President Obama’s New Puppet Wastes No Time Growing his Nose

President Obama has a new puppet to send out in front of the press and spew his radical filth. He has wasted no time  breaking this new propaganda merchant in. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest openly dismissed the looming threat of a constitutional show down between the House of Representatives and the scandal ridden President. House Republicans are preparing to file a lawsuit against President Obama for his complete disregard for the three EQUAL branches of government, persistent abuses of power, and blatant disregard for the LAW. It is no secret that President Obama thinks that he has the power to create law from the Executive branch, that he can just will legislation into being. He truly thinks that he is all powerful, and the congress is just something there to keep his dimwitted subjects content.

When asked about the possible lawsuit Josh Earnest replied  “I’m not sure than an announcement that Republicans are preparing a taxpayer funded lawsuit against the President for doing his job is going to be very warmly received by the American public”.  The American People would be upset if they were paying for a lawsuit against President Obama for doing his job, the problem with this statement is that it does not apply to President Obama. President Obama is being sued because he is breaking the law. The President of the United States is not a king, he is not a dictator, and he is not in control of the government. He represents one of three separate and EQUAL branches. The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the laws of the nation. He does not get to make laws. He does not get to decide what is illegal, and he does not get to choose which laws he enforces. You see congress passes laws, and once they are signed into law by the President he has no further say in the matter. He has to enforce them.  President Obama though has been ruling this country outside the rule of law. He has illegally altered Obamacare, so as not to damage him politically. He has attempted to dictate when congress was or was not in session. He has chosen to ignore any immigration law.

President Obama is being sued because HE IS BREAKING THE LAW! End of story.

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