The Pledge Of Allegiance

There was another case of some atheist teen who made a “huge moral stand” against the old world dogma presented in the vitriolic rhetoric contained within the Pledge of Allegiance. I really am not interested in another story about how some atheist refused to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance because it contains the words “under God”.  I don’t care, because I see these displays for what they really are.  These little displays of “public outrage” are nothing more than an attempt to get attention. This students stand against the pledge was no different. It is nothing more than another salvo in the progressives war on religion. Unfortunately many of the foot soldiers have no idea that they are fighting a war. They have no clue that there beliefs are being exploited to achieve the political goals of the progressive monarchs. Every time I see one of these “stands for the separation of church and state”, I laugh because I see through the shenanigans.

Let us look at an example of religion causing someone to be offended. A young child comes into his elementary school class and there is a Christmas Tree in the corner. This student is Jewish, and is the only student in the class room who does not celebrate Christmas. It is not hard to see how that young child could be offended. They do not celebrate Christmas, they do not believe that Jesus is the lord and savior.  They are sitting alone in a the classroom, feeling pressures from the kids in the classroom. I could see how this could be a problem.

Another example. The owner of a small business, they sell hobby supplies. They have a set of core Christian values that they live their lives by. A group of people start demanding that they pay for a product that violates the religious principles that they live their lives by. It is easy to see how these business owners would be offended that by the demands of this outside group.

In both of these examples you are dealing with people whose beliefs are being challenged.  These people believe in an eternal afterlife, one that will either be spent in ever lasting paradise or in an undying hell.  When you are pushing people to violate their core beliefs, beliefs that they hold based on achieving access to heaven, naturally this is going to cause outrage.

Now we come to the issue of atheist and their desire to live life without religion. Their belief that humans are slabs of meat devoid of virtue. They live, they die, then rot in the ground. There is no soul to a human being. All we are vanishes into the darkness in an instant. Their belief in rotting in the ground is unaffected by the actions of people who do have faith.  If you do not believe in a higher power, what does it hurt you to say, “under God”?  If there is no God, then what does it mater if you say under God? If God is not real, the words mean nothing. If you are going to rot in the ground, face the inevitable eternity of nothingness regardless of your actions, than what harm is there in saying the words “under God”? There isn’t any.

So these people claiming that their lack of belief is offended by meaningless words, are just trying to bring attention to themselves. They are just unknowing foot soldiers in the progressives war on religion. Why would someone who does not believe in God make a stink about saying meaningless words? It does not make sense.  The Pledge might as well say “One Nation carburetor neutrons”, why do they care? They have been conditioned to care, conditioned to think that they are fighting a noble cause. They are fighting to preserve religious freedom, when all they are doing is fighting to end it.  A progressive state cannot exist when the peoples loyalty are to God first, state second. They have to destroy God, because our rights now come from God. Because our rights come from God, man cannot take them away.  Destroy God, and suddenly our rights become the tangible play things of power hungry tyrants.

I feel bad for many of these atheists because they do not even know that they are unwilling foot soldiers in the progressives war.


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