Progressive Pigs Wallowing In The Tears of Shooting Victims

Our nation has once again been hit by tragedy, yet another community has to try and continue with a massive hole ripped in its soul. I am of course referring to the tragedy that took place in Santa Barbra California. Sadly there are vultures who see these horrible events not as the tragedies that they are, but rather as a way to promote an otherwise un-promotable agenda. They exploit the pain and suffering of the victims and their families, to generate outrage. They then try to use this outrage to convince people to make foolish choices out of fear. They want people to make a choice based on terror, rather than on logic and facts.
Unfortunately whenever there is a school shooting, the scum of humanity slinks out of the dark crevices of society, ready to push their radical agenda. This murder rampage in Santa Barbra is no different. A gun was used by someone who was mentally deranged, so now it is time to demand gun control. Don’t let the smoke clear, don’t allow people to gather facts, just demand that people act irrationally and do something foolish.
I am not a progressive thug. I do not believe in forcing people to act out of fear. I like to act based on facts. Yes facts, those pesky things that progressive invertebrates despise above even George W. Bush. So before we go about demanding people give up their constitutional right to own and bear arms, let us first examine the facts about the case. Let us ask a couple questions;
1: What actually happened?
2: Would typical progressive gun control ploys have been affective?
3: How could we actually prevent these tragedies?
So before we jump in and once again start to dismantle the progressive myth that “guns are bad, give up your liberty, and you will be safer,” let’s look at what happened. Elliot Rodger, the young man who committed the crime, was a 22 year old man. Rodger has been described as “severely mentally disturbed”. On Friday May 23, 2014 Rodger snapped and ended up killing six people and wounding several others.
So would gun control have prevented these deaths? Would gun control have actually prevented the murder rampage that took place on that tragic Friday? Once again I point you to the facts, they will tell the story far better than I can. It might seem cold but I would like to break the evening down into distinct events.
Event 1: He killed his first three victims in his apartment
Method of Assault: He stabbed these victims
Event 2: He killed two sorority girls at their sorority house, wounded a third.
Method of Assault: He shot these victims
Event 3: He killed a 20 Year old man at a restaurant.
Method of Assault: He shot this victim
Event 4: He struck two cyclist while attempting to elude police
Method of Assault: He hit these victims with his car.
Event 5: Police arrive to take Rodger into custody, finding him dead
Method of Assault: He shot himself in the head.
Would gun control have prevented these deaths? Three of the six victims were killed with a knife. How would moving for gun control have prevented their deaths? The plain and simple answer is that it wouldn’t. Elliot Rodgers would have stabbed these people whether or not he had access to a gun or not. If guns were illegal, Elliot Rodgers still would have killed these people.
Of course progressives do not always start with demanding firearm confiscation, they like to start with an intermediate step. They will say, “We don’t want to take your guns, no one is saying take your guns. What we are calling for are ‘common sense’ reforms”. One such reform is a gun registry system, where gun owners have to register their private property with the government. Would this have prevented the deaths of these poor souls? Well unfortunately no, seeing as the guns used in the crime were registered. Simply registering the guns did nothing.
So what is to be done? What failed? What lead us to this tragic state? How do we prevent this from happening again? Progressives have only one answer, they see every tragedy as an example of how we have too many rights in this nation. They believe that every problem that arises in this country is brought about by us having too many liberties. After all we are just unevolved Neanderthals compared to their greatness, how could we possibly be expected to survive with the countless rights granted to us by God. Their answer is always to take. A problem arises and they must use government force to take from us. A mass murder takes place and they have to take away our right to own and bear arms. We have to have gun control, they shout at over the echoes of the victims screams. Unfortunately gun control does not work. I have written about this subject so many times it has become mind numbing. To put it bluntly progressive implement gun control measures, and crime rates and murder rates continue to climb. This happens time and time again.
I can already hear the progressives retort, “you evil conservative tea bagger. What’s your solution then? Do nothing? We cannot just stand by and watch as our streets flow red with the blood of our children, just so you can hang out with your idiot redneck buddies.” These radical zealots cannot be reasoned with, they hate guns, and anyone who doesn’t hates kids. They want guns off the streets, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Regardless of whether or not this solves the problem. The Problem is that the progressive method of government force, and confiscation, does not actually deal with the cause of the problem. Banning guns, or implementing “common sense reforms” is tantamount to taking Nyquil to prevent the flu. Just banning the tool will not prevent the crime. If I ban bricks to prevent kids from smashing my windows, does that suddenly mean that my windows are safe? Of course not, they will just find some other way to break my window, like a rock for instance? So what do I do then? Do I ban rocks? Then do I have to ban baseballs? Where does it end?
