2nd Ammendment At Work

I have two new stories dealing with how fire arms have helped protect law abiding citizens.

The first is a shocking tale. It comes to us from Michigan, where a heroin addict attempted to steal a $179 battery powered drill. The addict stabbed the stores loss prevention officer several times with a contaminated syringe. A customer with a concealed carry permit saw the altercation, and intervened. He pulled his firearm, and told the suspect to drop the syringe and get on the ground. According to the police, after the suspect was confronted by the armed citizen (who has chosen to remain anonymous), he immediately stopped fighting and sat down. He was able to make a break for it, when he heard the police coming, but he was quickly apprehended.

The second comes from Detroit, where a Jets Pizza Delivery driver was attacked by to thugs posing as customers.  The criminals grabbed the man, and pulled a gun on him, demanding money. The Driver pulled his own firearm and shot the suspects. The suspects fled in a vehicle, and the driver called the police. One of the suspects was found at a hospital suffering from, you guessed it, multiple gun shot wounds. The other was arrested soon after.

How would these events have ended if draconian progressive gun laws were in place? If every citizen was made a victim as progressive dream. amendment


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