Don’t Worry Nancy, I’ve Found Something We can Cut

Former Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi, a member of the progressive trinity, is well known for being a progressive ideological zealot. She walks the progressive line, and is a very useful attack dog. Her blind ideological loyalty blinds her to the truth, a disaster for progressives, Christmas day for conservatives.
One of her famous gaffs came during the last budget battle over the debt ceiling. Way back in September 2013, just before Harry Reid shut down the government, Nancy Pelosi said on CNN’s State of The Union that President Obama should not negotiate on the debt ceiling. Her stated reason for not negotiating was that there where “no more cuts to make”. She said, “The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make.” She then continued, “It’s really important that people understand that. We all want to reduce the deficit.” She stated that “You cannot have just more cuts just for the sake of cuts.”
Well we all know what happened, President Obama and Harry Reid followed Nancy Pelosi’s recommendation, refused to negotiate, and they shut the government down from October 1st, to October 16th. Harry Reid went so far as to refuse to restore funding to children cancer research, saying “Why would I want to do that”. Thanks to the media acting as the propaganda wing of the progressive movement, and the limp wristed nature of Establishment Republicans (John McCain, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell), the shutdown was blamed on the GOP. So how could one conclude that Ms. Pelosi’s comments are a cause for alarm and embarrassment amongst progressives and Democrats?
The answer, as always, can be found in the world of reality. Progressivism is like a parasite, devastating and destructive when able to feast off of a host. However the unbridled destruction brought by the progressive parasite comes to a grinding halt once the host dies. Like a virus in a petri dish progressivism cannot survive in the real world. Progressive ideology cannot survive when analyzed in the REAL world. When forced to face the hammer of truth, claims of progressives crumble like leafs in the wind.
Over a year has passed sense Ms. Pelosi made her comments, claiming that there is nothing left to cut. We have a year of data to reveal whether or not she was right. If she was right, it is disastrous for conservatives. If she was wrong, it can mean only one of two things. Either she is massively incompetent, or she was deliberately lying and trying to capitalize on the fears of the American People.
Representative John Mica (R-Fla), and Representative Gerry Connolly (D-Va) asked the GAO to update the 2008 audit. The audit found millions in fraudulent spending by federal employees, and called for federal agencies to tighten up rules pertaining to spending. What could have prompted a Republican and a Democrat to demand action on a hot button issue, during an election year?
Several Inspector Generals have released reports in the last several years that a sizable portion of tax payer dollars bought on government credit cards are fraudulent and unapproved. Janet Kasper from the EPA office of Inspector General, admitted in 2012 that of 80 transactions, 75 of them were not in compliance. The sum total of those fraudulent transactions was $80,000. Two employees of the EPA would like to thank you for their family’s gym membership. By the EPA’s own estimates that there is nearly a 50% fraud rate.
Another example comes from Elliot Lewis from the Department of Labor Office of Inspector General April audit found that 900,000 of our hard earn dollars where wasted on a student job program. The program was for at risk youth, and provided these students with pre-paid cards for outlined expenses. In the last few years inspectors have found that some of these cards are being used for haircuts, clothing purchases, online ticket purchases. Elliot Lewis admits that at least 35% of the cards where misused.
One could easily say that “there is no way Nancy Pelosi could have known this, these reports have come out sense she made her statement.” However the damning evidence for the former speaker comes in the for form of the 2008 GAO Audit. The 2008 GAO Audit found that nearly half of all government credit card purchases where fraudulent. Knowing full well that millions of dollars were spent fraudulently by government employees Ms. Pelosi was able to look the American People in the eyes and say “there’s no more cuts to make.”
Harry Reid and his progressive allies shut down the government because of the think that Ms. Pelosi constantly promotes. This idea that we cannot cut spending is outrageous. We spend trillions every year, there is no way a sentient being can conclude that there is no waste that can be trimmed. Every time Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi open their mouths I know eventually it will be a field day for sentient beings. Because either Nancy Pelosi feels that funding haircut and flat screen tvs for government employees is a valid use of tax payer dollars, or she was willing to lie and put Americans at risk to gain political bonus points.


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