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Things got tense on the View the other day, when Whoopi Goldberg revealed the bitterness in her heart that she has towards white people. While on the View Will Cain, the host of Real News on The Blaze, was reminded by Whoopi Goldberg that he was a white man. The issue of racism was brought up when the conversation shifted towards Russell Brand’s highly controversial statement that a Fox News Host was more dangerous  than radical terrorist group ISIS.

Cain began the discussion by saying, “I think it’s part of this whole trend we have now. We elevate words to the most harmful thing in society,” Cain said. “How dare you say something that could offend somebody? How dare you say something that hurts my feelings? Why have we gone to this place where words are the worst thing?”” A valid question.

Well Ms. Goldberg could not resist the opportunity to remind us just how horrible of a nation we live in, how rotten to the core it is, “Let me tell you why. America has… a history of utilizing words to harm people and hurt people, and the people who have been on the other side of it I think are at the point where they’re saying, this is not OK anymore” She has apparently forgotten that we also have a history of spilling our blood to protect people, to save people, to help people.

While watching the video, I wanted to shout at her, “Sticks and Stone may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. Well Mr. Cain when on to do just that.  He said, “you have to be bigger than words, that is the whole point”. That is true you have to rise above the word, the word only holds the meaning that you let it hold.

Well Ms. Goldberg, predictably could not let it go at that, she went on to tell Mr. Cain that it was perfectly acceptable for someone to be upset about the name of the Washington Red Skins, or demand that people stop using a word because they do not like it. Cain responded in the best way imaginable, he said, “We’ll all be out of business, we’ll all stop talking. Everybody’s offended all the time, from the Fighting Irish to the Redskins. Everyone’s offended”. That is true, it seems like everything you do in this modern age is offensive to someone. I should also point out that the audience applauded Mr. Cain at this point.

Ms. Goldberg, then decided to soil her hands and reach down into the depths of bigotry, and responded “That is spoken like a true white guy.”

Mr. Cain responded in the simplest of fashion, “maybe, that’s what I am.”

This exchange shows so much of what is wrong in this country. Our children are being taught to find outrage around every corner, that they should be offended every time someone opens their mouth. I am sorry, but this concept that words are the most hateful thing just burns me up. Words only carry the meaning you let them. When I was younger, 4th grade through 8th, I was a smaller child. I was scrawny and shorter than many of my class mates. I was not very athletic, and an easy target. I was on the receiving end of a lot of bullying. I was called mean and hurtful names, and I was physically beaten.  Having been on the receiving end of both physical and verbal abuse, I can tell you that “stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I would much rather be called an idiot, moron, baby, loser, dork, dweeb, honkey what have you. Come up with a name, I’d love to hear it. I can get over being called a name. You just shrug it off and move on with your life, do not let it rent space in your head. However, a bruise, cuts, broken bones those things serve as a reminder of what that punk did. Hard to shrug off a broken leg, or the stiches in your arm.

Words seem to hold power, fiery speeches can excite the heart, fuel the soul, and bring about great changes in the world. Why then do I say we put too much emphases on words? If a fiery speech can bring about good, shouldn’t we then assume that a hateful on should bring about pain? The words themselves hold within them no power, no strength, they are incapable of anything. It is the meaning we associate with them. They only hold the power that we give them. When I entered into high school I learned that I do not really care what these punks have to say. I had more important things to worry about. Now that is not to say that I ignored them, I always responded, but my responses changed. I no longer let their words hurt me, I no longer tried to throw them back into their face, I simply responded with “God Bless you”, and went on with my life. These people who try to pull me down, clearly need more help that I can give them. Sinking to their level does not some how elevate me above them. Once a conversation or a debate devolves into pointless name calling, there is nothing more to be had. End it with “God Bless you” and move on with your life.

Actions speak louder than words ever could. Simply gurgling out strange sounds from your mouth does nothing to change the world. They cannot physically move someone to do something, or stop doing something. However, the actions of the person who says the words can. Standing by what you say, standing up for what you believe in, can bring about change. Simply saying, “it is okay for people to be upset about racism”, means nothing, if you then go ahead and behave in a racist manor yourself.

Think about it this way. Picture an average suburb in the Midwest of the United States. You are driving down the street of a neighborhood on your weigh to drop off your son at his friends house. You see an elderly lady trying to get the groceries our of her car. She is struggling to get them out. You think to yourself, I feel sorry for that woman.  Now tell me which of the following scenarios sends a bigger message, which one goes the greater distance in making a difference in the elderly ladies life?

a.) You look at your son and say, “someone should really help her. It is horrible that no one is helping her with her groceries” and then you drive on by and drop your son off at his friends.

b.) You pull over, and help the lady with the groceries. Get back in the car and drop off your son.

