The Obama’s, the First Family of the People

The Obama’s, the First Family of the people, the common man come to Washington. The man who is going to fight the elitist, and bring the Fat Cat’s of Wall Street to justice.  President Obama, the man who cares about income inequality, and it going to help the middle class of this country. What a laughable joke. While President Obama is out campaigning for income redistribution, his wife is living it up. Pictures of their dogs sitting at the table next to the fine china. Not too bad I guess, but it does send a rather ridiculous image of wealth and prestige. Mrs. Obama’s new dress however is a classic example of progressive elitism.

Mrs. Obama’s new dress cost $12,000. So what is the big deal? Her husband has made a lot of money voting present in the US Senate, and playboying it up in the White House. So why is this $12,000 dress a big deal? That is simple. President Obama claims that he wants to deal with income inequality, to help the poor, that the rich are doing just fine. That is all he was talking about last year while he was trying to raise taxes. He said that the rich are doing just fine, and we have to help lower income Americans. Well his wife just bought a $12,000 dress, and the poverty line in America is $11,490. There are 45,000,000 people who live in poverty in the United States. 45,000,000 people live on $11,490 a year, and Mrs. Obama buys a $12,000 dress.

The arrogance sickens me. It would be one thing if Mrs. Obama was independently wealthy, and lived her extravagant lifestyle on her own dime. But she doesn’t, she takes he lavish trips at the expense of the tax payers, many of whom could never imagine being about to have a $12000 dress. What is wrong with sears? Classic example of progressive hypocrisy.

  1. Let’s get something very clear; Mr Obama is a wealthy man, and he is not wealthy at the expense of the tax payers. Obama is a millionaire, like most politicians are, due to speaking fees and sales from the books he has written. As well, I would like to point out that Obama has actually taken less days on vacation than any most modern US presidents. I would also point out that the furniture and the accommodations at the White House are not unique to Obama, but instead remain rather constant from presidency to presidency.

    However, it is funny that, despite Obama taking less vacations than any other modern president, you have singled him out as your target, despite your lack of any facts to prove your point. Why is Bush not your target, or Reagan? Bush took more than thirty times as many days on vacation than Obama has, and Reagan spent twenty times more the number of days on vacation than Obama has. So why are you singling out Obama here?

    • It is very good that you point out that President Obama is an independently wealthy man. However, I am calling him out because of his hypocrisy. He claims to support the little guy, to be the champion of the poor man. He calls out the wealthy, and demands that they pay their fair share. Yet, his wife shows up in a dress that costs more than many families make in a year. I mean if I was trying to make such a point, I think I’d shop at sears if you catch my meaning sir.

      • Obama has frequently advocated that his own taxes be raised. You also seem to have confused to point the President has been trying to make; he has simply advocated a (small) increase on the taxation of wealthier Americans. He does not advocated the complete redistribution of wealth, nor does he advocate for the wealthy to act poorer; he simply wants their income taxes to be raised slightly.

        • You are white washing President Obama’s message. He has long advocated for the redistribution of wealth. He claimed that the great failing of the civil rights movement was that they failed to achieve redistributive change through the court systems.
          If he did truly believe in raising his own taxes, why doesn’t he just get out his check book and write a check to the Federal Government for how much he feels he should be taxed? Why does he accept his tax refund? his “i make enough money” is nothing more than a creative political tagline.

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