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That is right, the political punching bag of the Obama Administration, the administration’s Spokes-kid Jay Carney is stepping down. The arrogant weasel who we have had to watch belittle reporters and mock criticism is leaving us. The man whose lies we have been forced to suffer through sense February 2011, is moving on. Maybe he is tired of being the punching bag that President Obama throws to reporters when yet another scandal erupts. Maybe he is tired of lying to people every day of his life. Or maybe he feels it is just time to move on.

All I can say is I will not miss this pompous narcissistic piece of filth who has been the mouth of the most corrupt administration in United States History. Maybe we will get someone who is actually competent at their job, or has a spine. Maybe grown ups will once again be in charge in D.C.

Our nation has once again been hit by tragedy, yet another community has to try and continue with a massive hole ripped in its soul. I am of course referring to the tragedy that took place in Santa Barbra California. Sadly there are vultures who see these horrible events not as the tragedies that they are, but rather as a way to promote an otherwise un-promotable agenda. They exploit the pain and suffering of the victims and their families, to generate outrage. They then try to use this outrage to convince people to make foolish choices out of fear. They want people to make a choice based on terror, rather than on logic and facts.
Unfortunately whenever there is a school shooting, the scum of humanity slinks out of the dark crevices of society, ready to push their radical agenda. This murder rampage in Santa Barbra is no different. A gun was used by someone who was mentally deranged, so now it is time to demand gun control. Don’t let the smoke clear, don’t allow people to gather facts, just demand that people act irrationally and do something foolish.
I am not a progressive thug. I do not believe in forcing people to act out of fear. I like to act based on facts. Yes facts, those pesky things that progressive invertebrates despise above even George W. Bush. So before we go about demanding people give up their constitutional right to own and bear arms, let us first examine the facts about the case. Let us ask a couple questions;
1: What actually happened?
2: Would typical progressive gun control ploys have been affective?
3: How could we actually prevent these tragedies?
So before we jump in and once again start to dismantle the progressive myth that “guns are bad, give up your liberty, and you will be safer,” let’s look at what happened. Elliot Rodger, the young man who committed the crime, was a 22 year old man. Rodger has been described as “severely mentally disturbed”. On Friday May 23, 2014 Rodger snapped and ended up killing six people and wounding several others.
So would gun control have prevented these deaths? Would gun control have actually prevented the murder rampage that took place on that tragic Friday? Once again I point you to the facts, they will tell the story far better than I can. It might seem cold but I would like to break the evening down into distinct events.
Event 1: He killed his first three victims in his apartment
Method of Assault: He stabbed these victims
Event 2: He killed two sorority girls at their sorority house, wounded a third.
Method of Assault: He shot these victims
Event 3: He killed a 20 Year old man at a restaurant.
Method of Assault: He shot this victim
Event 4: He struck two cyclist while attempting to elude police
Method of Assault: He hit these victims with his car.
Event 5: Police arrive to take Rodger into custody, finding him dead
Method of Assault: He shot himself in the head.
Would gun control have prevented these deaths? Three of the six victims were killed with a knife. How would moving for gun control have prevented their deaths? The plain and simple answer is that it wouldn’t. Elliot Rodgers would have stabbed these people whether or not he had access to a gun or not. If guns were illegal, Elliot Rodgers still would have killed these people.
Of course progressives do not always start with demanding firearm confiscation, they like to start with an intermediate step. They will say, “We don’t want to take your guns, no one is saying take your guns. What we are calling for are ‘common sense’ reforms”. One such reform is a gun registry system, where gun owners have to register their private property with the government. Would this have prevented the deaths of these poor souls? Well unfortunately no, seeing as the guns used in the crime were registered. Simply registering the guns did nothing.
So what is to be done? What failed? What lead us to this tragic state? How do we prevent this from happening again? Progressives have only one answer, they see every tragedy as an example of how we have too many rights in this nation. They believe that every problem that arises in this country is brought about by us having too many liberties. After all we are just unevolved Neanderthals compared to their greatness, how could we possibly be expected to survive with the countless rights granted to us by God. Their answer is always to take. A problem arises and they must use government force to take from us. A mass murder takes place and they have to take away our right to own and bear arms. We have to have gun control, they shout at over the echoes of the victims screams. Unfortunately gun control does not work. I have written about this subject so many times it has become mind numbing. To put it bluntly progressive implement gun control measures, and crime rates and murder rates continue to climb. This happens time and time again.
I can already hear the progressives retort, “you evil conservative tea bagger. What’s your solution then? Do nothing? We cannot just stand by and watch as our streets flow red with the blood of our children, just so you can hang out with your idiot redneck buddies.” These radical zealots cannot be reasoned with, they hate guns, and anyone who doesn’t hates kids. They want guns off the streets, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Regardless of whether or not this solves the problem. The Problem is that the progressive method of government force, and confiscation, does not actually deal with the cause of the problem. Banning guns, or implementing “common sense reforms” is tantamount to taking Nyquil to prevent the flu. Just banning the tool will not prevent the crime. If I ban bricks to prevent kids from smashing my windows, does that suddenly mean that my windows are safe? Of course not, they will just find some other way to break my window, like a rock for instance? So what do I do then? Do I ban rocks? Then do I have to ban baseballs? Where does it end?
