Black Friday

I am sorry but I am tired of hearing about black Friday deals, and how everyone is saving money. It is sickening. I have truly lost faith in the “Christmas Season”, because we have lost sight of what Christmas is actually about. Too many people think only about what they will get this Christmas Season. Too many people think that Christmas is a Season of Giving. Christmas is a Christian Holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, son of God, and the savior of Man Kind.
I get all the “oh good will to man, season of giving”, and I wish it were true, but it just isn’t. The existence of black Friday proves it. People rushing the doors, acting like heathens, pawing, trampling, and shoving their way towards the most expensive or most sought after gifts. How many people in that ad rush do you think are thinking about good will to man? How many of these people do you think are actually thinking about giving? They are all thinking about saving money, and getting more crap, crap that they won’t even care about in a year, or remember in three. Hell I wonder how many of those baboons have actually accepted Jesus as their savior. Black Friday is a shadow tarnishing the reputation of one of the most important celebrations of the year.
Christmas is a festival of lights. Cold biting winds, howl through barren branches, beaconing the arrival of darkness. The gray clouds dominate sky, veiling the sun, robbing the earth of its warming rays. The darkness of night, dominates our lives, winters bitter chill stabbing at our hearts. The green of summer a distant memory, the bounty of fall fading into the past, nothing ahead but the long desolation of winter. It is during this season of darkness and despair, when all hope seems lost in coming void, that we celebrate Christmas.
The twinkling of thousands of small little lights, like stars, illuminate the darkness, guide us towards the warmth of home. Towering evergreen trees adorned with countless lights, illuminate our homes. Upon their branches, mementos of years past, memories of the joy we have shared with our loved ones. The smell of food cooking in the oven, the faint hint of wood smoke in the air, and a warm fire in the fire place, is what Christmas is supposed to be. It is a time where we come together, join with our loved ones, and share in the joy of their company. It is when we take the time to remember what is truly important. Christmas, is a festival of lights in the bitter dark and cold. Just as Jesus is the light that guides us home to God. He came to earth, and saved us from the unending cold of damnation, and the darkness of our sins.
It is on the 25th of December that we gather to celebrate God’s gift to mankind, the savior of our eternal souls. We come in out of the frigid snow and blowing snow, to the warmth of family and friends, just as Jesus brought us out of the darkness and into the light of grace.
Please tell me how rampaging through a store in pursuit of pointless knick-knacks is as illuminating as the true meaning of Christmas, the true purpose of the holiday? I am not against giving presents; I would be a liar if I said that as a child I did not make a Christmas list and send it to Santa Clause. I was unable to sleep December 24th. But I also remember being unable to wait to go to my grandparent’s house, to see my Grand Mother, Grand Father, my Aunts and Uncles, and to play with all of my cousins. The gifts we give at Christmas should hold with them a meaning befitting the season. They should not be mundane things that we need, nor should they be pointless trinkets. They should be things that hold great meaning inside them, and will be cherished for years to come. Maybe that is a toy; I know one of the best gift I ever got for Christmas was a T-Rex, from when the first Jurassic Park movie came out. I played with that thing almost every day, and even after 20 years I still treasure it. Maybe it is a ornament, or a sweater, who knows.
I challenge everyone who is reading this, to cast aside the black Friday chaos, and return to the spirit of the holidays. Find the thing that brings you joy in this season, and share it with others. Find a gift with meaning that will become a treasure. Most important of all, spend this time with your family, and cherish it, because in the face of the coming darkness our loved ones are all we have.


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