Demons Dance

Civilization stands upon the break, barbarism lurks in the coming veil. Demons have been set free, and are ravaging the land. They move unchecked like a ravenous swarm, leaving not but fear and devastation in their wake.  Darkness is coming. A darkness dominates the horizon, a darkness that will extinguish all hope for mankind. A darkness that man has not faced for thousands of years. The light of liberty fueled by reason and faith, has long been a beacon of hope to the suffering masses of the world. The beacon of salvation is threatened, and if it is lost, the blessings its light brought will be forfeit to the ages. A memory lost to time as comforting as the last whiffs of smoke curling from an extinguished candle. Evil is rising.

Evil can only endure when good men do nothing, darkness only prevails when the guardians of the light forsake their charge. We here in the United States live in the Shining City upon a Hill. Our marbled halls and bountiful harvests are a beacon of hope for all mankind. Our generous hearts, and helping hands have long been the messengers of good faith to the world. Our might defends the weak, our wrath smites the wicked, and our moral center sets an example for the people around the world to follow. We are not the world’s police force, nor should we be. However, when wolf cries at the door and winters chill sets its icy grips upon the world, who will stand if not us? Who can stand if not us?

The map is burning. Putin’s Russia rises in the Baltic, setting its hungry gaze upon former soviet glory. The Islamic Caliphate rises in the Middle East, seeking to destroy the western world. The winds of change have started to blow, and our President, the leader of the free world, refuses to hoist the sails. Our enemies are gathering outside the gates, yet no muster sounds. The world will burn, us with it, if we allow evil to stand.

President Obama has long sought to end America’s influence in the world. He has made us the laughing stock of the world, and shown the enemies of liberty and justice that America will do nothing to stop them. President Obama refuses to accept the reality of this world, choosing instead to believe his delusional world of fantasy. He refuses to accept that the might of the United States has been a force for good, of stabilization in this world. The United States will fall to the whims of this mad man.

President Obama has shown the world that command of the most powerful nation in the world, the greatest fighting force humanity has ever known, has been handed over to not the JV, but rather the freshman team. Their ignorance and especially in President Obama’s case arrogance, have severed only to embolden the monsters that lurk in this world. Watching the way President Obama and his lackeys attempt to politicize rather than deal with the crisis facing the world is enough to cause my head to explode.

ISIS, is a radical group of Jihadist that makes AL Qaeda look like the Back Street Boys. They are capable of taking and holding territory. They have shown that they are adept at military tactics. Most important of all they have shown that they do not fear the United States of America. Why should they, President Obama has shown the world that he will do nothing to stop them. He did nothing when radicals crossed the red line in Sierra. He sat by and did nothing while jihadists sacked Benghazi. Hell he even tried to create a cover story for them.

In a press conference on August 28th, 2014 President Obama stood before the world, to address and answer questions on the threat posed by ISIS. President Obama: I don’t want to put the cart before the horse.  We don’t have a strategy yet.  I think what I’ve seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we’re at than we currently are.  And I think that’s not just my assessment, but the assessment of our military as well.  We need to make sure that we’ve got clear plans, that we’re developing them.  At that point I will consult with Congress and make sure that their voices are heard.

I could go on for hours about the last part of the quote, but the part that is the most terrifying is the quote that by now I am sure you have heard thousands of times, “we don’t have a strategy yet”. I cannot conceive the mind that thinks this is a reasonable thing to say. Who in their right mind goes before the world and says, “I have access to the largest military in the world, and the greatest intelligence network the world has ever known, and I don’t have any clue what the hell I am going to do.” Let me make this point very clear, I don’t know is never under any circumstances an acceptable answer from someone in a leadership position.

The President of the United States is, whether progressive scumbags like it or not, the leader of the free world. The United States is the nation that other nations look to in times of trouble. We are the people whom the people of the world seek out when doom is at hand. We are the people who must pull the less fortunate to safety. The President of The United States is an office that brings with it a sacred duty. A duty that President Obama refuses to accept. His ignorant actions serve as an insult to the memory of every man who ever held the office before him, even disgracing the likes of Nixon. A leader is supposed to inspire confidence in the hearts of those who follow him. To rally their sprits. To awaken the long dormant courage that lies deep in every one of our hearts. President Obama has betrayed that duty. By answering I don’t know, to the question of “what are you going to do”, President Obama has not only devastated those who put their faith in his leadership, he has also emboldened the vary demons the people of the world turned towards him to slay. They know now that he has no plans to stop them, and they have nothing to fear. The people of the world now know that no help is coming, that the United States has forsaken the world.

There are hundreds of ways to avoid the question about the ISIS strategy. President Obama could have said, ‘We are currently working on several options for dealing with ISIS,” or ‘ISIS is a dangerous group that has caused a lot of suffering already, the United States is currently looking into options to bring them to justice’. Hell he could have said, “The situation is developing and I will have an answer for you soon”. At least then he sounds like he is working on something, other than is pathetic golf swing. He could have also gone the aggressive route, pretend he was talking about the GOP. I know he is capable of it, I remember him telling people to vote for revenge, to punish their enemies. So along those lines he could have said, “They should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice.” Wait, someone did say that, it wasn’t the President though…. Oh that’s right it was Vice President Joe Biden. It is sad when Joe Biden makes more sense than the President of the United States.

Of course after the fiasco of the “I don’t know” statement, President Obama had to re-write history with one of his “let me be clear” moments. Once again he came before the world and this time he had an answer. This time he spoke in response to the beheading of another American Journalist. President Obama made it very clear what the American Objective was. “Our objective is clear, and that is to degrade and destroy ISIL so that it’s no longer a threat, not just to Iraq, but also the region and to the United States” Holy crap, President Obama found that long dormant courage, the strength to do what is necessary. That or, perhaps he has really good speech writers who tried to make the President sound more manly, and competent. I say this because when answering a question later on, the REAL President Obama came out. The slimy, slithering, spineless political chump who we have all gotten to know all too well. “We know that if we are joined by the international community, we can continue to shrink ISIL’s sphere of influence, its effectiveness, its financing, its military capabilities to the point where it is a manageable problem” Nah we aren’t going to stand up, we are not going to chase you to the gates of hell, don’t worry. We are just going to slap you on the wrist and pretend like you don’t exists. In the course of one press conference he went from “RAIN FIRE AND DESTRUCTION DOWN UPON THEM! SUMMON THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APPACOLYPSE, RIDE OUT AND BRING DEATH TO THE HEATHEN HOARD” to “Meh, we are going to work with our allies, form some committees, take some polls, and try and limit their wifi access a bit.” The fate of United States, no the Free World rests in the hands of an unranked amateur, who would rather play golf than save the world.

So tonight we wait to hear from President Obama, to hear what he will do on the shadow that now threatens the entirety of the free world. What will he do in the face of this one doom? How will he tackle this plaque that he has allowed to spread a crossed the planes of this world? I pray there is a plan, a real plan, but all I see coming is a speech designed to blame republicans and pass the blame onto someone else.

Evil thrives when good men do nothing.


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