Guns don’t kill people, it is an old cliché, but it is the truth. A gun is just a block of steal, plastic, and screws. All a firearm is, is a device designed to release and channel the energy released when gun powder is burned. A firearm is an inanimate object, devoid of emotion, and completely incapable of harming anyone. It is a tool, no different than a hammer, saw, knife, ax, bat, car, pencil, or spoon. But guns are scary, and an easy scape goat for people refusing to see the world as it truly is. The gun did not shoot those girls, and that man. The knife did not stab his roommates. The car did not hit those cyclists. Elliot Rodger did. A deranged man, who lost his connection to humanity, did all these horrible things. The Knife, the Car, and the gun were just the tools he used to act out his hatred.
The answer to preventing these horrible acts does not lie in banning guns, or limiting access to them. The answer is something that the government cannot do. The solution does not lie in regulation and control. The only solution depends on us restoring the rotting foundations of the American Culture. This man showed countless signs of mental instability. He posted videos on the internet detailing how he felt nothing but loneliness. He felt rejected by the women. He even wrote a 141 page manifesto talking about humanity forcing his hands, and how he would eventually have to kill his house mates.
In his manifesto he claimed women where the ultimate evil in human sexuality. He wanted to put them in concentration camps and starve them to death. He planned to kill people by luring them into his apartment and then sneaking into a sorority house and killing all of them. He also planned on killing his step mom and little brother. He also described how he filled the void in his life with violent video games. Tell me, is any of this hatred, this insanity going to be cured by banning guns? Even if gun control worked, would the evil festering in this poor soul be purged? These are the words of a man who is going to do evil, whether or not he has a gun. He will find a way.
Banning guns is not going to somehow make this young man suddenly find fulfillment in his life. Banning guns is not going to keep him from thinking that society is against him. We as a people need to start taking care of one another again. Looking out for each other. We need to once again live in communities. There were warning signs about this disaster, and everyone was too busy worrying about what Kim Kardashian is doing, or their own personal vanity to be even have noticed. There are messed up people out there, but we have to look out for them, and help them. It is the duty of the rich to enrich society, and those of us blessed with happy lives are rich. It is our duty to help those less fortunate then us. We failed in this case.
The unfortunate thing is that public opinion will never be swayed into helping the mentally disturbed. There will never be a large outcry to help mentally ill people, because the greedy progressive trash that operate the main stream media. The spineless narcissist in D.C. who see these tragedies as a way to advance their radical agenda. When a tragedy like this occurs, these progressives swine don’t ask “what drove him to this” their first thought is “Get out the gun control banner, we get to try again”. They descend upon the grief stricken lands like a plaque, forcing them to relive the disaster. They demand for new regulations, while exploiting images of sobbing parents. It is sickening. They blame the NRA, conservatives, the TEA Party, Republicans. They call anyone who questions gun control monsters. They call the 2nd amendment insanity. All the while ignoring the fact that their past attempts at gun control failed to cure the nation’s ills. They do not care about those families, all they care about is advancing their fascists agenda.
We can prevent these mass killings, but we cannot do it through government force. We must come together as a community, and look out for one another. To help one another. To reach out to those who are alone. We have to stop thinking that nice suits and fancy cars are what we need to find happiness. We must stop this idea that everyone is just out to have sex any chance they can. This young man lamented being a virgin at 22, I am 24 and still a virgin. There is nothing wrong with that. But for some reason society has decided that having sex is somehow a sign that you are cool. Without fixing our cultural rot in this country, we can never hope to stop these violent acts.
Look at it this way. Say the nation is a car, and violent acts are a cracked head gasket causing the car to burn oil. The crack causes a loss of performance, and a horrible smoke making the car an eyesore that everyone avoids. These progressive urchins are those cheap mechanics who smile and say, “Yup I can fix her for yea.” They charge you 500 dollars, and merely add another quart of oil to the motor. Gun control is the quart of oil fix. Yeah you can survive with the loss of power, and the smoking engine, but you still have to deal with the consequences. You are still that eye sore, that thing that everyone mocks and avoids. You still have to live with the disgrace of driving a rundown jalopy. The only way to fix smoke is to take off the head, and replace the gasket. It is the harder fix. It will require you to sacrifice, time and money, but at the end of the day you have solved the problem. You not only stopped smoking and burning oil, but people aren’t ashamed to ride in your car again. So the choice is yours, you can either side with the hack job mechanics, who are feeding off the misery and grief of those who lost someone in this night of violence. Or you can decide that enough is enough and actually try to find a real solution, and help to restore the culture in this nation.

