A Threat To Liberty That Cannot Stand

President Obama was out campaigning on Tuesday July 1st. He is in a panic, he remembers what happened in 2010 when he rammed Obamacare down our throats. He knew what happened when the nation faced the threat of his radical agenda. Now he is facing a nation living with the consequences of his radical policies. He is doing everything he can in order to prevent conservatives from taking control of the Senate, an action which would result in him becoming a lame duck. His legislative agenda would no longer be in a comatose state, it will have flat lined. So rather than attempt to act like an adult, professional, decent human being and actually compromise and work with congress, President Obama has decided to go out and rant and rave like a lunatic. He decided that rather than unite the country, he would rather further divide the nation, by insulting the people whom we sent to represent us to Washington DC. The People whom we felt best represented our values and beliefs.
President Obama said, “Middle-class families can’t wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff. So sue me. As long as they’re doing nothing, I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something” The problem Mr. President is that it is not the GOP that is doing nothing. The GOP passes a bill, it then as to go to the Senate where they vote on it. If it passes it goes to you to be signed into law. Now The GOP has been passing legislation. They passed legislation to prevent the government shut down, they passed legislation to prevent the tax hike you demanded at the start of 2013. Yet, despite the House of Representatives acting, those things still happened, why is that? The answer is simple, none of those bills ever saw the light of day in the Senate. Our republic is being strangled by the iron fisted grip of the Tyrant of the Senate, the Despicable Senator from Nevada Mr. Harry Reid. Unless the bill is exactly what the democrats demand, Harry Reid ensures that it does not see the light of day.
So tell me Mr. President, why on God’s green Earth would the House of Representatives act? Why should they go through the effort to pass legislation just to see it shot down in the Senate? Why should they try to pass legislation, just for you to somehow turn it into Republicans eat dead puppies, and shake babies?
Then there is the issue of, it does not matter what they pass, any stipulations they place into the bill. Even if they voted on a bill, even if that bill passed the House. Even if by the grace of God Harry Reid was in a drunken stupor (unlikely), and allowed a bill passed by the House to be debated on the Senate Floor. Then with the stars aligning in the proper order with the planets, and the bill somehow passes the Senate, thus sending it to your desk. Then you put aside your partisan arrogance and ignorance, and sign it into law, they still lose. It does not matter what limitations or protections put into the bill that ensure that money will not be wasted. Nothing that the GOP puts into a bill that would foster support amongst their constituents, will mater. President Obama has shown himself to have a complete and total disregard for the law.
President Obama’s childish antics and reckless partisan politics are nothing new. His arrogance has polarized a nation. The real news from this clip, the sentence that sent a chill down my spine consisted of three little words, only seven letters. President Obama revealed more of his radical beliefs in those three syllables than anyone could possibly imagine. The sentence that made my blood run cold, was President Obama’s defiant “so sue me!”
Now many are asking why these three simple words send up the alarms in my head that they do. In that sentence President Obama openly mocked the House of Representative’s law suit against President Obama for his blatant and deliberate abuse of executive power. President Obama spat in the face of the legislative body of the United States, one of the three equal branches of the Federal Government. He showed the world that he is going to do whatever he wants, when he wants it. He showed to us that he does not fear the congress or the judicial system. He took a major leap towards being a dictator. When a chief executive no longer fears the Legislative and Judicial branches, when he no longer respects their authority, or rights, he has just taken a dangerous step. I cannot stress to you enough that Liberty is in the balance. President Obama has no respect for the rule of law, he spits on congress, and laughs at the looming threat of the judicial branch. What is to stop him from eviscerating our rights?
President Obama is a radical. President Obama is a radical that has been pushed into a corner. He knows that he and the rest of his progressive comrades stand upon the brink of extinction. They are fighting for their vary survival. If they are defeated now, it will take them decades to recover and once again attempt to dominate our lives. He is like a frightened animal, backed up against a wall, predators ready to make the kill. The trapped animal is not going to employ the subtle tactics it uses it avoid detection, it is do or die. The animal will lash out with everything it has, without regard to long term survivability. President Obama is dangerous, and a threat to the security of this nation.
I am officially joining the growing group of people who are demanding his impeachment and removal from office. I urge you to contact your Representative and request them to do the same. Our nation is at stake. I beg of you, do not stand silent. Demand that this Tyrant be held responsible for his crimes. President Obama is unfit to lead this nation. His criminal Presidency must come to an end. Impeachment and removal from office is the only method left to end this madness.

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