Eric Cantor Defeated In Primary

TEA Party candidate David Brat defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the primary for the 7th precinct in Virginia. David Brat is a college professor that has never held political office before, and his win tonight should serve as a lesson for the thick headed members of the GOP Establishment.

Why should establishment Republicans take note about Brat’s Victory tonight? Lets look at the facts surrounding this election. Eric Cantor was the House Majority Leader, a well established Representative and a member of the GOP. David Brat was a college professor who has never held political office. So A political unknown going up against someone with the full furry of the GOP Establishment behind them. In March Brat had just $40,000 in his campaign, Cantor had a $2,000,000 war chest. By the most recent campaign finance reports Brat’s campaign has managed to raise just over $200,000 dollars. The American Chemistry Council alone contributed $300,000 to Cantors Campaign. Finally, the media predicted that Brat would be a bust, and fall short of defeating Cantor.
So why should the GOP Establishment take note of Brat’s Victory, what can be learned from the Brat’s victory?
1. A true conservative candidate resonates far better with voters, than a progressive in disguise.
2. The GOP’s base is fed up with the spineless “leadership” displayed by weak willed Establishment GOP leaders.
These lessons are painfully obvious to anyone with a brain. Eric Cantor’s record of caving to political demands from the White House has put a fowl taste in the mouths of the conservative base. They have shown him to be at best a moderate whose vote is for sale to the highest bidder, at worst a progressive exploiting conservatives to maintain power. Like it or not there is one single fact that cannot be ignored, if you are a member of the GOP you depend upon limited government TEA Party conservatives to win elections. They make up the base of the party, and thus the foundation of any electoral win.
Now of course progressive pundits, will come out of the wood work and try to down play Brat’s win, saying things like “primaries don’t tell you much. Republican primary voters are not Republicans.” Meaning basically, just because he was ousted tonight, does not mean that Cantor’s defeat showed an over change in the GOP. Unfortunately these are the same people who said, “Romney is the only guy who can win the moderates. He is the only guy who can defeat President Obama.” It is true that primary elections do not necessarily represent the entirety of the voting public. However, they do represent the view points of those who are actively engaged, and these people are the ones who campaign for you, and push for you. These people are the political base. Trying to win elections without your base is like trying to build the Empire State Building without a foundation. It doesn’t matter if you win the “independents”, there are not enough independents to make up for your opponents base. Romney won the independents in 2012, but somehow Barack Obama is still President. Cantor won reelection in 2012 by 220,000 votes in the general election, he lost tonight in a primary by 36,000 votes. Cantor was defeated tonight by a margin 16% the size of the what he won by in 2012 in the general election. Think about the scope of the 2012 election vs. the scope of this primary. Lower turn out for primaries, only GOP members voting, and Brat was still able to pull off a 36,000 vote victory. The conservative base, the key for GOP victory, spoke very clearly tonight.
The biggest lesson that can be taken away from this is that if the GOP wants to win elections, if we the American People don’t want to see Hilary Clinton as the next President of The United States, the News Media cannot be allowed to pick the GOP’s Candidates. We were told the Mitt Romney was the only one who could win in 2012. The media praised him as the moderates that could win the independents. Progressive pundits told us that TEA Party types could not hope to win against Barack Obama, they could not win the independents. Romney won the independents, and lost the election. For some reason the GOP Establishment types, like Eric Cantor, choose to ignore the lesson from the massive CONSERVATIVE TEA PARTY victory in 2010, that allowed the GOP to retake the House, and choose in stead to listen to people like Bob Beckel. Well the media said that Brat could not win, he would be a bust and fall short. They choose who they wanted, the nice progressive sock puppet Eric Cantor. They were outstandingly wrong. If we want to prevent eight more devastating years, we cannot let the media and progressive pundits force moderate/progressive swine’s down our throat. This primary shows that they are horrible at pick candidates for us.
Cantor had everything going for him, power, rank, backing of the Establishment GOP, and money. He was an incumbent with power in the House, and yet all of this failed to protect him from the will of the people. All the power in the world cannot protect a progressive from the wrath of a populous when a TRUE conservative runs against them. Cantor’s loyalty to big government and his progressive ways cost him dearly. I pray now that John Beohner’s in the GOP don’t throw a fit, and “punish” Virginian voters for daring to oust one of their own. The only way the GOP could derail their victory is to either run a bunch of moderates as instructed by the democrat party and failing to fund TEA Party supported candidates.

Congratulations David Brat, Establishment GOP take note.


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