You choose.

Progressives seem to love this idea that everyone is a winner, no one is a loser. They are disgusted with the idea that unequal inputs result in equal results. No where is this more clear than in the world of youth competitions. Everyone gets a trophy, everyone gets a pat on the back, because we don’t want to hurt the feelings of those kids who lost. This is the greatest disservice we can do for our kids. It fails to prepare them for life. Without defeat one can never truly appreciate victory.

A lovely flyer from Michigan has found its way to the internet. The flyer is for a field day at North Hill Elementary School in Rochester Michigan. The flyer read, and I quote, “The purpose of the day is for our school to get together for an enjoyable two hours of activities and provide an opportunity for students, teachers and parents to interact cooperatively. Since we believe that all of our children are winners, the need for athletic ability and the competitive “urge to win” will be kept to a minimum. The real reward will be the enjoyment and good feelings of participation.” I hate to break it to all you progressives and “new age” parents out there, there are winners and there are losers. Eliminating/reducing the urge to win is a recipe for subservient pods just going along to get along.

That nasty urge to win, is what leads to greatness. That desire to be better, faster, stronger, is what drives people to reach new heights. Why should I work hard, practice, and push myself if I am guaranteed the same outcome either way? This is the attitude that breeds complacency. Competition pushes people to do better, whether hipsters want to admit it or not. I see it every time that I work with the boys in my scout troop. 

An example of competition breeding results would be when it was decided that we must address the boys lack luster cooking.  They were settling for hamburger patties and veggies thrown in a metal packet on the fire. That would be fine, except I remember as a child making beef stroganoff from scratch, cobblers, and pot roasts. I tried giving them suggestions on what to make, showed them how to cook different things, but nothing seemed to excite them to branch out. That is until we announced the GREAT POTATOE COOK OFF. In this event each patrol (the groups that build up a troop) was to cook a potato dish, from scratch, and they would be judge by people at a maple syrup festival we were attending. The winner, yes I am such a Neanderthal that I intended to declare a winner, earned dinner with the adults on the next campout. Of course, the adults where competing too, so this really raised the bar. Set them an unbeatable challenge, that hipster progressives would call unfair. How could we expect boys to beat adults, when we had a former five star chef on our crew. The challenge was set, and the boys rose to meet it. Believe it or not, the boys came out in force, and one group managed to claim the prize.