Which scenario teachers your son how to be a better man? Which scenario actually goes about helping that elderly lady? Scenario A does nothing to help her. Sure you said kind words, and expressed sympathy, but she is still forced to struggle with the heavy bags. You might as well have said, “look at that old bat, she can’t even lift a bag of groceries”.  The end result is no different. Your son learns the same lesson, you see someone in trouble you just drive on by, and that poor elderly lady still has to do the groceries by herself. My father took the second option, and I take the second option. I watched my father countless times extend a hand out to people whenever he could. I saw that physically helping people brought smiles to their face.

In the above scenarios you see the two options available to us. Option a person who voices their outrage about a situation, and appears to get angry about the lack of support for another human beings plight. Yet, despite the anger they are expressing towards “other people” for not helping, they turn about and do nothing themselves. They don’t want the world to think bad of them, so they say what is right. However they want someone else to solve the problem. They are different. Option B the person takes action and makes a difference. Unfortunately Ms. Goldberg and so many people now choose option A. They choose to be outraged by issues of race, but reserve the right to be racists themselves. They choose the right to be angry about issues of racial inequality, but choose to do nothing about it.  She made valid arguments, people are offended by words, they do have the right to be offended. However when push came to shove, when it came time to stand up, she said, “spoken like a true white man” and just drove by that elderly lady trying to put away her groceries.

Ms. Goldberg could have said anything in response to Mr. Cain, but she chose to use race, why, all it did was invalidate her arguments. She could have said, “That is true, how do you think we could solve this problem”, or “perhaps that should be a sign to society that we need to start rethinking our behavior.”  She could have gone anywhere with that conversation, heck she simply could have said, “God Bless you Mr. Cain”. She could have been an example, she could have shown us that there are better ways to deal with racial issues than simply jumping down into the muck yourself.

Racism is racism no mater where it comes from. Racism cannot be used as an argument to disprove racism. Most importantly racism should never be used as a weapon against people. AKA how the progressives tried to use false accusations of racism to discredit the TEA Party.  Words are pudding in the air, bits of fluff harmless to us. Actions define us, and change the world. Ms. Goldberg apparently needs to learn to understand that. I pray for her.

President Obama has a new puppet to send out in front of the press and spew his radical filth. He has wasted no time  breaking this new propaganda merchant in. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest openly dismissed the looming threat of a constitutional show down between the House of Representatives and the scandal ridden President. House Republicans are preparing to file a lawsuit against President Obama for his complete disregard for the three EQUAL branches of government, persistent abuses of power, and blatant disregard for the LAW. It is no secret that President Obama thinks that he has the power to create law from the Executive branch, that he can just will legislation into being. He truly thinks that he is all powerful, and the congress is just something there to keep his dimwitted subjects content.

When asked about the possible lawsuit Josh Earnest replied  “I’m not sure than an announcement that Republicans are preparing a taxpayer funded lawsuit against the President for doing his job is going to be very warmly received by the American public”.  The American People would be upset if they were paying for a lawsuit against President Obama for doing his job, the problem with this statement is that it does not apply to President Obama. President Obama is being sued because he is breaking the law. The President of the United States is not a king, he is not a dictator, and he is not in control of the government. He represents one of three separate and EQUAL branches. The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the laws of the nation. He does not get to make laws. He does not get to decide what is illegal, and he does not get to choose which laws he enforces. You see congress passes laws, and once they are signed into law by the President he has no further say in the matter. He has to enforce them.  President Obama though has been ruling this country outside the rule of law. He has illegally altered Obamacare, so as not to damage him politically. He has attempted to dictate when congress was or was not in session. He has chosen to ignore any immigration law.

President Obama is being sued because HE IS BREAKING THE LAW! End of story.

I was sitting on the couch this morning, watching Game of Thrones and I made a horrible conclusion. For those of you who watch the show, or have read the books, what follows will make some sense. If you haven’t followed the series, there might be some spoilers in this for you.

In the story, there are the seven kingdoms of Westeros, all of which lie to the south of the Wall. The wall is a massive 700 foot tall barrier of ice designed to protect the lands to the south from what lies to the north, Wildlings, Giants, and worst of all White Walkers (also called the others in the books). The Wall is manned by the once prestigious order known as The Nights Watch. The Nights Watch is an army of men who swore to take no wife, father no children, and take no lands. At the time of the story the Nights Watch has fallen on hard times, and seen its numbers diminish to just 800 men. They cannot properly defend the Wall. The people to the south of the wall are subject to wildling raiding parties.

