Harry Reid’s Questionable Mental State

The Tyrant of the Senate has held his seat sense November of 1986, after 28 years in the filth that is Washington I think his mind is beginning to crack. Senator Reid went in front of God and Country and said, “The border is secure. [Sen.] Martin Heinrich talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state senator. He said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure” I ask you how can anyone with a sound mind think that the United States border is secure? How can a border be secure when thousands upon thousands of people are just strolling on in through it? The southern border of the United States is as imposing a barrier as a child’s sand castle on the beach.

I honestly think that after 28 years Senator Reid’s mind has completely flown the coup. He has so lost his moral standards that he is capable of believing any lie necessary to sustain this fairytale world that he lives in.

Ask yourself this, if the border is actually secure, how is it possible that we have a illegal immigration crisis? If the border is so secure how is it possible that all these children have gotten through? How have mere children gotten through a border “secured” by the most powerful country in the world? Are these Latin American children all in possession of elite special forces training, or is Harry Reid lying? More importantly, is Harry Reid lying, or his he delusional.

Either way, Harry Reid is clearly unfit for office.


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