So I proved that boys can beat adults, but that doesn’t mean that competition, or the urge to win, breeds excellence. That part came on the next campout when the boys watched as the winning patrol was treated to a classic meal of Beef Stroganoff, FRESH garlic bread, and a pine apple upside down cake. That night around the fire I heard the boys talking about “do you think we could cook something like that?”.  Guess what, on the next campout, they stepped up their cooking. The boys ditched the foil packets, and broke out the Dutch ovens. All the hand holding in the world could not replace that gut urge to push these boys to be better than the other boys.

I hate when I see people rewarding those who perform poorly, a group that most of my elementary and middle school career I was a member of. I hate to see that, because I remember how I felt when I lost, I thought, how am I going to get into that winners circle. I worked hard, and by high school I had done it. I  hate to see people rewarding those who did not earn it, because I remember how it felt when I finally stepped into the winners circle, when all my hard work paid off. That is the best feeling in the world, and these hipster punks are ruining it. They are punishing people who do achieve, by equating their superior performance with that of poor performance. They are taking that glorious feeling of victory away from someone who fought to earn it.

This hipster progressive “equal outcomes for everyone”, is the greatest disservice we could do to our children. We are failing to prepare them for failure, we are failing to prepare them for the actual real world. We hold their hands all through school, telling them “its okay, you had a good time that is all that counts”. Guess what, once you graduate and are thrown out into the real world, having a good time isn’t really all that maters. People expect results, especially the people who are going to pay you money for working for them. Not everyone gets a raise, not everyone gets paid the same. People who work hard, get rewarded, people who don’t find themselves just shuffling along through life. In my opinion this “We are all winners” is long term child abuse. They will feel failures sting sooner or later. They can either feel it when it at a grade school field day, when defeat is like a pin prick. Or as progressives prefer they can meet it as adults when defeat is like a knife to the heart. The choice is yours. We can either continue to reward failure and punish success. We can continue lying to our kids telling them that failure doesn’t exist.  Or we can actually prepare people for life, instill a urge to win, and protecting kids from failure by teaching them how to avoid it.

Yes, we can all rest at ease now that President Obama has learned about VA Scandal on the CNN Nightly News. President Obama’s response to the outrage over his administration’s complete and total disregard for our fighting men and women, was easily predictable. Any time that a scandal rocks the White House, President Obama comes out, says that he is outraged, calls it a disgrace, and then places the blame entirely on someone else. It wasn’t his fault, he didn’t know. He holds to the philosophy, “if you are a failure as a President, and have an administration more corrupt than a third world dictatorship, you didn’t build that. Someone Else made that happen.”

President Obama said on Wednesday May 21, 2014, “When I hear allegations of misconduct, any misconduct, whether it’s allegations of VA staff covering up long wait times or cooking the books, I will not stand for it, not as commander in chief, but also not as an American, none of us should. So, if these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and I will not tolerate it — period. Here’s what I discussed with secretary Shinseki this morning. First, anybody found to have manipulated or falsified records at VA facilities has to be held accountable.” Oh President Obama knows just how to get my blood pumping. The fact that he can actually vomit up these lies, and fully expects the American People to buy them demonstrates an arrogance that constantly manages to rise to a new level of disgust.

Let us start at the beginning shall we? “When I hear allegations of misconduct, any misconduct, whether it’s allegations of VA staff covering up long wait times or cooking the books, I will not stand for it.”  Well that sounds all well and good, except for the fact that President Obama had already heard reports of such misconduct, his transition team was made aware of the situation all the way back in 2008. For those progressives out there that have a hard time with math, that was over five years ago. He knew about what was going on for five years, and he chose to do nothing. Apparently blaming everything on George W. Bush, bashing Republicans, and playing Golf where more important issues.

