The Truth About Campaign Donations

We always hear about how the sinister mustachioed members of the GOP are elected to office because they have connections to big business. Special interest groups, like big oil, and the Koch Brothers buy the election for Conservatives, so that they can continue to ravage the countries resources and exploit its people. Well an interesting report has just come out, that compiles the top all time donors from 1989-2014. The results were nothing like what I expected. The satanic Koch brothers, the bane of humanity, do not make the top ten. In fact the progressive’s favorite targets are ranked 59th. Clearly then this means that those greedy power hungry conservatives have used their vast money and power to conceal the real master minds who keep buying elections for them. Just who are these special interest groups that keep donating to the GOP?

Number 1, donating $97,192,340 is ActBlue with 99% of that money going to the Democrat Party.
Number 2, donating $60,667,379 is American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, with 81% of that money going to the Democrat Party.
Number 3, donating $56,449,317 is AT&T, with the first real split between the parties. 57% going to the GOP and 41% going to the Democrats.
Number 4, donating $53,594,488 is, and this is a surprise, The National Education Association, with 61% going to the Democrat Party, a mere 4% going to the GOP.
Number 5, donating $51,207,902 is The National Association of Realtors, with 44% going to Democrats and 47% going to the GOP
Number 6, donating $44,847,951 is Goldman Sachs, who do you think the primary recipient of their donations? If you guess the GOP you’re wrong. 53% of their donations went to the Democrat Party, 44% went to the GOP.
Number 7, donating $44,478,789 is the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, with 92% going to the Democrat party.
Number 8, donating $41,667,858 is the UAW, with 71% going to the Democrat Party, 0% going to the GOP
Number 9, donating $39,260,371 is the Carpenters & Joiners Union, with 74% going to the Democrat Party, only 9% going to the GOP.
Number 10, donating $38,395,690 is the SEIU, with 84% going to the Democrat Party, only 2% going to the GOP.

So seven of the top ten donors are supporters of the Democrat Party. In fact the GOP does not have a major donor on the list until slot number 17.

Now it comes as no surprise that labor unions overwhelmingly donate to the Democrat Party, but what did surprise me was to see that entities such as Goldman Sachs, and Lehman Brothers, donated more money to the Democrat Party than the GOP. 52% of Lehman Brother campaign donations went into the Democrat Party’s coffers.

It was interesting to see just who the heavy hitters list broke down. It was surprising to see that contrary to the Democrat narrative it is not big corporations, but rather labor unions that are buying the elections in this country. So basically people who are supposed to be representing 11.2% of the people in this country, are buying elections, and that is okay according to the Democrat Party. That is probably because it benefits them.

Here is a link to the list itself


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