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Fresh off of their remarkable victory in the midterm elections in 2014 the GOP has just been handed the most devastating piece of news, Jeb Bush has “decided to actively explore the possibility of running for President”. Jeb Bush is the former Governor of Florida, the son and brother of two former Presidents, and just the moderate establishment Republican that the Democrats where hoping would throw his hat into the ring.

Jeb Bush is another typical establishment Republican. He is a moderate, which we all know means progressive light. He has a record that is guaranteed to turn the stomachs of the conservative base of the GOP. This means that Democrats will prop him up as the only candidate that can win the much sought after “moderate/independent” vote. The Democrats will tell people that Jeb Bush is the candidate that the GOP has to run if they want to stand any chance of winning. So, Jeb Bush will distance the party from its base, couple that with the Democrats giving him a rousing endorsement, Jeb will become the Establishment’s front runner candidate. This must not be allowed to happen.

Jeb Bush is a dream candidate for the Democrat Party, there is no other way to see it. His views on key issues automatically eliminate him from being electable among conservatives. The Democrat party is collapsing in on itself. Two devastating midterms, and the scandal ridden presidency of Barack Obama have decimated the creditably of the party. They lost the midterms against opponents who did not have a national campaign. The only way that they can defeat the GOP is by causing a civil war inside of the party, establishment vs. the base. Jeb Bush is just the man to do it.

For those of you who are thinking, the GOP has to nominate someone who can win the independents, don’t worry the base will vote against whoever the Democrats run. Lets look at who you are campaigning for? Let us see if you really think that Jeb Bush is capable of being a better progressive candidate than Hilary Clinton. See if his positions are ones that you can actually support.

Jeb Bush is a major supporter of Common Core Education Standards. Does supporting Common Core really make Jeb Bush a viable candidate? Allow me to break this question down into smaller parts.

  1. Will this issue bring conservative voters to his side to vote against Hilary Clinton?
    A Gallop Poll in August of 2014 showed that 76% of Republicans opposed Common Core. Only 17% approved of it. So only 17% of the GOP wold be see Jeb Bush’s support of Common Core as a positive reason to vote for him. So logically you can only assume, No Jeb Bush’s support of Common Core would not bring the conservative base out to vote for him.
  2. Would this issue possibly cause conservative voters to stay home and not vote for him?
    With 76% of the party opposed to the Common Core Standards it is easy to believe that Conservatives would not show up to vote for a candidate that they feel was forced on them by the Establishment, as a way to punish the GOP for ignoring their views.  the answer is Yes
  3. Would this issue cause moderates to vote for Jeb Bush as opposed to Hilary Clinton?
    The same Gallop Poll shows that only 33% of the nation supports the implementation of Common Core.  That is a very small number, considering that it includes the 17% of Republicans, and the Democrats who support Common Core. I do not really see how anyone could think that supporting Common Core would bring moderates out to vote for Jeb Bush. The answer is no.
  4. Would this issue cause moderate NOT to vote for Jeb Bush?
    The same Gallop Poll shows that 59% of the American People are opposed to Common Core. 59%, that is a large number. Running with support for Common Core on your record is almost as bad as running with support for Obamacare on it. Support for Common Core could easily cause moderates to feel disenfranchised with the election processes, neither party gets it, both are the same, and they end up just staying home.  so the answer is Yes

So support for Common Core will alienate the base, and at the same time fail to win moderate voters. So you ignore the majority of people who you need to win the election in order to win moderate votes, and in so doing fail to win the moderate votes. Jeb Bush’s support for Common Core does not help him win the White House, in fact it hurts his chances, and aids Hillary’s.

Jeb Bush has comforted the Establishment Republican class by claiming that he is going to secure the nomination without the base of they party. That is good news for spineless progressive slime like John Beohner and John McCain, but what does it really mean for the Jeb’s chances at being a viable candidate in 2016? To answer this I have some different questions to ask.