Guns don’t kill people, it is an old cliché, but it is the truth. A gun is just a block of steal, plastic, and screws. All a firearm is, is a device designed to release and channel the energy released when gun powder is burned. A firearm is an inanimate object, devoid of emotion, and completely incapable of harming anyone. It is a tool, no different than a hammer, saw, knife, ax, bat, car, pencil, or spoon. But guns are scary, and an easy scape goat for people refusing to see the world as it truly is. The gun did not shoot those girls, and that man. The knife did not stab his roommates. The car did not hit those cyclists. Elliot Rodger did. A deranged man, who lost his connection to humanity, did all these horrible things. The Knife, the Car, and the gun were just the tools he used to act out his hatred.
The answer to preventing these horrible acts does not lie in banning guns, or limiting access to them. The answer is something that the government cannot do. The solution does not lie in regulation and control. The only solution depends on us restoring the rotting foundations of the American Culture. This man showed countless signs of mental instability. He posted videos on the internet detailing how he felt nothing but loneliness. He felt rejected by the women. He even wrote a 141 page manifesto talking about humanity forcing his hands, and how he would eventually have to kill his house mates.
In his manifesto he claimed women where the ultimate evil in human sexuality. He wanted to put them in concentration camps and starve them to death. He planned to kill people by luring them into his apartment and then sneaking into a sorority house and killing all of them. He also planned on killing his step mom and little brother. He also described how he filled the void in his life with violent video games. Tell me, is any of this hatred, this insanity going to be cured by banning guns? Even if gun control worked, would the evil festering in this poor soul be purged? These are the words of a man who is going to do evil, whether or not he has a gun. He will find a way.
Banning guns is not going to somehow make this young man suddenly find fulfillment in his life. Banning guns is not going to keep him from thinking that society is against him. We as a people need to start taking care of one another again. Looking out for each other. We need to once again live in communities. There were warning signs about this disaster, and everyone was too busy worrying about what Kim Kardashian is doing, or their own personal vanity to be even have noticed. There are messed up people out there, but we have to look out for them, and help them. It is the duty of the rich to enrich society, and those of us blessed with happy lives are rich. It is our duty to help those less fortunate then us. We failed in this case.
The unfortunate thing is that public opinion will never be swayed into helping the mentally disturbed. There will never be a large outcry to help mentally ill people, because the greedy progressive trash that operate the main stream media. The spineless narcissist in D.C. who see these tragedies as a way to advance their radical agenda. When a tragedy like this occurs, these progressives swine don’t ask “what drove him to this” their first thought is “Get out the gun control banner, we get to try again”. They descend upon the grief stricken lands like a plaque, forcing them to relive the disaster. They demand for new regulations, while exploiting images of sobbing parents. It is sickening. They blame the NRA, conservatives, the TEA Party, Republicans. They call anyone who questions gun control monsters. They call the 2nd amendment insanity. All the while ignoring the fact that their past attempts at gun control failed to cure the nation’s ills. They do not care about those families, all they care about is advancing their fascists agenda.
We can prevent these mass killings, but we cannot do it through government force. We must come together as a community, and look out for one another. To help one another. To reach out to those who are alone. We have to stop thinking that nice suits and fancy cars are what we need to find happiness. We must stop this idea that everyone is just out to have sex any chance they can. This young man lamented being a virgin at 22, I am 24 and still a virgin. There is nothing wrong with that. But for some reason society has decided that having sex is somehow a sign that you are cool. Without fixing our cultural rot in this country, we can never hope to stop these violent acts.
Look at it this way. Say the nation is a car, and violent acts are a cracked head gasket causing the car to burn oil. The crack causes a loss of performance, and a horrible smoke making the car an eyesore that everyone avoids. These progressive urchins are those cheap mechanics who smile and say, “Yup I can fix her for yea.” They charge you 500 dollars, and merely add another quart of oil to the motor. Gun control is the quart of oil fix. Yeah you can survive with the loss of power, and the smoking engine, but you still have to deal with the consequences. You are still that eye sore, that thing that everyone mocks and avoids. You still have to live with the disgrace of driving a rundown jalopy. The only way to fix smoke is to take off the head, and replace the gasket. It is the harder fix. It will require you to sacrifice, time and money, but at the end of the day you have solved the problem. You not only stopped smoking and burning oil, but people aren’t ashamed to ride in your car again. So the choice is yours, you can either side with the hack job mechanics, who are feeding off the misery and grief of those who lost someone in this night of violence. Or you can decide that enough is enough and actually try to find a real solution, and help to restore the culture in this nation.

You choose.


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