I was thinking about the overwhelmed Nights Watch, and suddenly I realized that there is a real world equivalent, the United States Border Patrol.

You see in the story wildlings march on the wall, hundreds of thousands of men marched to take the Wall and escape to the south. They were fleeing to the south to escape the coming winter, and the White Walkers. This is not much different than what we are seeing on our southern border. People fleeing the poverty, corruption, and lawlessness in Mexico to come to the land of opportunity and freedom. The problem is though while some come in peace, others come to exploit. Like the raiders in the story, some cross the border to do harm. To transport drugs, weapons, and people from one country to the next. These are the people who our Nights Watch find themselves unable to deal with because they are under funded, under staffed, and unlike the story they don’t have a Wall to aid them. So while our brave men and women of the border patrol struggle to stem the flow of people illegally entering the country, a larger threat begins to loom. The Wall in the story was not built to keep the wildlings out, although that was an added benefit. The Wall was built to protect the land from the threat of White Walkers, humanoid monsters from the north. These creatures come in the winter and destroy all in their path. White Walkers had not been seen in the series for 8,000 years. So the true purpose of the wall was forgotten. We have forgotten that the point of a secure border is not to keep people out, as progressives would have you believe. People who support the idea of border security do not hate the people trying to come to this country. We do not hate Mexicans. Border Security is not about keeping immigrants out, but rather controlling what comes into our country. Our borders are a joke, and could be easily crossed by anyone wishing to do harm to this nation. What is to stop a terrorist from bringing a dirty bomb into this country a crossed our southern border?
The wildling invasion was only halted by the arrival of Stannis Baratheon and his army. The out numbered Nights Watch had no hope of staving off the assault indefinitely. Our border guard has no hope to stop the illegal flow of people into our country, unless we act. We will be powerless to stop a greater threat from crossing our borders unless we end this madness. Unless we do something to bring order back to the chaos that President Barack Obama has intentionally created. The anarchy that he has fostered in order to promote his radical agenda must be dealt with, his exploitation of minorities in this country must end, or we will be powerless when true danger comes.

Comprehensive immigration reform is a fancy way of saying “amnesty”, and nothing more. Of course progressives will tell you that it is about being fair, and fixing a broken system. It is nothing of the sort. They do not want to fix the broken system, they want to perpetuate it. Progressives cannot survive in a world where you are free to make your own choices in life. They cannot sustain themselves in a country that is not torn apart down racial and class lines. Progressives cannot perpetuate their existence unless they can exploit the fears of the poor and of minorities. The complete and total chaos that currently rules to the south plays out in their favor. They want more people to come to this country illegally. They want as many people to race a crossed the border as possible before they finally ram amnesty down our throats. We cannot find jobs for the people who are already here, how are millions of newly created citizens going to find work? How are they going to survive? How are they going to provide for their families? The answer is simple, the progressives will make them slaves to the government, dependent upon their generosity for survival. They want to create a permanent underclass, so as to ensure their continued hold on power.
The answer to the crisis on the border, is not President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi giving amnesty to everyone who has violated our laws and entered this country illegally. Sorry that was a bit long winded let me rephrase that comprehensive immigration reform. The answer does not lie in passing legislation to “secure the border”. There are already laws on the books to secure the border, a fence that President Obama ensured was never built. It is already illegal to hire someone who is not in this country legally. We do not need more laws. You can pass all the laws you want to. You can demand that 100,000 men be stationed on the border at all times, but it will not make a difference. So long as President Barack Obama is in office, there will be no true solution to the crisis on the border. His weak handed leadership has helped to fuel the fire that is burning to the south. President Obama refuses to enforce the laws of this nation. He and his army of progressive zealots openly mock and ridicule anyone who criticizes his embarrassing performance on the border. Any solution to the crisis on the border must start with ENFORCING CURRENT UNITED STATES LAW. Unfortunately President Obama rules this nation outside the rule of law, choosing instead to rule as a dictator exempt from the law.

There are three simple things that must happen in order to end the crisis on the border

1.) Start enforcing current United States immigration law.
2.) Secure the border,
3.) Simplify the legal immigration process so as more people can come into this country legally.