1. Has a Republican ever won the White House without winning the conservative base?
Basically when you look at basic electoral politics, 40% of the population are progressives, 40% are conservative, that leaves 20% as moderates up for grabs. Running against the conservative base means that Jeb Bush thinks that he can win the White House with only 20% of the population.  Now of course some conservatives will still vote to keep Hilary out of office, but do we really want to risk another 2012, where three million conservative votes stay home? Romney won the independents, but not the base. Romney won the independents, yet somehow Barack Obama is still President.
2. Has this concept of running a moderate worked in the past?
The last two presidential elections the GOP Establishment has convinced the base to run the “candidate that can win the independents”. Such as  progressive “maverick” John McCain, who lost to Barack Obama. Then they ran a moderate, Mitt Romney, a man who was given the election on a silver platter. A man who was running against a President who let an embassy burn while he went on the campaign trail. A President who forced Obamacare down the throats of a nation who did not want it. A President who nearly doubled the entirety of the US debt in only four years. Despite all of this, Mitt Romney managed to blow it, by failing to inspire the conservative base.
3. Are conservatives really something to be avoided?
The GOP had no problem embracing the TEA Party in 2010. The TEA Party was a group of common, every day Americans who stood up against the out of control nature of President Obama and his progressive allies. Embracing the TEA Party and its limited government message led the GOP to the largest wave election in American History.  More importantly winning over conservatives is highly important, as according to a Gallop Poll done in 2013, conservatives outnumber progressives in 47 out of 50 states. Another Gallup Poll of the population in 2013 stated that conservatives outnumber progressives by a 15% margin.
4. What is the ideological make up of Republican voters?
The same Gallup poll referenced above points out that over the last decade more Republicans are now classifying themselves as conservatives, from 62% in 2000 to 70% in 2013. Republicans who say they are moderate have dropped from 31% to 23%.

So Jeb Bush plans to somehow win a GOP Primary by alienating 70% of his party, in order to win over 23%. To achieve this goal he will waste millions of dollars destroying viable candidates, in order to secure the GOP nomination. This money would be better served in the fight against Hilary. So Jeb Bush plans to destroy his war chest in the primary, in order to win over alienate 70% of his party. Then he plans to go into the national election running against the majority of American voters.  Somehow the Establishment and Jeb Bush thinks this is a viable idea.  Unfortunately it is a recipe for a repeat of 2008, and 2012.

If you are a conservative, if you are a Republican, you cannot support Jeb Bush. A vote for Jeb is a vote for Hilary. That is all there is to it. We have tried listening to John Beohner, John McCain, and Karl Rove. They have only allowed for Barack Obama to destroy the fabric of this nation. It is time for the old guard to sit down and shut up. Stand for a TRUE conservative, and we will win in 2016. Run the guy that John McCain and Karl Rove claim can win, and we will have to watch Hilary be sworn into office. That is the plain and simple fact.  Anyone who claims otherwise is either in a state of denial, believes that Democrats like sharing votes, or is truly ignorant.

If you are at all in tune with the news, than you are aware that there was a hostage crisis in Sydney Australia. A gunman held 17 people hostage. I am starting to think the story was a hoax, because they have very strict gun control in Australia, so there could not have possibly been a gunman. If it is illegal to have the gun, how did he get it?  This is another case of gun control failing yet again.

This funding bill that just passed the house is proof positive that John Boehner is nothing more than a member of the Progressive Establishment in the GOP. He is more willing to work with President Obama, a man who the people have just thoroughly rejected, than he is to work with the base of his own party. The political base that the GOP will need if they want to win the White House.

This is a case of short term gain, long term lose. Yes they avoided shutting down the government, so their short term polls won’t suffer. However, after Reid shut down the government in 2013, and it was blamed on the GOP, that should have spelled the end of the party. The people were so outraged, how could the GOP ever hope to continue to exist? The people hate the government being shut down, so they clearly hate the GOP, right? Well if that was the case, would the GOP have just taken the Senate? Of course not.

The plain and simple fact is that the People have spoken, they want President Obama stopped. They do not want his agenda furthered, they do not want Obama light, they want him stopped. If they wanted his agenda implemented, if they wanted Congress to work with President Obama the people would not have sent Republicans to the government. They would have sent Democrats to smooth the flow of his agenda. John Boehner has betrayed the trust given him by the People of the United States.

The People are tired of progressive lawlessness championed by President Obama and Harry Reid. They want a return to the rule of law. That means that they want government expenditures to be performed properly. That means a budget, created and passed in the House, approved by the Senate, and then signed into law by President Obama. A omnibus bill is not a budget, it is a punt, an easy way to avoid having to deal with the fundamental problems in the government.

The Congress has the power of the purse, and that is one of the many tools at their disposal to act as a check on Executive Power. John Boehner has just shown the world that he is unwilling to use the power in order to put a stop to the Criminal Presidency of Barack Obama. This a disastrous turn of events, and could ultimately derail any chances of stopping Hilary Clinton in 2016.

