California The Land Of The Fascists

The Miserable State of California has been the arm pit of American Society for many a year. Embracing the dysfunctional nature of the most putrid filth our nation can produce, aka actors and celebrities. They have long been obstructionists to any cause relating to individual liberty, unless of course we are discussing the murder of unborn children.

Now it is not as if the progressive usurpers have just waltzed in and taken control of this state by force. Progressives are viruses, they infest their hosts and slowly bring about its inevitable death. They promise the people of the country the world, promise that if they let them remain in power one more term things will get better. Of course any sentient being capable of even the most primitive intelligent thought know that all these progressives are doing is enslaving the population of the host state. 

Of course we all know that progressives are easily defeated.  Once revealed for the demons that they are, their defeat is inevitable. A simple review of history is all it takes to bring radical progressive to their knees. Every progressive state, be it Soviet Russia, or Nazi Germany attempts to rewrite the history of the world. Once again Fascism  has reared its ugly head, this time in the country that at one time represent man’s last best hope for freedom.

The latest assault on liberty has come from the Fascists in California, and stems from Common Core. The Rialto School District in California made news this week when it was discovered that they assigned an argumentative essay that required 8th graders to discuss the Holocaust and “whether or not you believe this was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.” I normally don’t condone fowl language on this blog, but WHAT THE HELL!!! When I first read this story, blood squirted from my eyes, but little did I know this outrageous abomination of a news story had yet to reach the darkest depths of human stupidity. 

To begin, if you believe that the Holocaust is a joke you are the most ignorant racists piece of trash to walk this earth. Unlike global warming, the Holocaust is a proven historical fact. A massive genocide brought about by blending the radical ramblings of the lunatic Karl Marx, with the Fabian Progressive ideology (the progressive movement in the United States), topping it off with the maniacal will of one of the most evil men to ever have walked this earth. My grandfather was one of the men charged with cleaning up the concentration camps. He spoke about everything he did in the war, but refused to speak about what he saw in those man made hells. Cleaning up those camps haunted him for the rest of his life, and drove him to drink. The consequences of cleaning out those atrocities that would ultimately take his life. The holocaust happened. 

This antisemitic assignment gave the students three sources to use to write their papers. One of these sources actually states that the gassing in the concentration camps were nothing more than a hoax, and that no evidence exists to prove that any of Jewish people were killed in the gas chambers. Who, in their right mind, would say “hey use this racists website run by fascists pigs to right your argumentative essay”?  We send our kids to school to learn about history. How are they going learn, when trash like this is presented as a reliable source to be used.  Another great quote from this website was, “With all this money at stake for Israel, it is easy to comprehend why this Holocaust hoax is so secretly guarded. In whatever way you can, please help shatter this profitable myth. It is time we stop sacrificing America’s welfare for the sake of Israel and spend our hard-earned dollars on Americans“. Complete and total trash. Reading this leaves me in a place I do not often find myself, at a loss for word. 

 One of the most heart wrenching parts about this story is that there was not one complaint about this assignment. No one saw this assignment and said, “this is wrong”. No one saw their kids trying to argue whether or not the holocaust happened, and said, “What the heck is wrong with you.” It was not until this story leaked to the press that people started to complain. That means that ether A, the parents are so oblivious to the child’s lives that they did not know, or B, they did know and they just did not care. 

Now of course the progressive Zealots out there will rally to defend this assignment, claiming that “Common Core Standards are designed to teach students critical thinking. This is just trying to make kids think about issues.”  Actually come to think of it, one of the Fascists sympathizers on Rialto’s school board, Mr. Joe Martinez, had this to say about this disgraceful assignment “One of the most important responsibilities for educators is to develop critical thinking skills in students. This will allow a person to come to their own conclusion. Current events are part of the basis for measuring IQ. The Middle East, Israel, Palestine and the Holocaust are on newscasts discussing current events. Teaching how to come to your own conclusion based on the facts, test your position, be able to articulate that position, then defend your belief with a lucid argument is essential to good citizenship. This thought process creates the foundation for a good education. The progression is within district board policy and also supports the district’s student inspired motto: ‘Today’s Scholars, Tomorrow’s Leaders.”  So you could discuss anything in current events, presidential elections, Benghazi, global warming, CAFE standards, EPA standards, but instead you choose to make kids defend whether or not one of the the greatest atrocity in human history was a hoax? Somehow these neo-Nazi swines see fit to defend this deplorable assignment in the interest of critical thinking. All this assignment does is open up people to question the validity of known historical facts like the Holocaust. Who else has been proclaiming the holocaust a hoax….. oh that is right the fascist in the middle east. 

Assignments like this explain so much about the crumbling of American values in progressive states. This is just one more example of why Common Core has to go. It is a breading ground for progressive bigotry, and cannot be allowed to stand. 


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