Before you can even begin to deal with the issue of the millions of people here in this country illegally, you have to deal with the fiasco that President Obama and his band of progressive buffoons have created on the border.  The promise of Amnesty is like a flash light in the dark, beaconing people drawing them in. Any push to solve our nations illegal immigration problem, that does not start with enforcing our laws, and securing our border is nothing more than a political game designed to garner support from minority voters.  Quite frankly progressive racism is sickening, they exploit the hopes and fears of the Hispanic population in this country to force them to vote for them. Rather than trying to solve the problem for the benefit of the nation, they pray on the fears of minorities to keep them as loyal servants.  I honestly do not know how progressives live with themselves.

So I am going to take a step back from the political world for a bit to rant about something that has really been bugging me lately. A new pet peeve has crept into my life. An annoying itch in the center of my back safety tucked away far from threat of scratching. This new annoyance is the sudden obsession over soccer. I do not understand soccer, I do not like soccer, I am not entertained by watching soccer. I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I just do not understand the love affair with the game. We live in a civilized country, I thought we have moved beyond the sport of communists and dictators.

I can already see the smoke bellowing from millions of soccer fans ears now that I have said that. I know there are soccer zealots out there that are foaming at the mouth, how dare I disrespect their beloved game. It is the greatest game in the world, this punk has no clue what he is talking about. I would like to kindly ask these loyal soccer fans to move off the burner, cool down, and allow me to explain my loathing of the sport of soccer.

 The first of many reasons that I loath soccer, has to do with the response from soccer enthusiasts when they find out that someone does not like soccer. As soon as you have revealed onto this loyal soccer fan, that you do not share their interest in the sport, they enter into a state of shock. Their mind cannot process this concept that someone actually doesn’t like soccer. Once their brain reboots, their typical first response is something along the lines of “soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Way more people watch it than they do football.” This opening salvo in what should have been a dead end conversation, fuels my disinterest in the sport. 

Lets break the statement down into two parts. The first segment implies that somehow, because soccer is the most popular  sport in the world somehow I am obligated to like it. I really do not care that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, just because hundreds of millions of people are sucked into watching sweaty men run around a grass field kicking a ball, does not make kicking a ball around a grass field interesting.  Millions of people still smoke Tabaco, despite knowing that it is a deadly habit. Just because the majority of the world chooses to do something, does not automatically make it the best way to do something, the most efficient, or the most interesting. By no means does it obligate me to agree with it.

Then there is the football argument. It seems like no conversation about someone’s disinterest in soccer is complete without attacking the sport of Football. For whatever reason, soccer fans seem to think that because Europe, Latin America, and the rest of the soccer playing world does not watch Football, somehow that lends soccer creditability. Now I am not a die hard football fan, I don’t wait for the first kick off of the season, I don’t own closets full of jerseys, but I do watch it. I am not going to argue that it is the more interesting sport, because that would be a distraction from the main issue here. I will however argue that the reason we watch football in America is due to our being a more civilized nation.

Look at the countries where soccer is the dominate sport. Look at their society. They are either living in a 3rd world country, in a socialist country, or under the iron fist of a dictator.  Spain for example suffers from the socialist blight, and as a result has unemployment rate is well over 20%, How are kids going to play football, if their parents cannot afford the appropriate gear, if they cannot afford to keep food on the table? Would you like to pack up and move to Gahna? How could we expect people in old eastern block countries to be interested in football, when it is a quint essential American game. The soviets were no fans of the US, so of course the culture grew up in the dark about football. Grew up to hate football, as everything American was considered evil.  What about someone living in the United Kingdom, they have socialized medicine. Now there is this perception that football is a much more dangerous sport than soccer. Imagine how hesitant someone would be to start playing a sport, where they think they will be subjected to countless life threating injuries, in a country where there are week long waiting lists to see a doctor.  Now I am not saying that these are horrible countries, or that we should avoid them.  But I am saying that their love of soccer could not be because it is such a great game. Their love of soccer could have evolved from stimuli that are a result of their living in an uncivilized part of the world.

