthy, 17 times more news worthy.
Bridge-Ghazi is not the scandal of the century, it is not even close, The IRS Scandal, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, Benghazi all dwarf it. But the media has not chosen to demand answers for any of the crimes committed by President Obama and his administration. They refused to demand justice for the border agents killed by guns that President Obama’s administration allowed drug cartels to get their hands on. Guns that were sent a crossed the border in order to create a global demand for gun control in America. They refused to demand answers for why President Obama’s administration chose to behave like National Socialists and used the IRS to suppress political opposition. They refused to demand answers for why President Obama lied about Benghazi. Why he left those four Americans there to die. Why he did nothing, while they called and begged for help. Why his administration sat idle for weeks, ignoring the calls for aid. Why he and his administration lied, blaming the attacks on a protest that didn’t exist, that were sparked by a video that no one saw. Yet they were quick to crucify Governor Christie, one of their own, for this little scandal. Bridge-ghazi is not a political scandal surrounding a progressive governor, it is a political scandal surrounding the progressive movement, and their lap dogs in the media. It should show every red blooded American, every last true conservative, any soul that holds liberty dear that the media is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the progressive movement. Sure they loved Christie when he embraced the radical President Obama, but as soon as he had served his purpose they cast him aside. President Obama is becoming a liability to them, his countless scandals and inability to persuade the American People to surrender their liberties has damaged the camouflage that they have hidden behind for so many years. They had to draw the people’s eyes away, they had to target someone. Christie was just found in the wrong place at the wrong time. I do not doubt that he will survive, but I want you to think about something. John McCain was the moderate that could win independents that is what the progressives told us, and he lost. The progressives told us a conservative could not win an election any more in this country, we ignored them in 2010 and retook the House of Representatives in the largest transfer of power in this nation’s history. The progressives told us Mitt Romney was the moderate that could win independents, and thus win the White House, yet he lost. The progressive convince the GOP establishment to run these moderates, to run the candidate they say can win, why? Why do the progressives want us to run these moderate candidates, why do they want to share their votes with us?

The answer is they don’t. They know that a true conservative candidate would win these elections in a walk. So they find people who have the tinsel of conservatisms about them. They find these moderates that they claim can bring conservative and independent voters to the table, but as we saw in 2012 with Mitt Romney that is not the case. It did not matter that Romney beat President Obama by 5 points amongst independents, millions of conservatives that voted against President Obama in 2008, did not show up in 2012, if they had the election would have gone differently. The progressives set the GOP up constantly, the prep them for failure. They hold up the progressive candidate in the primaries, then destroy them in the general elections. Christie was loved in 2012 because he played his part, but the second they had a chance to destroy him, they took it. This should be all the more proof we need to stop listening to the propaganda machine, and actually nominate a conservative to send these progressive monsters back into the abyss.

I assure you more rants about Chris Christie are to come.


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