Finally Someone Stands

Finally someone in this country stands up and is willing to do what President Obama flat out refuses to. Rick Perry governor of Texas has decided that if President Obama is unwilling to do anything to secure our nation, the he will. Governor Perry has called up the Texas National Guard and is sending 1000 soldiers to the nation’s southern border.  These men are going to aid the understaffed and overwhelmed Boarder Patrol in the fight to stem the tide of illegal immigrants coming a crossed our border.

It is sad really that a governor of a State is more willing to defend this country than our own President. President Obama does not care about the crisis on the border. He is more then happy to hear these horror stories about children living in squalor, because he knows he can exploit their misery to perpetuate his ideology. Where we see pictures of children, he sees cattle. Where we see deplorable living conditions, he sees a campaign slogan. Where we see suffering, he sees a chance to attack republicans. It is sickening really. President Obama will do nothing to close the border. All he will do in regards to this crisis, is demand amnesty.  He is willing to exploit these children to do it.

Rick Perry is being a part of a solution, rather than a talking head trying to feed on the problem. We need more men of action like him. People who look to solve problems not exploit them. People who are not willing to exploit human suffering just so as they can create a permanent subservient underclass.


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