The Soft Spoke Tyrant of The Senate

Harry Reid, the tyrannical thug whose icy grip has strangled the Senate for the last five years, has once again revealed the true nature of the callus void where once existed a heart. He has revealed to us, yet again that Party is more important to him than the wellbeing of the nation. That the end game of his radical ideology is more important than the suffering of millions. The Soft Spoken Tyrant of the Senate has once again shown the monster that lurks just beneath of the surface of his arrogant shell.
It is no secret that the Democrat Party is in trouble, and there is a very real chance that President Obama will be made a lame duck in 2014, when the GOP retakes the Senate. The seeds of this destruction where sewn in the early days of President Obama’s tenure, when the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, and the Democrat controlled Senate pushed through some of the most radical legislation in this country’s history. The one issue that awoke the silent majority of this nation, is the one that has dominated the news sense President Obama’s re-election, and that is Obamacare. The law that no one wanted, rammed through congress, and signed despite the majority of the country opposing it.
It was Obamacare, and the arrogance demonstrated by the Democrats in its passage that led to the largest transfer of power in this country’s history, the 2010 midterm. Now it seems as though Obamacare will be the issue that brings an end to the tyranny of Harry Reid. Horror stories of people losing their doctors, their health insurance, their medical plans, their medications, and their jobs are springing up all around the country. Countless tales of hardships flood the media, as was predicted by conservatives the nation over. The promise “if you like your plan, you can keep it” is ringing as false today, as members of the TEA Party predicted. So what are radical progressives to do? This is their last shot at destroying the American Republic. This is their last chance to transform this shining nation upon a hill, into a socialist state. Extinction looms, doom is at hand, they have to do something.
The Soft Spoken Tyrant of The Senate knows only one way to combat negative press, simply change the facts, and blame Republicans. The GOP was blamed for shutting down the government, when in fact it was Harry Reid, who would not let a single bill passed by the House of Representatives come to the floor in the Senate. He refused to compromise, and shut down the government, yet somehow it was the GOP controlled House, the chamber that actually compromised, that actually passed legislation, that was to blame, not the tyrant of the Senate. The GOP passed a bill to restore funding for Children’s Medical Research, and when asked about it Harry Reid said “Why would I want to do that”. His radical devotion to ideology, to party, is dangerous.
Now with the devastation brought by Obamacare, becoming clear for all the world to see, the Soft Spoken Tyrant has once again entered the fray. He has once again shown the world just why it is we cannot allow progressive to control the Senate. On Wednesday February 26th, Harry Reid took to the floor of the Senate, and addressed the countless tales of hardship and suffering, brought upon by the progressive power grab known as Obamacare. “There’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America — tales, stories made up from whole cloth, lies, distorted by the Republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements” So every last person who claims that they have suffered hardships because of Obamacare is lying. The Millions of people who lost their health insurance are lying. The millions of people who are now having to pay more for their health insurance are lying.
The audacity of this slithering piece of human refuse makes my blood boil. To say that everyone who claims to have been negatively affected by this radical power grab is a liar, shows a level of contempt and arrogance that is nearly incomprehensible. This is a yet another in a long list of events that show why this year we must do what it takes to ensure that the Senate is liberated from its Soft Spoken Tyrant. Washington cannot function when such cruel hearted filth is allowed to shut down one entire branch.


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