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There was a post made recently by The Weekly Sift titled “Not a Tea Party, A Confederate Party”, a post that was sadly featured in the Freshly Pressed section of this site. I tried to comment on the post, but for some reason posting has been disabled. It appears as that the author is unwilling to hear, or allow debate on his outrageous statement. The commenting was disabled, so I was unable to express my views on the subject. However, I cannot allow such despicable lies to go unaddressed.

The Premise of the article is one that we have all heard progressives spew before. That the Tea Party is filled with a bunch of racists. That simply because they oppose the radical actions taken by President Obama and the Democrat controlled congress, they are just like confederates. That the entire conservative movement is just about maintaining white supremacy. I have heard all of this slanderous filth before, and I have addressed it.  Something  I have not often addressed is how The Weekly Sift ended its disgraceful article.

The Weekly Sift’s article ended with something we have often heard progressive zealots accuse the TEA Party of, and that is misinterpreting history. This articles claim is that conservatives are simply trying to keep minorities from voting and losing their power, and are in fact nothing like the Boston Tea Party.  Well Sir, you ignorance about the modern day TEA Party is frightening.

The modern day TEA Party was formed in a response to the radical actions being taken by President Obama, a Democrat Majority in the House, and a Democrat Super Majority in the Senate. The massive new spending brought about by these radical progressives made the average American nervous. We knew that all of the money that would be required to fund this spending has to come from somewhere. That somewhere was our wallets. The modern TEA Party does not take its name from throwing tea into the Boston Harbor. Instead TEA is actually an acronym, that stands for Taxed Enough Already. The TEA Party was created to protest the coming tax hikes and rapidly growing federal government.

I was at the 9/12 TEA Party, the first tax day TEA Party, and at the 8/28 restoring honor rally. There was no racism, no hatred towards President Obama because of his race. There was no desire to squash the minorities of this country. There was a desire to restore the rule of law, and prevent an ever growing federal government. Any attempt to say otherwise is an out and out lie.

The conservative movement is not some evil gathering of rich white elitist, sipping on wine, and kicking under privileged children. The conservative movement is about restoring the RULE OF LAW, something that progressives like our President have been ignoring. The conservative movement believes in personal liberty and a limited government. It is not conservatives who constantly go out and tell the world that minorities are so inept that they cannot survive without the governments help. It is not conservatives that pray on their fears to get elected. Conservatives are not racists just because they don’t think that minorities have to have the government control their lives. 

Our views are not far off from the Founders, Madison wrote in Federalist 45, “the powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.” A limited federal government is what the United States was supposed to have. Not this overreaching monstrosity that we have today. Peacefully protesting an overreaching government does not make the TEA Party the modern day confederacy.

This article written by the Weekly Sift is nothing more than a desperate attempt by a radical progressive to try and limit the desolation that 2014 will bring to the progressive movement.   It is a disgusting attempt to discredit the common man. The TEA Party is not the modern day confederacy. It is a group of common citizens who our disgusted with the abuse of power in the federal government. 
The federal government violating bankruptcy law in the GM and Chrysler Bail out to protect the UAW at the expense of retires
The IRS Targeting Political Opposition Groups
Fast and Furious sending guns to drug cartels
The NSA spying on American Citizens
The Obamacare Disaster
President Obama abandoning the US Border
Are just a few reasons for average citizens to worry about the ever growing power of the federal government.  Being worried about government power does not make you a racists, it makes you sentient.
It think the Weekly Sift thought that conservatives would just lay down and let him beat on us. I think the message was made clear when they appeared and stood up to his bullying and hate mongering. Maybe that is why he disabled comments.

I will remind you that President Wilson was one of the fathers of the progressive movement, and he desegregated the military prior to WWI. So who are the racists, conservatives which seek to limit government power in order to preserve personal liberty, or progressives who think that minorities are too incompetent to exist by themselves?