More worryingly I now fear that no one is willing to address the greatest threat to the Republic in its history. Our country is $18,000,000,000,000.00 in debt, that is 18 trillion dollars. In 2008, after the “out of control spending” of the Bush Administration our debt stood at $10,800,000,000,000.00 in debt. That means that from the start of the country to the end of 2008 our country had amassed 10.8 trillion dollars. Sense President Obama came to power, and began truly biblical spending, our country has nearly doubled its debt. This level of spending cannot be maintained. Anyone who thinks that government spending isn’t a problem is either lying to you and themselves, or a complete moron.

The United States, our country, our nation, our families and friends cannot survive this spending. President Obama has tried raising taxes and spending more money to attempt to reduce the deficit. Clearly once again Progressive Tactics have failed. It is time to return to PROVEN tactics, we have to cut spending. That is an end of it. It has come to that. President Obama will say you can’t cut your way to prosperity, well if the last six years are any indication you sure as shit can’t spend your way there.

John Beohner has a duty to follow the will of the American People. He has a duty to hold President Obama accountable. He has a duty to end the out of control spending, brought about by the tyrannical rule of Harry Reid. He has thus far shown himself unwilling to do so.

It is time to Primary John Beohner. The GOP can either rid itself of this spineless progressive snake, or it can kiss the White House good bye. Standing with Beohner is the same as standing with Hilary.

73 years ago, navel and air forces from the Empire of Japan, drug the United States into World War II. 73 years ago smoke bellowed from the wreckage of the once proud pacific fleet. The mighty Arizona rests where she sank all those years ago. Her haul remains a tomb for hundreds of men who died defending her. 73 years later, and oil still seeps its way to the surface. The Arizona lies in the shallow waters of pearl harbor, and serves as a memorial to those who lost their lives on that bloody day.

Most of the Pacific Fleet was repaired and sent back out to fight the Japaneses. The Battle Ship West Virginia was present when the Japanese surrendered on August 31st. The Arizona though, was left where she lie. She stands forever as a reminder of what happened on December 7th, 1941. Eventually the oil will stop seeping to the surface. The sea will claim the Arizona, her haul disappearing forever. But we must never forget, those who died on that December day.

Gone but not forgotten. We will never forget.

November 2014 will go down in history as one of those turning points in the story of America. It will be remembered as the moment when the People of the United States stood up and said no. When the people of the United States demanded an end to the radical agenda of President Barack Obama, and the stonewalling of the legislative process being committed by Harry Reid. 2014 was a wave election, on that early November night the people of the United States saw fit to end the tyrannical rule of Harry Reid in the Senate. The GOP picked up 7 seats in the Senate. All told, this election can be seen as nothing but a MASSIVE wave. On November 4th, 2014 the GOP picked up:
8 Seats in the Senate
11 Seats in the House of Representatives
4 Governors
8 state legislative chambers
That is a massive victory for the GOP. Especially when you consider the fact that, unlike the Senate where only one third of the members were up for reelection, each Representative must win reelection every two years. There can be no denying that this election was a massive victory for the GOP.

The story did not end on November 4th, 2014. There was one state, where no candidate reached a majority of the vote. Under that state’s law, that forced a run off. The State in question was Louisiana. Incumbent Democrat Marry Landrieu was forced into a run off against Republican Bill Cassidy. The vote on election night was split between many candidates, but it was not hard to tell that Landrieu was in trouble. Far more people turned out to vote for conservative candidates than did for progressive ones. So it was not really surprising when last night it was announced that Bill Cassidy completed the Republican Wave election, by defeating Ms. Landrieu 57 to 43.

With the run off complete the 2014 midterm elections are now in a thing of the past. The question now becomes, not who will control the United States Senate, but rather what do these results mean? The American People have spoken, and they have spoken loudly. However it is not really fair to compare the results of the 2014 elections, to the wave election that happened in 2010, when the TEA Party lead the GOP to the wave election that stripped control of the House of Representatives away from the Democrat Party. In 2010, the GOP ran with its base, and ran a national campaign against the radical agenda of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. Specifically, the out of control spending, the buyout of General Motors, and the largest power grab in American History Obmacare. They ran on restoring balance to the government, ending Obamacare, and stopping President Obama’s agenda.

