Hobby Lobby A Victory For Liberty

Monday June 30th, 2014 the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled that Obamacare cannot be used to force companies to provide coverage for types of birth control that may lead to abortions, if it violates their religious beliefs.
The case was brought by Hobby Lobby, a family owned company based in Oklahoma. The Green Family, which owns Hobby Lobby, agreed to cover 16 of the 20 birth control methods mandated by Obamacare. However the last four carry with them the risk of abortion and go against the family’ religious views. Hobby Lobby argued that Obamacare’s birth control mandate violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993. The RFRA says that the government cannot place burdens on the exercise of freedom of religion.
With this latest defeat, you can imagine how the progressives are reacting. President Obama of course sent out the new puppet Josh Earnest (he is racking up the miles quick). Earnest said, “We will work with Congress to make sure any women affect by this decision are not denied access to contraceptive services.” That is a laughable concept, the Obama Administration working with congress. President Obama will not work with congress unless congress bows before his feet and gives him exactly what he wants. Any legislation that does not meet his precise demands will be killed by The Soften Spoken Tyrant of the Senate Harry Reid.
Then of course there is the question why does President Obama want to work with congress in the first place? Let’s just say that the spineless wimps in the Establishment GOP manage to push through a limitation of your first amendment right fix, and Harry Reid actually allows it to see the light of day (it’s a change to Obamacare though…. Last time one of those came up Harry Reid shut down the government), it does not matter. President Obama has been running this country outside the rule of law for over five years now. He has given campaign contributors illegal Obamacare waivers, illegally delayed the employer mandate, hell he even tried to determine when congress was in session. Why would he try to limit our first amendment rights with the help of congress? He’s got a pen and a phone. He could just do what he wants. He does not want to reverse this decision, he does not want to find a way around it. He wants to do what progressive filth always wants to do, and that is exploit those affected by this decision. He knows he is going to lose the Senate in 2014, he has to do something to limit the blow. So he is going to use this issue to continue the progressive’s exploitation of women. “Vote for democrats or the republicans are going to keep you bare foot and in the kitchen”, “Republicans hate women”, “TEA Party members support rape” I can see the blogosphere lighting up now. All of those claims are of course lies, but progressive zealots do not care about the truth, all they care about is keeping the people of this country subservient to them.
Then of course there is my favorite line of the day, again it comes from Josh Earnest. Earnest said, “There is a problem being exposed that a group of women of an indeterminate size no longer have access to free contraception because of religious views, not their own religious views, but their boss’s religious views. We disagree and the constitutional lawyer in the oval office disagrees.” Well first off President Obama needs to fire his constitutional lawyer, because he clearly is incompetent. Second, this statement is a lie, Hobby Lobby is still providing for 16 of the 20 (80%) of the mandated birth control methods mandated by Obamacare. The ruling only affects four that Hobby Lobby feels violates their religious beliefs because they could lead to abortions. Third, and this is really the more important point, there is no law saying that Women have to work for Hobby Lobby.
It is the third concept that just burns me up. Progressives thrive on division and hatred. Thus when their hold on power is being threatened, they have to exploit everything they can. It just so happens that this time they are using a Supreme Court ruling to exploit women. They are trying to make it sound as though because of this Supreme Court ruling, suddenly every woman everywhere is being denied access to birth control. As we know progressives think that women are just sex crazed fiends whose only care in the world is being able to have as much sex as they want. Thus progressives like President Obama think that they can exploit this ruling to exploit the obvious fear that women will have form this ruling.
This announcement from the Obama White House, that this Supreme Court Ruling somehow limits a woman’s access to birth control, is an insult to women. Basically President Obama has just announced t to the world that he thinks that women are dumb ignorant creatures who are incapable of taking care of themselves. Not only is President Obama saying that women are morons, he is also banking on them being dimwitted enough not to see his sexists beliefs through his smile and smoke.
What does this ruling actually do? This ruling was not a defeat for women’s rights activists, it was a victory for liberty. The ruling simply states that the federal government cannot use Obamacare to force someone to purchase something that violates their religious beliefs. It does not outlaw the use of these birth control methods, it does not limit access to them. All it does is protect a person’s right to freedom of religion.
Now of course the progressive zealots are going to be typing away like mad, “it is not fair, these women deserve access to this care!” This is where their true colors show. This is why I said that President Obama and the rest of his progressive hoard think that women are morons. This ruling did not outlaw or restrict the sale of the four birth control methods that Hobby Lobby was against. This ruling did not make it illegal for other companies to offer these birth control methods. So basically President Obama and his progressive propagandist are saying that women are not smart enough to think for themselves. They are saying that women are not smart enough to stop working for Hobby Lobby and get a job with an employer that does offer it.
It is interesting to note that this ruling could lead ultimately to more birth control methods being provided by employers. If suddenly it becomes apparent that qualified employees want access to more birth control, employers will start offering these options in the benefit packages in order to get the highest quality employees. Hobby Lobby might soon find itself in a situation where they are losing too many employees because of their benefits package that they have to change it in order to remain competitive.
Of course this version of events, while having been shown to work countless times in history, is not considered to be practical by progressives. It does not utilize massive government oversight and exert totalitarian federal control on the masses. Not only does it allow for freedom of choice, it is completely useless as a campaign tool. How can progressives hope to exploit the fears of women, if the free market solves the “crisis” without their help? They can’t, thus they cannot allow for it to happen. They have to drum up fear, cause riots in the street, and of course blame everything on either the TEA Party, George W. Bush, or the GOP. The whole time they treat women like mindless pawns in their game of political domination. The way President Obama force women to dance like puppets is sickening, and I personally won’t stand for it anymore. 2014 is our last chance to shut these bigots down.


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