The Eric Cantor Immigration Myth

Eric Cantor, a Republican Representative from Virginia was defeated last night in his primary for re-election, by the TEA Party candidate David Brat. The second it came out that the TEA Party candidate had won the bigots in the progressive movement began trying to spin this story into one of racial hatred and doom. A true conservative candidate is kryptonite to a progressive, and must be cut down as quickly as possible. Especially in a year like 2014 where the frequent abuses of power by progressives such as President Barack Obama, are going to cost many progressive’s their seats in the House and Senate. Basically while the smoke still billowed from the ashes of Cantor’s political career the progressives zealots set out to use his defeat to open up a racial fissure, and further divide this nation.

Many “pundits” and “experts” are out bemoaning how this primary spells the end for Amnesty… I mean immigration reform. Sorry I forgot that we aren’t allowed to call it Amnesty until its passed. They sight it as proof positive that TEA Party Republicans hate Mexicans, and refuse to work on reforming a broken immigration system. Cantor after all was a vocal supporter of amnes… comprehensive immigration reform. His defeat can only signal that TEA Party conservatives hate Hispanics.

Unfortunately this is a progressive fable, spun to try to make diamonds out of pixie dust. 72% of the people who voted in Tuesday’s primary said that they support immigration reform. The immigration reform that they would support involve;
              1.) Securing the Boarder
              2.) Blocking Employers from hiring illegals
              3.) Allow illegal immigrants without criminal records/backgrounds a way to seek citizenship. 
It would appear as though real immigration reform looks like something that people would support in Cantor’s district. So an Establishment Republican get defeated in a primary by the TEA Party, and progressives come out of the wood work trying to blame his loss on his support for amnesty. The facts don’t support the tale.  

The question now is why did this children’s story get started I wonder, and why are progressives sticking with it? I’d have to say the answer boils down to cheap barbarian style politics. The kind that uncivilized people, such as progressives, use to divide a nation, rather than unite one. They create false charges of racism, and hope that they stick. They pray to the George Soros and Karl Marx’s Ghost that these claims of racism stick, so that they can manipulate the people into servitude.

Take Mrs. Hillary Clinton for example. Mrs. Clinton is the Democrat front runner for President in 2016, and is carefully playing her cards. She came out today Wednesday June 12, 2014 and said that Eric Cantor, and I quote “was defeated by a candidate who basically ran against immigrants.” Now Mrs. Clinton is no stranger to ignoring facts before and creating her own, so this comes as no shock. We know that immigration reform was not an issue. Well REAL immigration reform was not an issue. So why bring it up? Like with Benghazi, she was hoping to get in front of the issue. Start spinning a narrative, that it was racism in the TEA Party that led to this defeat.  It helps rally minorities to her side, and helps to perpetuate the flat out LIE that the TEA Party is filled with a bunch of racist bigots. More importantly however, she is hoping that it helps to turn the conversations in this upcoming election cycle away from Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, the VA, and President Obama releasing terrorist back into the field. She is hoping that this will mask the failure of the progressive foreign agenda. She has hopes to be President some day, she still needs the Democrat Party. She still wants  people to hate conservatives. She still needs the nation to remain bitterly divided down racial and social lines. This lie helps meet that end.

This plan would work, if it were not for the greatest liberating force in the world, the internet. People are connected now in ways that tyrants cannot possibly comprehend. Information travels too fast now for them to keep the truth buried for long. We know that the main stream media, AKA the propaganda wing for the Democrat Party, will not hold her accountable for this lie. The only way the truth gets out is through us, spreading it like wild fire. So Mrs. Clinton in the end, what difference did it make?

Eric Cantor was not ousted because he supported immigration reform. If anything he was ousted because he did not support immigration reform. Cantor supported Progressive plan of promising boarder security, but only after granting amnesty… then forgetting about the whole securing the boarder thing. Amnesty is not reform, it is a beacon for more illegal immigration. Amnesty is the progressives way to keep the Hispanic population in this country inline. Eric Cantor lost his primary because he turned his back on the American People.  He turned his back on the conservative base of the GOP, the base that the TEA Party represents.  

The lesson here is not that the TEA Party is racists, but that progressives are out of touch with their constituents. They are not doing what their employers tell them to do. Providing a less then satisfactory performance, the employers have decided to let the employee go.  


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