The Criminal Presidency of Barack Obama

People have called the power hungry Obama Administration the “imperial presidency”, but that does not do it justice. President Obama is not the Imperial President, he is the Criminal President. President Obama has repeatedly violate his oath to the Constitution, and over stepped the legal bounds of his office. He continues to attempt to rule the American People as an all powerful dictator, rather than help govern the nation as but one equal part in a three part federal government. President Obama has transcended the mere political squabbling’s of Washington and placed himself on a new level of criminal corruption.

Now for those out there who are genuinely interested, and have yet to be brainwashed by the hoard of progressive zealots, I will explain just how it is that President Obama has violated federal law. How President Obama has transcended the low level political filth from which he crept in 2008, and become the Criminal President. I will explain just how President Obama has become the usurper of liberty, destroy of Republics, and a danger to liberty.

The President is but one of three EQUAL branches of government. He has no more power than, the Legislative Branch, or the Judicial Branch. He is not king, he is not in charge of these two entities, he is their equal. Each branch has a job to perform,Congress makes laws, the Executive Branch (the President) enforces the laws, the Judiciary Branch interprets the laws. Each Branch also has checks upon the power of the other branches. The Executive Branch can veto the laws passed by congress. Congress can overrule a veto with a 2/3rd majority vote. Congress must approve the political nominees of the President. This was once an excellent check on executive power, but we will discuss that later. Congress can impeach, and then remove the President from office for actions unbefitting the office. These are but a few examples of the Checks and Balances put into place by the founders of this country. This system was intended to slow down legislative process, to ensure proper debate, and that the rights of the people where protected from power hungry tyrants. Who would want to break down these protections of our liberties? Who would want to see the system that has successfully protected the rights of the American People for over 200 years broken, and sped up for the sake of efficiency? The answer is simple, someone with an unquenchable lust for power, someone whose narcissistic mind paints the people of this great nation as ants under his boots, someone who is unhappy with the way this country was founded, someone who views the Constitution as a charter of negative liberties. That sounds like the progressive trinity Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their ring leader President Obama.

The question stands, how has President Obama presidency transcended the Imperial Presidency and become the Criminal Presidency? The answer stems from his complete lack of respect for the separation of powers of the three branches of government, his constant bypassing of congress, and his belief that he himself is capable of creating law from the Oval Office. 

A law in its simplest sense is a rule, a restriction on behavior. In our Republic all laws begin life as a bill. For a bill to become law, it must be voted on and passed by Congress. That bill then goes to the President who then can exercise his check on congress and either veto or sign the bill into law. Once the bill is law the President is then obligated to execute and enforce the law.  The President of the United States of America does not have the privilege granted to him to change the laws passed by congress. Once the bill is signed into law, it is the law of the land. It can only be changed, or repealed by congress voting on the desired changes, passing them, then the President signing them.  

The question still remains, how does this apply to President Obama. President Obama has repeatedly made illegal changes to Obamacare. The law that he has repeatedly told conservatives to accept, get over, quit trying to repeal as it is the law of the land. The latest of this criminal actions took place Monday February 10th, 2014, when the Obama Administration announced that it would AGAIN be delaying the requirement that employers provide health insurance for their employees till 2016, conveniently after his constitutionally limited tenure as  President is over.

How is this a problem, President Obama is simply trying to protect the people of America from the “unintended consequences” of Obamacare? The problem is that President Obama does not have the privilege, nor the power, to delay Obamacare. This is a criminal action taken not to help the American People, but rather to avoid the coming onslaught that will be 2014. President Obama has broken the laws of this country in order to ensure that the Democrat party does not lose the Senate in 2014. He does not want to become a lame duck President, only half way into his 2nd term, right when he was going to stop campaigning and start to actually govern.

If President Obama actually wanted to protect the American People, if he actually wanted to legally change Obamacare, he would have to work with congress, actually work with them, not belittle them and threaten more illegal actions unless he gets his way. The only legal way to delay these mandates in the law, would be for congress to vote on the change, and send it to President Obama to sign into law. However that is not likely to happen, as the progressives in the Senate has repeatedly shown themselves unwilling to change the law. Obamacare itself is a law devoid of compromise. No conservative ideas were included, no one actually had time to read the bill. The Democrats said this is the bill and force it down the American People’s throats, going so far as to disgrace one of the iconic moments of the civil rights movements. She paraded through the demonstration of American People who gathered to protest this law, with the gavel used to pass Medicare reform, all laughs and smiles. She locked arms with her fellow progressive colleagues to invoke the image of Dr. Martin Luther King walking arm in arm with other leaders of the civil rights movement. A sick gesture, trying to link a bill that no one wanted, to the memory of one of the greatest Americans in history. But thus is the way of the progressives. If true debate had been allowed, if the progressives had not divided the nation with their sickening arrogance, perhaps Obamacare could be fixed the legal way, perhaps it would not need fixing at all. Perhaps it would actually help reduce the price of heath care, rather than just mandate everyone buy health insurance, and lead to the eventual collapse of the private insurance market.

So why is it that President Obama is trying to delay certain parts of Obamacare? He spent most of his first term telling us how great it was, and how horrible conservatives and Republicans were for hating it. I mean if he wasn’t pivoting back to the economy, campaigning against the GOP, apologizing for America, or playing golf he was out campaigning for Obamacare. If the law was that good for the country, that well thought out why then does any of it need to be delayed? That is simple, because Obamacare has been seen by the American People for what it is from the beginning. It is the first step towards socialized healthcare, something that remains grossly unpopular in this free nation. It has never had a favorable light shown on it by the American Public, and ended up costing the Democrat party the House of Representatives in 2010. Now that it has been forced upon the American People, the tide of public opinion have yet to shift in favor of this massive power grab by the federal government. The opposition to Obamacare has not done as President Obama has commanded it to do, it has refused to lie down and take it. The role out has been disastrous. Its affect on the economy is becoming obvious. Lets not forget that the promise “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” has turned out to be a bigger lie than “people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well, I am not a crook.” Utter by another disgrace to the office. Obamacare has always been plutonium, a massive political liability for anyone associated with it. Had it not been for the establishment of the GOP, the progressive cowards who run the party, forcing us to accept the moderate Mitt Romney, Obamacare would have cost President Obama his job as well. The 2014 midterm elections are coming up. President Obama has burned up much of his political steam, and he is getting nowhere with his radical agenda. His legacy will forever be that of corruption, scandals, deficits, and the decimation of 1/6th of the American economy, unless of course somehow the democrats can somehow retake the House and manage to hold on to their small minority in the Senate. If the GOP retakes the Senate, if conservatives are allowed to run DC once more, than President Obama will be a lame duck President.  He has to do anything he can to ensure shield democrats from the radiation of Obamacare. Something that will be hard to do, sense they have been championing it for the last 6 years, belittling anyone who dares to challenge the law.

The criminal action of Barack Obama are not limited to just Obamacare, they run deep throughout his corrupt administration. President Obama has even gone so far as to assume that he the Executive can determine when Congress is in session. So that he can make his recess appointments, appointments of people whose radical history would never have seen them approved in the Senate.

The progressive trash in the GOP allowed for near irreparable damage to our country by forcing the moderate progressive Mitt Romney down our throats in 2012. They threw that election away, by listening to Democrat pundits who are only trying to share their votes with the GOP. We must not allow John Boehner, John McCain, Mitch McConnel, or any of the other establishment member of the GOP to destroy this one last hope to save our Republic from the grips of progressive tyranny.  Stand up for liberty, let the Gasden Flag fly, or let the American Flag fall to socialism forever.

2014, time to exile tyranny.



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