I really like how President Obama has a generic speech for scandals now, he just scratches out IRS, Benghazi, NSA, Fast and Furious, and pops in whatever criminal actions of his administration have been uncovered. You are always guaranteed at least one “period”, like this man has done anything so conclusively in his life, except of course destroy the value of the dollar, and collapse the U.S. health care industry. I love how President Obama said, ” So, if these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and I will not tolerate it — period. ” Just what does President Obama refusing to tolerate something look like? The only thing that he has refused to tolerate has been decent from the American People on his dangerous and radical progressive agenda. He refuses to tolerate the existence of the TEA Party, or the legitimacy of 2010 mid-terms. He refuses to tolerate any bill that does not add trillions to the debt, and weakens the foundations of the country.  So what will he do when the allegations are proven true? “these allegations are a witch hunt from the GOP, trying to undermine my loyal staff”, or perhaps he will just ridicule the people responsible, “George W. Bush and the TEA Party cut funding from the VA, and gave it all to mustachioed Oil Barons to go hunting baby seals with.”  Or will he do like he does with every scandal, refuse to talk about it, and give us the White House Spokes worm Jay Carney. I can’t wait to see how that unfolds.

What really infuriated me though was the last line of the paragraph, id didn’t know whether to stop the blood from squirting out of my eyes, or catch myself when I fell out of my chair laughing. ” anybody found to have manipulated or falsified records at VA facilities has to be held accountable”. That has to be the most laughable sentence that President Obama has uttered in at least a year. Held Accountable, who has he ever held accountable? Did he hold Eric Holder accountable when it was discovered that he was running guns in to Mexican Drug Cartels? Did he hold Hillary Clinton accountable when her incompetence led to our embassy being attacked and our ambassador being killed in Benghazi? Did he hold Valarie Jarret accountable for the botched roll out of his socialist health care system Obamacare? This is how President Obama works, unless it is an issue that he can exploit to further his radical progressive agenda, he feigns anger, and then goes on with his life. He comes out onto stage, gives a passionless speech that makes fifth grade musicals look like Shakespeare, then runs back to the White House and hides under the stairs. He tells himself “If I hide long enough, they will forget all about it”. Then he picks someone from the Administration to start trying to spin a fable that somehow puts the blame on Republicans. Hold someone accountable, don’t make me laugh. If he was interested in holding people accountable he would have dealt with the issues in the VA when they where brought to his attention five years ago, not wait for it to blow up in his face. 

I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be a veteran and have to live with the knowledge that the Commander and Chief knew about the issues in the VA, and choose to play Golf instead of fixing them. I cannot imagine being a veteran and having to watch as the President of The United States fakes outrage, and lies about wanting accountability. The feeling of hopelessness that some must be feeling is something I could never begin to comprehend. President Obama and his progressive lackeys are little more than inhuman monsters.

The newest name added to the Progressive Hall of Shame, Representative Joe Garcia, claimed that El Paso Texas proves that Communism works. That if everyone has a government job, then there will be no crime. In the previous post we highlighted how El  Paso is far from a communist state, and that the vast majority of people working in El Paso are working in the private sector. So just what is it that makes a city safe? What is so different from say El Paso and say Detroit? El Paso ranked as the 14th safest city in the country, Detroit ranked as the 2nd most dangerous, why?

What causes a person to become a criminal? Sure some people are just born with a wire lose in their head, but many more are normal people driven by desperation. With that in mind is becomes clear just why Detroit is far more dangerous of a place than El Paso. The unemployment rate in El Paso comes in at 7.9% of the labor force, where as the unemployment rate in Detroit comes in at 27.5% of the labor force. The unemployment rate is really a “funny” number in the modern age, and as such only tells part of the story. You see the unemployment rate is determined by how many people who are looking for work are employed, in other words it does not count the people who should be in the work force, but have given up looking for work.  To get the whole picture of the unemployment situation in a city, state, or country you must also examine the labor participation rate. The labor participation rate in El Paso is 60.9%, where as the labor participation rate in Detroit is 53.8%. So by looking at these two numbers, we can see that El Paso has a higher participation rate, than Detroit, and that it has a drastically lower unemployment rate. Detroit has 255,000 plus people who could be employed but aren’t, that’s almost half of the population. Situations like the one in Detroit are breading grounds for crime and villainy.

