New Californian Law Cause For All Parents to Be Ashamed

A bill was just signed into law in California that should have every parent in the golden state hanging their head in disgrace. California has just become the first state in the country to ban plastic bags.  Yes California has just brought an end to the age old question “paper or plastic”.  Plastic bags will be phased out of grocery stores by 2016.  The idea behind this new law is two part. The first is an attempt to influence people to bring their own bag to the grocery store, this is achieved by requiring stores to charge ten cents for a paper bag.  The second purpose for this new law is to help reduce the amount of litter blowing around the state.

This law seems like it is passed with the best intentions. It is trying to save trees, the planet, innocent woodland creatures. It is trying to save the state money by reducing the amount of trash that people have to pick up along the road side. So why then do I support the claim that this law is a cause for shame? Shouldn’t the parents be praised for electing such thoughtful people into power?  The answer is simple, this law was brought about by a failure of the parents to instil proper values into their children.

This law came about because of a perceived problem. That problem was the “alarming” growth of litter in the form of plastic grocery bags. How are these bags becoming litter? The answer is simple, a lack of discipline.   Either people are too lazy to ensure that these bags are properly disposed of, or they are too lazy to ensure that they even get into a refuse container. Who is responsible for teaching a person not only that they should, but how to throw trash away? The answer is the parents. So if the trash is not getting thrown away, and is becoming an issue around the state, the failing must have arisen at the parental level. Because parents do not educate and instil some form of discipline in their children, the people of California not only have to live with copious amounts of trash, but massive inconvenience as well as increased costs. They have to bring a bag, lug it around town, try not to lose it, find it when you want to go shopping, or pay a fee at the store. Parents should be ashamed of themselves that the state of California has come to this course of action.

However, all of this pales in comparison to the biggest reason for the parental disgrace in California.  Here there was a problem plaguing the community, and it went unaddressed for so long that the entire community was punished.  Parents have failed to teach their kids to stand up and solve problems. They have not taught their kids to be proactive. We have an entire generation coming p that sees a problem, complain for hours, then says “someone should do something about that”, then walk away. The fact that plastic bags had to be banned, shows that parents have failed to teach kids to take the initiative to solve problems that they see.  It shows that parents have taught their kids to wait for someone else to solve the problem.  The country cannot survive with that mindset.  Parents should be ashamed of themselves.


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