Retaking the GOP

A storm is brewing, darkness already upon us. We stand upon the edge of a knife, stray but a little and The United States as we know it will fall. The political seas are churning, tossing the vessel of American liberty about like it is nothing more than a bath toy. To either side razor sharp rocks threaten to send it to the crushing black depths of history. The slightest misstep and the great American Republic will join the wreckage of the Roman Empire. No help is coming. No coast guard vessel will appear in the night to rescue the stricken vessel. We alone can save it.

The true conservative movement is the only means by which American Liberty can reach safe harbor. Unfortunately it has been hijacked and cast out by the very people who once claimed to support it. The Republican Party was once the strong hold of conservatism. Within the GOP the light of limited government ensured that American Liberty would always find safe passage from one generation to the next.  Always the light had shown fighting back the progressive darkness. However, a pestilence has infested the GOP, and poisoned the minds of those who run it. The progressive plague has corrupted the establishment members of the GOP and manipulated them into forsaking the vary principles that we sent them to protect. The progressives convinced the GOP the light blinded the American People, and hurt our eyes. We would hate them for this torment. If the GOP did not want the wrath of the people brought down upon them, they had but only one choice. So the light of limited government, was extinguished.

So now we live in the darkness that is the progressive way. With each passing moment, the blessings of American Liberty drift further into oblivion. More regulation and control is being inserted into our lives. We have now only but one choice, we must retake the GOP. We must cast the moderate, right wing progressives out of the Republican Party, and relight the beacon of limited government. If we fail, if we allow the progressive sickness to continue within the GOP, the blessings of American Liberty will be lost to the sea of time, and we will be forced to accept progressive dominion over these lands.

all posts under this name will be dealing with the progressive fiends that lurk within the Republican Party, and why they should not be allowed to carry the banner of the conservative movement.


Let the discussion begin

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