Obamacare, The Unaffordable Care Act

Obamacare, also known as the Unaffordable Care Act, has been negatively affecting the lives of millions of people all around the country. Well to be honest that statement is true only if you live in the real world. If you live in the bizzaro world of Harry Reid, everyone is fine, and all the horror stories of Obamacare are nothing more than lies.  We all unfortunately live exist in the real world, whether we choose to live there or not. President Obama has campaigned non-stop trying to convince the people of this country that they should just submit to Obamacare, and accept it.  He even went as far as to tell the lie of the century, “If you like your plan you can keep it”.

Well the liar and chief is back at it again. He finished his round of golf and headed out to mingle with the commoners. President Obama was at the Newseum, and participated in a town hall meeting dealing with the importance of Latinos capitalizing on Obamacare benefits.

The moderator asked President Obama, “This question comes from a man who says he wanted Obamacare for a family of three. He says he makes $36,000 a year. The minimum he could find, the minimum premium is $316 a month. He says, ‘I think that’s too much. I can’t afford that on $36,000.’ Now, Mr. President, a lot has been said about the costs and families that live paycheck to paycheck, $316 a month for health care, that might be a lot. What would you say to that man?”

President Obama responded with words of wisdom that defy our time, “I guess what I would say is, if you looked at that person’s budget, and you looked at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill, it may turn out that it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care because right now everybody’s healthy. Nobody actually wants to spend money on health insurance until they get sick.”So that’s it, Harry Reid is right, Obamacare is not the problem, the fact that Obamacare has done nothing but increase the cost of healthcare, lead to the cancelations of millions of policies, has nothing to do with individual suffering in America. They are not suffering because Obamacare was a poorly written law designed to collapse the health insurance industry. They are suffering because they are greedy, they are irresponsible. President Obama’s law isn’t to blame, President Obama’s radical agenda is not to blame, it is your fault. You are irresponsible.

I ask you what has changed? Before there were people who could not afford health insurance, yet had a car, had cable tv, and cellphones. Now after Obamacare has ravaged the nation we still have people who cannot afford health insurance, yet have a car, have cable tv, and cellphones. So, just mandating that people buy health insurance does not make it more affordable… it is almost like you cannot mandate human activity.

I get a bigger kick out of President Obama having the audacity to discuss the failures in peoples budgeting practices. He has presided over the largest era of spending and deficits in our nations history. In 2008 we had an “unpatriotic deficit” of 400 billion dollars, then President Obama steps in spends 787 billion dollars to pay off his campaign donors… I mean stimulate the economy, steal GM and Chrysler to pay off the UAW, and we saw national deficits of 1.2 trillion dollars. President Obama’s response, was not to trim spending, or prioritize, it was to blame Republicans, mock the TEA Party, and demand more spending, and more taxes. Taking budget advice from President Obama is like taking dieting advice from Rosy O’Donnell.

I digress, in essence, President Obama is basically saying that his law would work, if you were not so damn greedy. If you would just give up your cellphones, and your cable TV he would not be saddled with a legacy of absolute failure. If you would just give up your Cable TV, you would not have access to that ridiculous Fox News channel, that pesky news organization that is actually willing to report the truth on matters relating to the radical nature of this administration. Basically Obamacare should not have been called “The Affordable Care Act” it should have been called “The Affordable, if you live in the Stone Age, Care Act”.

2014 is the year this madness stops. We must free the Senate from the Tyranny of its soft spoken tyrant. True limited government conservatism must reign in the hallowed halls of DC.


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