2014 was a completely different story. The GOP ran against their base, telling them to sit down and shut up. They had no real national agenda. They literally sat back, and let the Democrat Party explode on itself. They let the peoples outrage at the radical policies of President Obama, the despicable actions of Harry Reid, and the overall negative view of government do the work for them. To win all they had to do was link their Democrat opponents to President Obama and his highly unpopular record.

So what does that all really mean? The GOP has been blasted in the media ever sense the TEA Party victory in 2010. They have been called everything from sexists and racists all the way to obstructionists. When President Obama and Harry Reid refused to compromise, it was the Republicans who received the blame for shutting down the government. Even though they were the ones who offered several options to prevent it. President Obama never missed a chance to blame Republicans for the problems in this nation. To hear him tell it the immigration problems in this country can be solely blamed on the GOP listening to their constituents who did not support the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. At every turn, the GOP was blamed for the problems of this country. At every turn the GOP was accused of holding the nation back. Yet despite all of their best efforts, the GOP was able to take control of the Senate, gain seats in the house, increase the number of Republican governors, increase the number of GOP majorities in state legislatures, all adding up to the largest GOP advantage sense President Truman was in the White House. All of this without having a national agenda to run on, all of this by simply tying Democrats to President Obama.

What we can learn from 2014 is obvious and can be broken down into two main lessons. The first is the most obvious, and that is the people of the United States are tired of President Obama’s radical agenda, and his governing against the rule of law. The people of this country, want President Obama’s radical agenda stopped. They want congress to put an end to it. This is really the only logical conclusion that can be reached. President Obama sets atop the Executive Branch, one of three separate but equal branches of government. He has already won reelection and thus has nothing to fear from the outrage of the people, as we lack any form of retaliation against him now. The Judicial Branch, is another of the equal branches of government. The Supreme Court has the ability to act as a check on the Executive Branch by ensuring that the actions taken by President Obama are in fact legal. However, the Supreme Court Justices are appointed, and thus the people cannot utilize them for change. The only option left is the Third Branch of Government, the Legislature. The President is not above the congress, he is equal to it. He has no more power then they do. He legally cannot create laws, he can only enforce them. Laws are created by CONGRESS. They are voted in the House, and the Senate, and if approved go to the President who can either veto them or sign them into law. Congress also controls the power of the purse, they determine where money is to be spent.

So on November 4th, 2014, the people of the United State stripped control of the United States Congress away from President Obama’s allies. They chose instead to give legislative power to the GOP. The only conclusion that can be reached is that the American People want congress to stop President Obama. They do not want his agenda to be implemented. They do not want congress to work with the President, they want congress to oppose the President. If they wanted President Obama’s agenda perpetuated they would have elected Democrats to the Congress, so they could work with the President to advance his progressive ideology. The GOP was given control of the Senate to stop President Obama, NOT to work with him.

The second lesson is probably the more important one. The battle for the United States Senate is over, President Obama has become a lame duck President. Over the past six years he has shown himself entirely unwilling to compromise, or to actually reach a cross the aisle. His constant attacks on anyone daring to oppose him, coupled with the countless scandals that have defined his presidency, have really destroyed any creditably that he has. With no political leverage, and no public support, the Presidency of Barack Obama is essentially over (that is not to say that he isn’t going to continue on as he has been). Our eyes must now turn towards the future. 2016 is fast approaching, and 2016 will be the most important election in modern history.

2008 showed us that you cannot run a progressive Republican against a Progressive Democrat. 2010 showed us that a United Conservative Base is capable of massive victories. 2012 proved to us that you cannot win the White House by running a moderate, Romney won the independents but failed to inspire the base to turn out and vote. 2014 has proved that radical progressive policies are not the main stream ideas that progressives would have you believe. The majority of the American People oppose the progressive ideology.

The lesson then is simple, if the GOP wants to win the White House in 2016, they have but one choice, they have to run a principled limited government conservative. They ran a progressive in 2008 and lost, they ran a moderate in 2012, and lost. They ran a conservative campaign in 2010 and won, and they let the progressives destroy themselves in 2014. A principled conservative is the way it must be. JEB Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, are guaranteed to ensure Hilary Clinton has the White House.

It is time conservatives, step up, and retake the GOP. 2016 is the year we either rescue the nation, or hand it over to the socialists forever. The fate of the nation depends on who the GOP chooses.

Most people like to post when they reach viewership milestones, like 100, 500, 1000. Not me, I like to post when I reach interesting numbers. Well Progressive Watch is at 777 views. Thank you to all those who made this possible.