Another contributing factor to the foul taste that soccer puts in my mouth is that I feel as though it is being forced on us be hipsters and yuppies who want to be more sophisticated, more like Europeans. I hate this idea that somehow the Europeans are leaps and bounds more sophisticated than anyone living here in the states. That somehow their culture is soupier to ours. I am constantly brought back to the thought that our ancestors left Europe because we wanted to get away from backwards tyrants and thugs. Why then should we try to emulate a culture that we so desperately tried to distance ourselves from. I am tired of being punished because of the backwards ways of the Europeans. The Europeans thought that doctors working for themselves, and competing amongst each other was just too complicated, so they nationalized their healthcare industry. Leading to poorer quality care, rationing, and long wait times. If you doubt me, why do people come from these socialist countries to the United States for medical care? The Europeans nationalized healthcare, and suddenly we have to. So because the European’s have government controlled healthcare, we had to have it too. Thank you Europe for the gift of Obamacare. Tyrants of Europe fear losing their power, so to protect their control of their subjects lives, they made them victims. The governments of Europe disarmed their population, a decision that as the UK shows us only led to higher crime rates. The European governments were allowed to take away their subjects firearms, so now hipsters and yuppies think that the US government should disarm its citizens.  Our cars have to be smaller, because the Europeans have poorly designed streets. Our cars have to be shaped in such a way as to meet the EU’s standards. Standards developed to protect pedestrians when they are struck by a car. So because Europeans are incapable of walking down the street without jumping in front of a car, we are punished with cookie cutter jelly beans. I do not like Europeans cars, I don’t want to drive one. I feel like what has happened to the car, is going to happen to our sports culture. Perhaps the complications that they suffer from when walking a crossed the street, explains why a sport as simple as soccer is so popular over there. They lack the necessary hand eye coordination to play any sport more complicated soccer.

I don’t like that soccer is being pitched as the safe alternative to football. For whatever reason, progressives have decided that it is time to bring the NFL down. The hipsters and do gooders are out warning of the dangers of football, pushing players to sue the league, and parents not to let their kids play. Their latest talking point is that concussions are on the rise, doing untold damage to the young people of this country. They attack football, where you where a helmet, but leave soccer all alone. They go after football, but ignore soccer a sport where you cannot use your hands the head becomes a viable alternative. Soccer encourages you to use your head, to move the ball down the feel. Rather than catching the ball with your hands, like an intelligent person would, soccer encourages you to act like a Neanderthal and head but it. I would assume that it would not require us to reassign the guys at NASA to figure out that this could easily lead to head to head contact. If I recall you don’t wear a helmet in soccer. In fact the statistics tell the story quit well, you are just as likely to suffer a concussion playing soccer as you are in football. 13% of all injuries in both sports are concussion related. The fact that football is deemed the anti-Christ because of the potential for concussions, but soccer gets a free pass ticks me off. All of this hoopla about protecting players is not about the players health, but bringing down a massive American Icon.

The biggest reason that I loath soccer though, has little to do with it being the sport of dictators and communists, or the mind numbing affect watching people swarming a little ball for over an hour. I cannot stand soccer because of the fans. They are just about the most rude, egotistical, obnoxious, and violent group of people you could ever fear to run into. They are almost as bad as progressives (these sub cultures to over lap). In Spain they have to have armed guards and barbed wire to separate the fans to ensure they do not riot. For the world cup this year hundreds of thousands of people were displaced from their homes in order to make way for the stadium. I mean sure football fans have been known to get drunk, and occasionally burn a couch but armed guards and barbed wire are not a standard site. Of course this could have to do with the fact that football is played in a civilized country.

The arrogance of soccer fans brings my blood to a boil. I am a NASCAR fan, I enjoy watching the race. I realize that to someone who is not really into cars, they don’t understand all the work it takes to make that car go around that track. I respect that many people do not care about NASCAR, so when I ask “did you see that race last night” and they answer “I don’t watch NASCAR” I don’t snap at them “NASCAR is the most popular spectator sport in the world”. I don’t go on about the intricacies of the sport. I don’t talk about how there are road courses, which have right and left turns. I don’t inform them about how many drivers feel that the long oval courses are harder to drive than the road courses. I accept that my sport is not popular with everyone, I do not try to push it on people. I just cannot stand how soccer fans jump down your neck if you do not like the sport.

In short, I do not like soccer. It is a sport favored by communists and dictators. I cannot get interested in watching a group of men chasing around after a ball on a field. I can find better things to do with my time, like watching paint dry, counting the birds in the trees, or nailing my hand to my deck. I live in civilized country thus there are better sports for me to watch than soccer.

rant done

Yes I am happy to report that young Justina Pelletier has finally been reunited with her family. Justina Pelletier was kidnapped 16 months ago by Boston Children’s Medical Hospital. In case you are unfamiliar with this case, I will give you a quick recap. Justina had been diagnosed with mitochondrial dieses by the experts Tuff Medical Center. Their treatment plan kept her condition well in check. Following a bad case of the flu her parents took her to Boston Children’s after to see a gastrointestinal specialists . The doctors at Boston’s Children decided that the experts at Tuff were incorrect, and that Justina actually had a psychological disorder known as Somataform Disorder. They recommended changing Justina’s treatments. Her parents objected, and Boston Children’s Hospital claimed child abuse and kidnapped the child.  Justina was held hostage by these progressive hugs  for 16 long months.

