Want VS Need, Liberty Vs. Tyranny

Progressives are waging a war, a war on the liberties of the people in this nation. So far they have been doing a rather good job of it. Far too many people have lined up to trade away their liberties for the sake of security. They have given up the opportunity for greatness, for the guarantee of mediocrity. How have the progressives done this, how have they convinced sentient beings into being nothing more than puppets, servants of the progressive movement? They have achieved this goal not through physical force, but rather through mental manipulation and sheer strength of will. They have cast a stone into the crystal clear lake of liberty, stirred up the dust of insanity, clouding our vision. What was once so obvious to us is now a mystery. They have forced us to justify what need not be justified. We few who protect liberty must prove our innocents, our value, rather than them proving our guilt.  We are forced to stand before the progressive hoard, day after day, defending the inalienable rights that they so badly seek to destroy.

This used to be a free nation, and for the most part it still is, but it will not be for long if the progressives have their way. They claim they are pro-choice, but that is a laughable sentiment.  Progressives do not believe you should have a choice in anything, except killing an unborn child. They claim they are pro-choice, but when you ask them,
                Q.Can I choose to buy a 32 ounce soda,
                A. No it will make you fat
                Q. Can I choose to have a gun?
                A. No it might hurt someone.
                Q. Can I choose not to wear a seat belt?
                A. No you might hurt yourself.
                Q. Can I choose to smoke?
                A. No you might get cancer.
                Q. Can I choose to use low cost coal?
                A. no it’s bad for the environment.
                Q. Can I choose to buy an incandescent light bulb?
                A. No it’s bad for the environment.
                Q. Can I choose to whether or not I can have insurance?
                A. No you might need it someday.
                Q. Can I choose to honor God in my daily life?
                A. No you might offend someone.

So sure they no more believe in choice than a Spartan believes in retreat. Once you understand that, once you understand that a progressive only seeks to control, then it becomes easier to see them for what they really are, tyrants.

It was during a rather rare debate surrounding firearms within this nation that I felt the need to write about this. I had to get these feelings onto paper, so to speak. You see, this was not a debate about whether or not people should have the right to defend themselves, but rather about how to go about defending the position.  It was during this debate that it struck me, the lunacy of the arguments that we were having to make. We have been forced to defend our right to defend ourselves. Because of progressive audacity we now find ourselves having to defend our right to own and bear arms. How has it come to this?

It is really rather simple I am afraid. Progressives have infiltrated our culture, and poisoned our minds. They have changed this from a land of unlimited possibilities, into a land of limited but secure outcomes. They have convinced people to see the world differently.  To explore this point, let us examine the arguments used by progressive when it comes to the second amendment.  After a mass shooting, something that they just love to exploit for political gain, they will feed off the hysteria and use it to push for the eradication of some sort of firearms. They will stand in front of the American People and ask “Why do you need something like an AR-15” and this is considered to be a valid argument.  This revelation struck me harder than Michael Moore doing a belly flop. The progressives have actually been able to convince people that in a free nation, that it is justifiable to limit the rights of people based off of artificially perceived needs.  I was under the impression that this was a free country.

This is a nation where the rights of the people do not come from the government, some vast body of elected officials did not sit down and grant us privileges. The founders worked in the opposite direction, they created a government then granted it privileges, and restricted its ability to attack our liberties. So tell me how is it that in a free nation is “why do you need” a valid argument for limiting my rights? It does not matter why I need it, I don’t have to need it all all, I have it because I want it. I saw something that I wanted, I used MY money that I received from MY job, to go out and purchase something that I want. Of course, and just you watch progressives (if they find this) will swarm down on this article like locus, progressives will say “your wants do not our way the lives of children” or the environment, or the mud dobber dung beetle wasp, or whatever their bleeding heart story is for the day.

Firearms are an easy target for them to villainize people like me on. Guns are scary, and easy to blame for societal ills. Many people feel as though they would be unaffected by a ban on firearms, a restriction in their right to defend themselves, and that’s what makes it easy. However, what if I went for something closer to home? How about the obesity crisis in this country? What if I decided video games were to blame, and argued “Why do you need to buy and X-Box” to justify eliminating video games from this country? Or how about “why do you need to buy a 32 ounce soda”? How about if I were to go after the press in this country, “Why do you need to be able to express decent against the government?” Would “why do you need” still be a justifiable argument then?

The answer is it depends. It depends on whether or not we live as subjects, or as kings. Do we live in a nation where every man is a king, or a nation where every man must kneel?  The progressive feel that we must justify our rights, as after all they are nothing more than privileges granted to us by a benevolent government. I however believe that our rights are inalienable, and require no justification, especially to those lacking moral fiber.

It is not just the progressives in government who try to take our rights away, we are surrounded by them.  Look at the car in your driveway. Many of us have been forced from buying a car that we would like, into a car that has been deemed politically suitable. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked by some east coast progressive who has never left the city “why do you need that big Bronco?” Now of course I have fallen into the trap, and unloaded on them. I have told them that I go camping, skiing, hunting, fishing, I live in a part of the country that frequently receives large amounts of snow. None of these are valid arguments to them. From now on what I am going to say is “Because I want it.” I no longer feel the need to justify my purchasing habits to weasels. Why do I have a house, a truck, a trans-am, a gun, a dog, a tv because I wanted these things. I like them, and I have a liberty to have them. I am tired of progressives trying to dictate my liberties based off of what they perceive I need.  I fear the day when they have the power to dictate liberty based upon some artificially produced needs, and so should you.

Little disclaimer, I am not saying that everyone should just go out and buy things that they want, because they can. I am saying that the progressives don’t have the right to tell me I can’t, because they feel I don’t need it.

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  1. Please read my most recent post, which covers this very subject, I would like to hear your thoughts.

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