Yes the end of the Atlantic Hurricane Season has come and once again I am ecstatic to report that, there were no hurricanes that hit the United States. The last hurricane to hit the United States was Wilma in 2005. That is the longest time without a hurricane sense the Civil War according to Jeff Masters Chief Meteorologist for Weather Undergound. What I don’t understand is how this is possible.

In the aftermath of Katrina Global Warming hoaxers told us that because of rising C02 emissions, which was causing global warming, that Katrina sized storms would become common place. That we would see four to five Katrinas every year. Yet, sense 2005 the seas remain quite. Global Warming alarmists seem to have gotten it wrong again.

Now hurricanes hitting the U.S. in nine years, no Global Warming in over fifteen, and all the while we remain bombarded by global warming nuts with allegations that we are destroying the planet. When will these people realize that we are on to their little hoax, and we aren’t buying the crap their shoveling.

I am sorry but I am tired of hearing about black Friday deals, and how everyone is saving money. It is sickening. I have truly lost faith in the “Christmas Season”, because we have lost sight of what Christmas is actually about. Too many people think only about what they will get this Christmas Season. Too many people think that Christmas is a Season of Giving. Christmas is a Christian Holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, son of God, and the savior of Man Kind.
I get all the “oh good will to man, season of giving”, and I wish it were true, but it just isn’t. The existence of black Friday proves it. People rushing the doors, acting like heathens, pawing, trampling, and shoving their way towards the most expensive or most sought after gifts. How many people in that ad rush do you think are thinking about good will to man? How many of these people do you think are actually thinking about giving? They are all thinking about saving money, and getting more crap, crap that they won’t even care about in a year, or remember in three. Hell I wonder how many of those baboons have actually accepted Jesus as their savior. Black Friday is a shadow tarnishing the reputation of one of the most important celebrations of the year.
Christmas is a festival of lights. Cold biting winds, howl through barren branches, beaconing the arrival of darkness. The gray clouds dominate sky, veiling the sun, robbing the earth of its warming rays. The darkness of night, dominates our lives, winters bitter chill stabbing at our hearts. The green of summer a distant memory, the bounty of fall fading into the past, nothing ahead but the long desolation of winter. It is during this season of darkness and despair, when all hope seems lost in coming void, that we celebrate Christmas.
The twinkling of thousands of small little lights, like stars, illuminate the darkness, guide us towards the warmth of home. Towering evergreen trees adorned with countless lights, illuminate our homes. Upon their branches, mementos of years past, memories of the joy we have shared with our loved ones. The smell of food cooking in the oven, the faint hint of wood smoke in the air, and a warm fire in the fire place, is what Christmas is supposed to be. It is a time where we come together, join with our loved ones, and share in the joy of their company. It is when we take the time to remember what is truly important. Christmas, is a festival of lights in the bitter dark and cold. Just as Jesus is the light that guides us home to God. He came to earth, and saved us from the unending cold of damnation, and the darkness of our sins.
It is on the 25th of December that we gather to celebrate God’s gift to mankind, the savior of our eternal souls. We come in out of the frigid snow and blowing snow, to the warmth of family and friends, just as Jesus brought us out of the darkness and into the light of grace.
Please tell me how rampaging through a store in pursuit of pointless knick-knacks is as illuminating as the true meaning of Christmas, the true purpose of the holiday? I am not against giving presents; I would be a liar if I said that as a child I did not make a Christmas list and send it to Santa Clause. I was unable to sleep December 24th. But I also remember being unable to wait to go to my grandparent’s house, to see my Grand Mother, Grand Father, my Aunts and Uncles, and to play with all of my cousins. The gifts we give at Christmas should hold with them a meaning befitting the season. They should not be mundane things that we need, nor should they be pointless trinkets. They should be things that hold great meaning inside them, and will be cherished for years to come. Maybe that is a toy; I know one of the best gift I ever got for Christmas was a T-Rex, from when the first Jurassic Park movie came out. I played with that thing almost every day, and even after 20 years I still treasure it. Maybe it is a ornament, or a sweater, who knows.
I challenge everyone who is reading this, to cast aside the black Friday chaos, and return to the spirit of the holidays. Find the thing that brings you joy in this season, and share it with others. Find a gift with meaning that will become a treasure. Most important of all, spend this time with your family, and cherish it, because in the face of the coming darkness our loved ones are all we have.