So how is it that Detroit has fallen so far? It was once the crown jewel of American Economic Power, now it is nothing more then a festering pit of pain and despair. A crumbling reminder of day gone by. Was Detroit run by limited government constitutionalists? Did small government ideology allow for businesses to run wild and destroy the city? I would find that hard to believe considering that Detroit has had a Democrat governor sense 1962. Democrats of course being well known for their love of limited… I mean intrusive government.  There was more at play than the political games that brought down Detroit. Ultimately Detroit was killed when its life blood left, and that of course was the Auto Industry. What I wonder drove the auto industry from its home? What it limited government ideology… no I believe it was the high cost of doing business. The United Auto Workers drove companies like GM and Chrysler into the ground, forcing them into bankruptcy. Now who I wonder does UAW support…. oh that is right the Democrat Party. The UAW ranks number 8 in the top campaign donors sense 1984, donating $41,923,428 to various political campaigns. A whooping 71% of that went to the Democrat Party.

So Democrats have controlled the political scene in Detroit sense 1962, and the progressive political action group known as the UAW has controlled the business scene in Detroit for about as long. I am staring to make some connections. El Paso, low un-employment, low crime, limited government. Detroit high un-employment, lots of crime, and progressive government. How many more times are we going to have to watch the implosion of progressive totalitarianism before people realize, that government cannot create prosperity.

Another name has to be added to the Progressive Hall of Shame, Representative Joe Garcia from Florida. The Democrat Representative said Tuesday May 20th, that “The safest city in America is El Paso, Texas. It happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the America’s, which is Juarez. Right? ” Representative Garcia continued, “Two of the safest cities in America are on the border with Mexico. Of course, the reason is we’ve proved that communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there is no crime.” Where to start on this one… It would be prudent to start with a basic understanding of the facts.

First up is his claim about El Paso City being the safest city in the United States. El Paso is not the safest city in the United States, it does not even rank within the top 10. According to that little known agency the FBI El Paso is actually the 14th safest city in the United States.

But what about this claim about giving everyone a nice government job leading to no crime? For this statement to have any validity it would stand to reason that the majority of the population of El Paso would have to work for the Government. A quick internet search will lead you to the United States Department of Commerce’s web page, where information from the US census is available. According to the Department of Commerce El Paso has a 294,848 people in the labor force, or roughly 60.9% of the population. Of that 284,270 people work in the civilian labor force, which works out to roughly 58.7% of the population. 261,893 people are currently employed in El Paso. 73.3% of the people currently employed in El Paso work as PRIVATE wage/salary workers. Only 20% of the working population of El Paso works for the government. So from what I am seeing, not everyone in El Paso has been given a nice government job. Actually it would appear as though the majority of people have found working in the PRIVATE SECTOR to be very appealing to them.

So El Paso is not the safest city in the United States, and it is not some Communist utopia where everyone works for the benevolent government. In fact it would appear as though El Paso is a shinning example of what happens when the market is allowed to operate in a natural fashion, something progressive weasels such as Representative Garcia cannot stand. For his complete ignorance to logic, facts, and truth Representative Joe Garica has earned a spot in the Progressive Hall of Shame.

The Soft Spoken Tyrant of The Senate, the man who shut down the United States Government for political spite, is continuing his assault on the foundations of our 200 year old republican government. It should come as no surprise that a man who said, “why would I want to do that?” about restoring funding for children’s cancer research, would be scheming on ways to undermine the system of checks and balances that has protected our liberties from the tyrannical nature of government. 

Last year the miserable Senator from Nevada, Mr. Reid, used his power as Senate Majority Leader to employ what is known as the “nuclear option” which silenced the minority, and allowed Democrats to ram through President Obama’s radical nominations. This decision was a massive reversal of decades of precedent in the Senate. Basically before Harry Reid decided to steam roll the democratic process, 60 votes were needed in order to advance political nomination through a procedural vote. Well, surprisingly the Democrats where able to figure out that there aren’t 60 Democrats in the Senate anymore (basic math always seems to befuddle progressives). 