A juvenile court has finally ordered that the Massachusetts Children and Family return the kidnapped child to her family. After 16 long months, this young girl can finally return to the loving arms of her father and mother. After 16 long months this government sanctioned kidnapping has come to an end. I wish Justina and the Pelletier family the best of luck moving forward.

This is the future that progressives envision for the rest of us. Giving the government the right to take children from healthy happy homes, because they disagree on what is best for their child. If I was a parent, there is no way that I could justify taking my child to Massachusetts. This is a great example of progressive tyranny run wild.

Eric Cantor, a Republican Representative from Virginia was defeated last night in his primary for re-election, by the TEA Party candidate David Brat. The second it came out that the TEA Party candidate had won the bigots in the progressive movement began trying to spin this story into one of racial hatred and doom. A true conservative candidate is kryptonite to a progressive, and must be cut down as quickly as possible. Especially in a year like 2014 where the frequent abuses of power by progressives such as President Barack Obama, are going to cost many progressive’s their seats in the House and Senate. Basically while the smoke still billowed from the ashes of Cantor’s political career the progressives zealots set out to use his defeat to open up a racial fissure, and further divide this nation.

Many “pundits” and “experts” are out bemoaning how this primary spells the end for Amnesty… I mean immigration reform. Sorry I forgot that we aren’t allowed to call it Amnesty until its passed. They sight it as proof positive that TEA Party Republicans hate Mexicans, and refuse to work on reforming a broken immigration system. Cantor after all was a vocal supporter of amnes… comprehensive immigration reform. His defeat can only signal that TEA Party conservatives hate Hispanics.

Unfortunately this is a progressive fable, spun to try to make diamonds out of pixie dust. 72% of the people who voted in Tuesday’s primary said that they support immigration reform. The immigration reform that they would support involve;
              1.) Securing the Boarder
              2.) Blocking Employers from hiring illegals
              3.) Allow illegal immigrants without criminal records/backgrounds a way to seek citizenship. 
It would appear as though real immigration reform looks like something that people would support in Cantor’s district. So an Establishment Republican get defeated in a primary by the TEA Party, and progressives come out of the wood work trying to blame his loss on his support for amnesty. The facts don’t support the tale.  

The question now is why did this children’s story get started I wonder, and why are progressives sticking with it? I’d have to say the answer boils down to cheap barbarian style politics. The kind that uncivilized people, such as progressives, use to divide a nation, rather than unite one. They create false charges of racism, and hope that they stick. They pray to the George Soros and Karl Marx’s Ghost that these claims of racism stick, so that they can manipulate the people into servitude.

Take Mrs. Hillary Clinton for example. Mrs. Clinton is the Democrat front runner for President in 2016, and is carefully playing her cards. She came out today Wednesday June 12, 2014 and said that Eric Cantor, and I quote “was defeated by a candidate who basically ran against immigrants.” Now Mrs. Clinton is no stranger to ignoring facts before and creating her own, so this comes as no shock. We know that immigration reform was not an issue. Well REAL immigration reform was not an issue. So why bring it up? Like with Benghazi, she was hoping to get in front of the issue. Start spinning a narrative, that it was racism in the TEA Party that led to this defeat.  It helps rally minorities to her side, and helps to perpetuate the flat out LIE that the TEA Party is filled with a bunch of racist bigots. More importantly however, she is hoping that it helps to turn the conversations in this upcoming election cycle away from Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, the VA, and President Obama releasing terrorist back into the field. She is hoping that this will mask the failure of the progressive foreign agenda. She has hopes to be President some day, she still needs the Democrat Party. She still wants  people to hate conservatives. She still needs the nation to remain bitterly divided down racial and social lines. This lie helps meet that end.

This plan would work, if it were not for the greatest liberating force in the world, the internet. People are connected now in ways that tyrants cannot possibly comprehend. Information travels too fast now for them to keep the truth buried for long. We know that the main stream media, AKA the propaganda wing for the Democrat Party, will not hold her accountable for this lie. The only way the truth gets out is through us, spreading it like wild fire. So Mrs. Clinton in the end, what difference did it make?

