What Makes A Safe City? Joe Garcia I think You Are Wrong

The newest name added to the Progressive Hall of Shame, Representative Joe Garcia, claimed that El Paso Texas proves that Communism works. That if everyone has a government job, then there will be no crime. In the previous post we highlighted how El  Paso is far from a communist state, and that the vast majority of people working in El Paso are working in the private sector. So just what is it that makes a city safe? What is so different from say El Paso and say Detroit? El Paso ranked as the 14th safest city in the country, Detroit ranked as the 2nd most dangerous, why?

What causes a person to become a criminal? Sure some people are just born with a wire lose in their head, but many more are normal people driven by desperation. With that in mind is becomes clear just why Detroit is far more dangerous of a place than El Paso. The unemployment rate in El Paso comes in at 7.9% of the labor force, where as the unemployment rate in Detroit comes in at 27.5% of the labor force. The unemployment rate is really a “funny” number in the modern age, and as such only tells part of the story. You see the unemployment rate is determined by how many people who are looking for work are employed, in other words it does not count the people who should be in the work force, but have given up looking for work.  To get the whole picture of the unemployment situation in a city, state, or country you must also examine the labor participation rate. The labor participation rate in El Paso is 60.9%, where as the labor participation rate in Detroit is 53.8%. So by looking at these two numbers, we can see that El Paso has a higher participation rate, than Detroit, and that it has a drastically lower unemployment rate. Detroit has 255,000 plus people who could be employed but aren’t, that’s almost half of the population. Situations like the one in Detroit are breading grounds for crime and villainy.

So how is it that Detroit has fallen so far? It was once the crown jewel of American Economic Power, now it is nothing more then a festering pit of pain and despair. A crumbling reminder of day gone by. Was Detroit run by limited government constitutionalists? Did small government ideology allow for businesses to run wild and destroy the city? I would find that hard to believe considering that Detroit has had a Democrat governor sense 1962. Democrats of course being well known for their love of limited… I mean intrusive government.  There was more at play than the political games that brought down Detroit. Ultimately Detroit was killed when its life blood left, and that of course was the Auto Industry. What I wonder drove the auto industry from its home? What it limited government ideology… no I believe it was the high cost of doing business. The United Auto Workers drove companies like GM and Chrysler into the ground, forcing them into bankruptcy. Now who I wonder does UAW support…. oh that is right the Democrat Party. The UAW ranks number 8 in the top campaign donors sense 1984, donating $41,923,428 to various political campaigns. A whooping 71% of that went to the Democrat Party.

So Democrats have controlled the political scene in Detroit sense 1962, and the progressive political action group known as the UAW has controlled the business scene in Detroit for about as long. I am staring to make some connections. El Paso, low un-employment, low crime, limited government. Detroit high un-employment, lots of crime, and progressive government. How many more times are we going to have to watch the implosion of progressive totalitarianism before people realize, that government cannot create prosperity.


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