The Obama Administration Can Only Lie About Benghazi

The title says it all. This week we found out that the Obama Administration deliberately lied about the Benghazi Terrorist attacks on September 11, 2012. The Obama Administration lied on September 12, and have been lying through their despicable teeth ever sense. Hoping against hope that our ignorant under evolved minds would quickly forget all about their leaving Four Americans to die, and then lying about it. Hoping that we would forget that the Commander and Chief choose to worry more about his floundering presidential campaign rather than doing his job.

Those of us with a sentient mind capable of intelligent thought knew that the Obama Administration’s story of “A you tube video, that no one saw, caused protests that turned violent,” was a complete and total farce. Now we finally have the documents tying The Obama Administration to the cover up of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack.

Documents acquired by the watch dog group known as Judicial Watch reveal that then Deputy Strategic Communication Advisor Ben Rhodes and other Senior White House officials to shield President Barack Obama from criticism over the Terrorist Attack that took place on the Anniversary of 9-11. The list of those involved in this cover up include top White House staffers such as Press Secretary Jay Carny, and political strategist David Plouffe. Some of these emails were circulated just one day before the disgraced former UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on television and began spewing this disgraceful administration’s poisonous lies.

One Of Rhode’s emails stated that the goal going forward “to underscore that these protests are rooted in [an] Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy”. Blame it on a video rather than the appalling failure that is President Obama’s foreign policy. Blame it on the liberties in the United States, rather than the Chamberlin-ism practiced by President Obama.

47 emails tell a tale that sums up President Obama’s failure of an Administration. Push your progressive agenda, and when it fails, as it always does, put the blame on someone else. The porkulus bill failed to “revitalize” the economy, this failure was not placed on the idiotic nature of Keynesian economics, but rather George W. Bush. The terrorist attack in Benghazi was not the fault of President Obama complete and total incompetence in any and all maters dealing with being President, of course not, that failure has to be placed on what progressive’s hate the most. That of course are the liberties protected by the Constitution.


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