Alarming Answer From White House on ISIL

ISIL, a terrorist group bent on reestablishing an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East, has dominated the news in recent months. Their extremist views, and alarming ability to gain and control territory has been alarming for anyone with functional gray matter occupying the space in between their ears. President Obama was slow to respond to the threat posed by ISIL, going as far as to call them the JV Team. His progressive zealots spread out a crossed the land, spreading like wild fire, mocking and ridiculing anyone who even dared to mention the word caliphate.
After building a 60 nation collation, after thousands of lives were lost, after the violent execution of several American and British reporters, President Obama was finally forced to act. He sent 3,000 soldiers to fight Ebola, and decided on precision air strikes. After the first night of airstrikes we were told that they managed to hit key Al-Qaeda (they refuse to use the name Al-Qaeda because President Obama would have to admit he lied about decimating Al-Qaeda) targets.
We all “know” that President Obama is always “successful”. He is the smartest man in the room, so his plans never fail. Look how well the porkulus bill worked. Look how well Obamacare is working. We have seen President Obama constantly sounding off the praises of his own magnificence. We hear about how great the economy is growing, despite record high levels of nonparticipation, record numbers of people on food stamps, and stagnate wages. WE hear about how great Obamacare is, despite thousands upon thousands of people losing their insurance, sky rocketing premiums, and a complete failure of the subsidies that were intended to make Obamacare “work”.
President Obama is always eager to tell the world how great he is, and how he was right and you are all morons. So what is one to conclude about the exchange between the latest White House Monkey Josh Earnest and Ed Henry.
Fox New reporter Ed Henry asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest a very direct question about the air strikes against ISIL. “Are we winning”
Earnest: “I’m sorry?”
Henry: “Are we winning?”
Earnest: “Again, we are talking about a coalition of 60 nations working closely with Iraqi security forces and working to build up Syrian opposition fighters. And there is no doubt that we can point to the success in the early days.”
Henry: “Are we winning?”
Earnest: “I mean, when you say we, we’re talking about a coalition of 60 nations working closely with Iraq”
Henry: “So we are winning?”
Earnest: “And yes, we are succeeding in this effort”
I do not know how Ed Henry could have made the question any easier. Are we winning? That is a simple question. Really it is a soft ball question, a chance for the White House to look positive in an area where they have been an international embarrassment for six years. President Obama is always quick to promote his failures as successes, even something as devastating as Obamacare… how bad must the fight against ISIL be going if even this narcissistic administration is afraid to say that we are winning?


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