Eric Cantor was not ousted because he supported immigration reform. If anything he was ousted because he did not support immigration reform. Cantor supported Progressive plan of promising boarder security, but only after granting amnesty… then forgetting about the whole securing the boarder thing. Amnesty is not reform, it is a beacon for more illegal immigration. Amnesty is the progressives way to keep the Hispanic population in this country inline. Eric Cantor lost his primary because he turned his back on the American People.  He turned his back on the conservative base of the GOP, the base that the TEA Party represents.  

The lesson here is not that the TEA Party is racists, but that progressives are out of touch with their constituents. They are not doing what their employers tell them to do. Providing a less then satisfactory performance, the employers have decided to let the employee go.  


President Obama’s new spokesman Josh Earnest was out getting a work out spreading the word about President Obama’s criminal agenda. This time he was addressing how President Obama was looking to act outside the rule of law to restrict your rights to own a firearm. Earnest said, “The president’s goal is to look for opportunities to act administratively, unilaterally using his executive authority to try to make our communities safer. We’re always looking for those opportunities. But none of those opportunities when they present themselves is going to be an acceptable substitute for robust legislative action.” I love how progressives always think the solution to any problem is another law. The problem clearly is that you are too stupid, and have too much freedom. President Obama does not have the authority to limit our 2nd Amendment rights. That would require an amendment to the constitution. So any action he would be taking would be outside the rule of law.

Honestly I have to say I just “love” how easily President Obama flips the bird to the laws of this nation. How easily the arrogance necessary to perpetuate this myth that he somehow has the authority to alter federal law from the White house, comes to him. It truly is amazing.

Earnest also had this to say. “The question I think really facing lawmakers right now is what common sense steps can Democrats and Republicans take to reduce the likelihood of gun violence. And there are some, and they have unfortunately been bottled up in Congress and that is a disappointment to the president. But that’s not going to stop the president from continuing to push for administrative steps that we can take to help reduce gun violence”. Once you hear the phrase “common sense steps” whatever comes next is pointless. Common Sense Steps is progressive lingo for, government regulation and control.  Once they start pushing for “common sense reforms” they already have a list of demands, and are firing up the propaganda machine to blast conservatives for hating children and bathing in a pool of orphan’s tears.

Besides the obvious issue of President Obama’s criminal actions, there is the issue that his administration continually perpetuates this idea that there is a legislative solution to this problem. They believe that the American People are dim witted sheep, and that if they keep harping on this idea of restricting liberty for safety, eventually they will cave and welcome be dominated. The “common sense reforms” they are seeking aren’t anything new. They are concepts that have been tried in the past, and have been documented to fail. They want to close the “gun show loophole” the loophole that doesn’t actually exist, but they want to close it anyways. Registering firearms, background checks, and of course a ban on the sale of scary looking semi-automatic firearms. The problem is that these ideas have been tried, and they have failed.

Now Progressives have officially checked out, they are prepping their, “you hate children, your wrong, guns are evil” arguments. That is because, unfortunately they would rather ban guns, lets not beat around the bush that is their end goal, than solve the problem. Guns are not the problem. A gun did not cause that shooting in Oregon. A gun is a chunk of steal and plastic, a device designed to harness the energy released by the combustion of gun powered, to propel a projectile out of the barrel. It is incapable of committing mass shootings. No amount of criminal actions, or progressive ignorance and bigotry can change that simple fact. A gun is an inanimate object, no different than a car, propane tank, knife, chair, or pressure cooker. Banning firearms is not going to prevent murders, because the gun does not cause the murder, end of story. Murders are perpetrated by people. The solution does not lie in disarming the people of this country, but rather by dealing with the crumbling society that is producing these murders. 

Our culture is crumbling, and all progressives can say is “ban something else”. Rome is on fire, and the want to legislate wine consumption. If we do not address the social issues that are pushing these people over the edge, past the brink of insanity, they will find ways to act on their impulses. No amount of legislation can solve this problem. No mater what progressives tell you, you cannot legislate morality. We as a society are the only people with the power to fix this problem.  President Obama illegally regulating firearms is a political stunt to please his progressive base. Common Sense firearm legislation is a nice trick to allow for progressive to continue to exploit the symptoms of our crumbling culture. 

You have two choices. If you like the give a mouse a cookie approach, support President Obama and his criminal actions. But if you want to actually address the structural issues causing these problems join me and working on creating a culture that cares for its members. A society that supports one another. A community that acts out of compassion. The first option is one of force and oppression, the second option is one of individual liberty and responsibility. The choice is yours.  Personally I am choosing individual liberty and responsibility. What’s yours.