So I thought I would point out that on Black Friday there was a shooting in Chicago at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue. A man gunned down his ex-girlfriend and then turned the gun on himself. I find this story hard to believe, after all it is illegal to have a hand gun in Chicago. So either the man got past security with a rifle/shot gun, managed to avoid detection of everyone in the store, or this is another case of the failure of “gun control”.
I have always found it hilarious that people actually believe that you can stop violence; by limiting or restricting access to firearms. We have all heard the progressive’s constant assaults on our second amendment right to own and bear arms. They claim that guns kill people. They believe that a gun can pick itself up, cock itself, select a target, and then fire. I really wonder what it is like to live in a world where inanimate objects are capable of murder, no wonder they are such a jumpy group.
This shooting in Chicago is a classic example of how, banning guns does not prevent crime. It does not stop evil people from doing wicked things. A gun is a tool. Its purpose, to harness the energy released from the rapid ignition of gun powder, to propel a projectile down the barrel. It comes down to the intentions of the person wielding the firearm that determines whether or not a crime is committed, and a tragedy occurs.
The evidence proves, actually proves not global warming proves, that allowing the public more access to firearms, and more liberty to carry them reduces crime, where as limiting access to firearms leads to increases in crime.
Firearms are a great equalizer; the smallest of women has no hope of defending herself against a 250 pound man. However, a firearm suddenly changes that arithmetic. Criminals think twice, when there is the possibility of getting shot.
I always love this assumption that progressives have that criminals purchase their guns legally. For some reason they think that a bank robber, is really concerned about gun laws, when he is getting ready to rob a bank. They are criminals, it is obvious that they do not care about the law; it is sort of what makes them criminals.
I really do love trying to get inside the progressive mind, although sometimes it can be quite scary. You see as a conservative, I believe in limited government, that the individual is empowered to make their own decisions in life. A progressive believes that you are too stupid to make that choice, and someone has to make it for you. Progressives believe that because they feel a certain way, you should be forced to feel that way as well. If they think that cars are destroying the planet, and thus buy a Coal Powered Nissan Leaf, they believe that you should buy one to. If you do not want to buy the Leaf, they believe someone should force you to. A conservative would by the car, tell you about it, and if you don’t buy it well that is your right. The same story rings true with firearms. Progressives do not like guns, they do not want to own guns, so they think you should not be allowed to. Conservatives place the power to choose in the hands of the individual.
How much more suffering will have to happen before people wake up and realize that empowering the individual is the answer? How much longer will we allow nut jobs to continue this myth that guns are the problem? There is no evidence to support the theory, yet people are still forced to endure the painful results of its implementation.