So Harry Reid has obliterated the ability of the minority to serve as a watch dog, as a check on rampant abuses of power by the majority, but that is not enough for him. The Soft Spoken Tyrant wants to further destroy the democratic process. On Tuesday May 20th, Senator Harry Reid announced that he wants to further restrict the rights of the minority in the Senate.  Currently the minority party in the Senate still has the right to delay final votes by requiring the Senate to sit through blocks set up for debates. Senator Reid wants to shorten/remove these blocks. So Senator Harry Reid, a member of the progressive trinity, wants to shut down debates in the Senate. Vigorous Debate is the heart of democracy, and this progressive weasel wants to eviscerate it. 

It is no wonder that Senate is where the legislative process goes to die. Senator Harry Reid has no interest in the will of the people. He has no interest in allowing the democratic process to work as it was intended to. He wants no checks on the radical agenda perpetuated by President Obama and the rest of the progressive stains in D.C.. Senator Reid will not compromise, it is his way or the high way. Rather than accepting that his arrogance has contributed to his party losing its super majority status, and that he must now work with the GOP, Senator Reid would rather throw insults and point fingers. He would rather watch children suffer because of a lose of government funding, than even let a House bill come to the floor in the Senate. I didn’t say compromise, no, he would rather leave veterans our in the cold than let a bill that passed the House of Representatives be heard on the floor of the Senate. 

Nothing can change so long as Harry Reid has the power to shut down the government for political gain. The foundation of our republican government provides our liberties no more protection than dust in the wind, so long as Harry Reid has the power to eliminate the principle of checks and balances on a whim. We MUST liberate the Senate from the clutches of Harry Reid, or we risk losing our liberties to the dust bin of history. November of 2014 will be THE turning point in our nations history. It will be remembered as either the day we chose to turn our back on tyranny and to return to the limited government principles that made this country the envy or the world. OR it will be remembered as the day that we let liberty and untold possibilities slip through our fingers, when we let the promise of freedom disappear into the crushing black abyss of history. WE can either make President Obama a lame duck, or we can watch as he and  the other two parts of the progressive trifecta Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi continue to destroy this great nation. 

The choice is yours

The Obama Administration knew in 2008 about long wait times and the inaccuracies in scheduling that are at the heart of the latest scandal to rock President Obama’s presidency. The Washington Post reported that top VA officials told the Obama transition team that wait times coming from VA facilities were suspicious and should not to be trusted. Documents obtained by the Times had VA officials saying “This is not only a data integrity issue in which [Veterans Health Administration] reports unreliable performance data; it affects quality of care by delaying — and potentially denying — deserving veterans timely care“. A VA inspector General who was on the 2008 transition team recommended that top officials the accuracy of reported wait times. The Inspector General said further action would be needed if these tests revealed “questionable differences” between the dates that appear on medical records and the dates entered into the VA scheduling system. 

I am shocked, President Obama after all is the man who campaigned in 2007 vowing to get homeless veterans off the street, and to improve veterans care. How could a scandal such as the one that has appeared in the Veterans Health Administration have taken place under such a compassionate and accomplished President? Simple, according to Jay Carney President Obama was simply completely oblivious to this problem he vowed to fix. He has paid no attention to the VA. What other conclusion are we to draw when Jay Carney tells us that President Obama only just learned of the fiasco that is the VA through reports from the MEDIA REPORTS!

Why is our President learning things through the media? Do they really expect us to believe that he had no clue what was going on. How can a man be President yet be completely unaware of what is going on in his Administration? Simple, either A. President Obama is grossly incompetent and has no business being in the White House, or B. He knew about this issue and decided not to worry about it and is now using Jay Carney to mop up his mess. The White House knew, the Obama Administration knew for five years, that is the entire length of his Presidency, that there was some funny business going on in the VA, and President Obama chose to ignore it. This is really par for the course, people are dying and President Obama is no where to be found.  It is sickening really.