Kidnapped Child Returned To Family

Yes I am happy to report that young Justina Pelletier has finally been reunited with her family. Justina Pelletier was kidnapped 16 months ago by Boston Children’s Medical Hospital. In case you are unfamiliar with this case, I will give you a quick recap. Justina had been diagnosed with mitochondrial dieses by the experts Tuff Medical Center. Their treatment plan kept her condition well in check. Following a bad case of the flu her parents took her to Boston Children’s after to see a gastrointestinal specialists . The doctors at Boston’s Children decided that the experts at Tuff were incorrect, and that Justina actually had a psychological disorder known as Somataform Disorder. They recommended changing Justina’s treatments. Her parents objected, and Boston Children’s Hospital claimed child abuse and kidnapped the child.  Justina was held hostage by these progressive hugs  for 16 long months.

A juvenile court has finally ordered that the Massachusetts Children and Family return the kidnapped child to her family. After 16 long months, this young girl can finally return to the loving arms of her father and mother. After 16 long months this government sanctioned kidnapping has come to an end. I wish Justina and the Pelletier family the best of luck moving forward.

This is the future that progressives envision for the rest of us. Giving the government the right to take children from healthy happy homes, because they disagree on what is best for their child. If I was a parent, there is no way that I could justify taking my child to Massachusetts. This is a great example of progressive tyranny run wild.

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