Before I begin I feel the need to preface this segment with the following. I will admit to anyone that I am a proud conservative. I believe in limited government, and maximum individual liberty. I am a proud member of the TEA Party. So a fair warning to you radical progressives out there, no real reason for you to listen to this.
Everyone is talking about the shooting that happened in Ferguson Missouri, where a police officer shot an unarmed 18 year old man, and just about everyone is missing the big picture. Almost everyone seems to be blind to the truth. The situation in Ferguson makes me sick to my stomach, my blood boil, and blood squirt from my eyes. The blatant racism that has been allowed to run unchecked in this country for so long is enough to make any sentient being violently ill.
There is a deep rooted bigotry in this country, one that we as a nation have been fighting for more than a century to end. The problem though is that this virus, this plaque is crafty and smart, very adept at hiding itself. I have long talked about it, and hinted at it in my writings, but never before have I been compelled to assault this problem head on. Monday night, I sat there and watched as a mob torched a town, set fire to business, and destroyed the lives out countless innocent people. Jobs were lost, property destroyed, and dreams smashed. We live in a civilized country, and this is unacceptable. I would expect to see footage like that to come from France, Spain, Greece, or the Middle East, not the heart land of America. What I saw Monday was raw hatred, hatred fueled by the racial divide in this country. What I saw was the inevitable results of over a century of exploitational racism.
The progressive movement is a parasite, slowly sucking away the life of anything it latches onto. It is absurd to me how anyone can think that progressive’s are a voice for the poor, for women, or for minorities. Now I am sure that people are throwing things at their computers right now, foaming at the mouth, how dare I question progressive compassion? Progressivism is directly to blame for the nightmare that is Ferguson.
Progressives have been trying to keep their boots on the throats of minorities in this country from the very beginning. It was big government progressives who attempted to stop the 13th amendment. It was a progressive, Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parent Hood as a eugenics program, to control the African American population. It was a progressive who re-segregated the military prior to world war one. It was a progressive who shuttled Japanese Americans off to camps during WWII. It was big government progressives who attempted to stop civil rights legislation. And it is the progressive movement that is holding back minorities today.
The constant never ending barrage of insults to the minorities of this nation is sickening. The progressives have promised to better their lives, gave them hope, but delivered servitude. They highjack political movements and bastardize them. They transform them into nothing more than a tool to ensure continued voter loyalty. They exploit the fears of minorities to drive their own perverse social agenda.
Remember progressives want only one thing, and that is power. We have no rights in their eyes, only privileges. The State is absolute, and our “rights” are gifts that they let us have. Anything we have is out of their good grace. A united America would never let such vial thugs usurp our God given liberty; however a divided America is another story. It is hard for someone to believe in liberty and justice, when they are told their whole lives that they are victims. That the white man, is trying to keep you down. That the nation and its laws are designed to smother you, to enslave you, that the system owes them because of how unfair the past has been. How can someone who is raised hearing this over and over again possibly believe in unity and liberty? How can they have hope for justice? How can they trust their neighbor, their community? The answer is they can’t, and they are not supposed to. Progressives want us divided, not united. Together we are strong, and impossible to restrain. The progressives will do anything they can to ensure that the people are segregated by gender, race, religion, and creed. Anyone who questions them, is shunned and ridiculed out of society.
Every action taken by a progressive is political, they calculate the benefit that could come from everything. They never let a crisis go to waste. They feed off of fear and suffering, and use the rage, frustration, and grief of a community to push through an agenda that would otherwise outrage the American Public. Never let a crisis go to waste, if someone’s suffering can be manipulated for political benefit, all the cards are on the table, no trick is too low. The ends justify the means. Divide, conquer, enslave, the progressive’s playbook for power.
Ferguson is the most recent example of classic divisive progressive strategy. The main stream media, the propaganda branch of the progressive movement, kindled the spark of this inferno. They set in motion the devastation that will forever be a scare on this poor town’s soul. The factual story was simple enough to report. A police officer, shot and killed an unarmed man. The man was suspected of robbing a connivance store, and assaulted the police officer. But what did the media focus on? How did they respond? As they always respond. Before the smoke had cleared, before the echoes of the gun shot faded, they were pumping out a headline. Before they even had any of the facts, they turned this story into the racial crime of the century. They jumped at a perceived opportunity and transformed this case into a political rallying cry. All by the addition of two little words, white, and black. By making the story “White cop, shoots black man” they laid the ground work for the battle to come.
Once they added those two words, any hope for healing was lost. The story stopped being about facts, and became a soap box for washed up has beens like Al Sharpton to stand up and cry foul about the unfathomable racism in this country. Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling in his grave right now. No one cried out for the truth, they demanded the officer’s head on a platter. They turned a cut and dry case into an excuse to discredit the justice system, and further divide this nation. To drive minorities further from the rest of the nation.
Dr. King had a dream, that one day white children, and black children would be able to play together, work together, and live together. The progressives have high jacked the memory of Dr. King and perverted it. They have transformed the civil rights movement from a quest for Equal Justice, into a war for Social Justice. Dr. King wanted equal protection in the eyes of the law, Equal Justice. The progressives have convinced the minorities that they are owed something, that the man has to pay for what he has done to them. They want heads to role, that is social justice, and it is another nice fluffy progressive term, used to enslave the populous to their agenda.
Ferguson is a symptom of a much greater problem. The minority populations in this country are being held hostage by the progressive movement. A movement that thinks that they are so stupid, so incompetent that they cannot possibly survive without their help. Ferguson will happen again, racial tensions will continue to rise, as long as we allow progressives to set the arguments. The key to solving this issue is a reduction of government. End the entitlement mentality, and unleash the American Economy. Economic growth is the greatest tool to end the suffering of low income regions. Give them hope, give them a chance, return to them the pride that the progressives have selfishly stolen away, and there can be healing in this nation. Continuing on the path that we are on now only ends in a divided and wounded nation, easy pickings for those who threaten our liberty.
So we have to choose, continue following progressive bigotry, or end the madness and restore rule of law. Preserve Equal Protection under the law. Equal Justice, or social justice, the choice is yours