Harry Reid’s Bigoted Rant

As we all know by now, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the government cannot use Obamacare to force someone to purchase birth control methods that violate their personal beliefs. It has also been well documented that the progressive left is “outraged” that the Supreme Court would dare to undermine Obamacare. No sooner had the ruling been announced, and the progressives sent out their attack dogs to begin spreading fear and doubt. The ink was not yet dry on the paper, and these fear mongers were telling women how they were soon to be unable to afford birth control, that the GOP was going to strip them of every liberty imaginable. One of these attack dogs is the despicable senator from Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader, the soft spoken tyrant himself Mr. Harry Reid.
Senator Reid is willing to go to any length to win political victories. He does not care who he hurts, so long as the progressive ideology is advanced. Remember he is the man who shut down the government because he refused to compromise on Obamacare. Remember he is the man who refused to restore funding to children’s cancer research saying, “Why would I want to do that”. So it should come as no surprise that this heartless monster, this fear merchant, would have some outrageous statement to make on this issue.
Harry Reid had to make a bold statement, one that would drive women to the polls out of fear. So Senator Reid said, “The one thing we are going to do during this work period, sooner rather than later, is to ensure that women’s lives are not determined by virtue of five white men”. So apparently Senator Reid decided if I am going to try and scare women into voting for more progressives, I might as well try and turn this into a racism issue as well. Not only are evil men trying to exert complete control over women, but it was evil white men. Those evil white men putting themselves above all the women, and minorities. It is like Harry Reid is trying to make this the biggest scandal of the century. Let’s see if we can drum up outrage from women, terrify minority voters, I am surprised he did not accuse the TEA Party of threatening to make it illegal for women to have shoes.
You see as with every time Senator Reid opens his ignorant mouth, this statement is nothing more than progressive political filth. This phrase shows just how twisted Harry Reid’s mind is. The ruling was issued by five Supreme Court Justices. Does their gender affect their ability to read, does their gender affect their ability to comprehend the law? Does the race of the justices somehow limit their ability to comprehend the law? Apparently Senator Reid does not believe in equality among men. Apparently Senator Reid believes that you can judge a person by race and gender. It is also clear that Senator Reid lets his bigotry blind him, as Clarence Tomas is not a white man.
These blatant acts of bigotry are just another reason why Senator Reid’s tyranny in the Senate must come to an end. How can we expect the Senate to function when one so filled with hatred controls it?


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