The War On Women

The progressive movement is waging an unrelenting war on women. Their latest salvo was fired from Virginian Democrat Mike Dickinson. Mr. Dickinson decided that he would degrade a poor young woman. He offered a $100,000 reward for pictures of a poor young girl naked.
The girl in question is young Kendal Jones, a 19 year old cheerleader from Texas. A young woman whose only “crime” was going big game hunting in Africa and letting the sexists pigs in the progressive movement find out about it.
Mr. Dickinson tweeted out two messages set to destroy the honor of Ms. Jones.
The first read, “I have 100k to anyone who has nude photos or videos of
#Kendalljones at Texas tech. She deserves to be a target”
The second read, “Does #KendallJones use vegetables as sex toys? Does she enjoy
being spanked? We want to know.”
I thought progressives loved women, and stood up for women. I guess progressives only care about women when it is politically expedient for them. I guess progressives see women only as sex craved nymphomaniacs who only care about having wild care free sex. Any time a woman dares to have an original thought, or step out of this limited, and appalling role, progressives destroy her. It is sickening how poorly leftist swine treat women.

The progressive war on women, rages on. We must show them that their attempts to subjugate women into mindless minions will not be tolerated here in a civilized country. They must be punished and returned to the outskirts of society where they belong. There is no place for pigs like Mr. Dickinson in a civilized nation.


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