TEA Party candidate David Brat defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the primary for the 7th precinct in Virginia. David Brat is a college professor that has never held political office before, and his win tonight should serve as a lesson for the thick headed members of the GOP Establishment.

Why should establishment Republicans take note about Brat’s Victory tonight? Lets look at the facts surrounding this election. Eric Cantor was the House Majority Leader, a well established Representative and a member of the GOP. David Brat was a college professor who has never held political office. So A political unknown going up against someone with the full furry of the GOP Establishment behind them. In March Brat had just $40,000 in his campaign, Cantor had a $2,000,000 war chest. By the most recent campaign finance reports Brat’s campaign has managed to raise just over $200,000 dollars. The American Chemistry Council alone contributed $300,000 to Cantors Campaign. Finally, the media predicted that Brat would be a bust, and fall short of defeating Cantor.
So why should the GOP Establishment take note of Brat’s Victory, what can be learned from the Brat’s victory?
1. A true conservative candidate resonates far better with voters, than a progressive in disguise.
2. The GOP’s base is fed up with the spineless “leadership” displayed by weak willed Establishment GOP leaders.
These lessons are painfully obvious to anyone with a brain. Eric Cantor’s record of caving to political demands from the White House has put a fowl taste in the mouths of the conservative base. They have shown him to be at best a moderate whose vote is for sale to the highest bidder, at worst a progressive exploiting conservatives to maintain power. Like it or not there is one single fact that cannot be ignored, if you are a member of the GOP you depend upon limited government TEA Party conservatives to win elections. They make up the base of the party, and thus the foundation of any electoral win.
Now of course progressive pundits, will come out of the wood work and try to down play Brat’s win, saying things like “primaries don’t tell you much. Republican primary voters are not Republicans.” Meaning basically, just because he was ousted tonight, does not mean that Cantor’s defeat showed an over change in the GOP. Unfortunately these are the same people who said, “Romney is the only guy who can win the moderates. He is the only guy who can defeat President Obama.” It is true that primary elections do not necessarily represent the entirety of the voting public. However, they do represent the view points of those who are actively engaged, and these people are the ones who campaign for you, and push for you. These people are the political base. Trying to win elections without your base is like trying to build the Empire State Building without a foundation. It doesn’t matter if you win the “independents”, there are not enough independents to make up for your opponents base. Romney won the independents in 2012, but somehow Barack Obama is still President. Cantor won reelection in 2012 by 220,000 votes in the general election, he lost tonight in a primary by 36,000 votes. Cantor was defeated tonight by a margin 16% the size of the what he won by in 2012 in the general election. Think about the scope of the 2012 election vs. the scope of this primary. Lower turn out for primaries, only GOP members voting, and Brat was still able to pull off a 36,000 vote victory. The conservative base, the key for GOP victory, spoke very clearly tonight.
The biggest lesson that can be taken away from this is that if the GOP wants to win elections, if we the American People don’t want to see Hilary Clinton as the next President of The United States, the News Media cannot be allowed to pick the GOP’s Candidates. We were told the Mitt Romney was the only one who could win in 2012. The media praised him as the moderates that could win the independents. Progressive pundits told us that TEA Party types could not hope to win against Barack Obama, they could not win the independents. Romney won the independents, and lost the election. For some reason the GOP Establishment types, like Eric Cantor, choose to ignore the lesson from the massive CONSERVATIVE TEA PARTY victory in 2010, that allowed the GOP to retake the House, and choose in stead to listen to people like Bob Beckel. Well the media said that Brat could not win, he would be a bust and fall short. They choose who they wanted, the nice progressive sock puppet Eric Cantor. They were outstandingly wrong. If we want to prevent eight more devastating years, we cannot let the media and progressive pundits force moderate/progressive swine’s down our throat. This primary shows that they are horrible at pick candidates for us.
Cantor had everything going for him, power, rank, backing of the Establishment GOP, and money. He was an incumbent with power in the House, and yet all of this failed to protect him from the will of the people. All the power in the world cannot protect a progressive from the wrath of a populous when a TRUE conservative runs against them. Cantor’s loyalty to big government and his progressive ways cost him dearly. I pray now that John Beohner’s in the GOP don’t throw a fit, and “punish” Virginian voters for daring to oust one of their own. The only way the GOP could derail their victory is to either run a bunch of moderates as instructed by the democrat party and failing to fund TEA Party supported candidates.

Congratulations David Brat, Establishment GOP take note.