Harry Reid’s Continuing Assault On Democracy

The Soft Spoken Tyrant of The Senate, the man who shut down the United States Government for political spite, is continuing his assault on the foundations of our 200 year old republican government. It should come as no surprise that a man who said, “why would I want to do that?” about restoring funding for children’s cancer research, would be scheming on ways to undermine the system of checks and balances that has protected our liberties from the tyrannical nature of government. 

Last year the miserable Senator from Nevada, Mr. Reid, used his power as Senate Majority Leader to employ what is known as the “nuclear option” which silenced the minority, and allowed Democrats to ram through President Obama’s radical nominations. This decision was a massive reversal of decades of precedent in the Senate. Basically before Harry Reid decided to steam roll the democratic process, 60 votes were needed in order to advance political nomination through a procedural vote. Well, surprisingly the Democrats where able to figure out that there aren’t 60 Democrats in the Senate anymore (basic math always seems to befuddle progressives). 

So Harry Reid has obliterated the ability of the minority to serve as a watch dog, as a check on rampant abuses of power by the majority, but that is not enough for him. The Soft Spoken Tyrant wants to further destroy the democratic process. On Tuesday May 20th, Senator Harry Reid announced that he wants to further restrict the rights of the minority in the Senate.  Currently the minority party in the Senate still has the right to delay final votes by requiring the Senate to sit through blocks set up for debates. Senator Reid wants to shorten/remove these blocks. So Senator Harry Reid, a member of the progressive trinity, wants to shut down debates in the Senate. Vigorous Debate is the heart of democracy, and this progressive weasel wants to eviscerate it. 

It is no wonder that Senate is where the legislative process goes to die. Senator Harry Reid has no interest in the will of the people. He has no interest in allowing the democratic process to work as it was intended to. He wants no checks on the radical agenda perpetuated by President Obama and the rest of the progressive stains in D.C.. Senator Reid will not compromise, it is his way or the high way. Rather than accepting that his arrogance has contributed to his party losing its super majority status, and that he must now work with the GOP, Senator Reid would rather throw insults and point fingers. He would rather watch children suffer because of a lose of government funding, than even let a House bill come to the floor in the Senate. I didn’t say compromise, no, he would rather leave veterans our in the cold than let a bill that passed the House of Representatives be heard on the floor of the Senate. 

Nothing can change so long as Harry Reid has the power to shut down the government for political gain. The foundation of our republican government provides our liberties no more protection than dust in the wind, so long as Harry Reid has the power to eliminate the principle of checks and balances on a whim. We MUST liberate the Senate from the clutches of Harry Reid, or we risk losing our liberties to the dust bin of history. November of 2014 will be THE turning point in our nations history. It will be remembered as either the day we chose to turn our back on tyranny and to return to the limited government principles that made this country the envy or the world. OR it will be remembered as the day that we let liberty and untold possibilities slip through our fingers, when we let the promise of freedom disappear into the crushing black abyss of history. WE can either make President Obama a lame duck, or we can watch as he and  the other two parts of the progressive trifecta Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi continue to destroy this great nation. 

The choice is yours


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