Chicago Gun Control

So I thought I would point out that on Black Friday there was a shooting in Chicago at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue. A man gunned down his ex-girlfriend and then turned the gun on himself. I find this story hard to believe, after all it is illegal to have a hand gun in Chicago. So either the man got past security with a rifle/shot gun, managed to avoid detection of everyone in the store, or this is another case of the failure of “gun control”.
I have always found it hilarious that people actually believe that you can stop violence; by limiting or restricting access to firearms. We have all heard the progressive’s constant assaults on our second amendment right to own and bear arms. They claim that guns kill people. They believe that a gun can pick itself up, cock itself, select a target, and then fire. I really wonder what it is like to live in a world where inanimate objects are capable of murder, no wonder they are such a jumpy group.
This shooting in Chicago is a classic example of how, banning guns does not prevent crime. It does not stop evil people from doing wicked things. A gun is a tool. Its purpose, to harness the energy released from the rapid ignition of gun powder, to propel a projectile down the barrel. It comes down to the intentions of the person wielding the firearm that determines whether or not a crime is committed, and a tragedy occurs.
The evidence proves, actually proves not global warming proves, that allowing the public more access to firearms, and more liberty to carry them reduces crime, where as limiting access to firearms leads to increases in crime.
Firearms are a great equalizer; the smallest of women has no hope of defending herself against a 250 pound man. However, a firearm suddenly changes that arithmetic. Criminals think twice, when there is the possibility of getting shot.
I always love this assumption that progressives have that criminals purchase their guns legally. For some reason they think that a bank robber, is really concerned about gun laws, when he is getting ready to rob a bank. They are criminals, it is obvious that they do not care about the law; it is sort of what makes them criminals.
I really do love trying to get inside the progressive mind, although sometimes it can be quite scary. You see as a conservative, I believe in limited government, that the individual is empowered to make their own decisions in life. A progressive believes that you are too stupid to make that choice, and someone has to make it for you. Progressives believe that because they feel a certain way, you should be forced to feel that way as well. If they think that cars are destroying the planet, and thus buy a Coal Powered Nissan Leaf, they believe that you should buy one to. If you do not want to buy the Leaf, they believe someone should force you to. A conservative would by the car, tell you about it, and if you don’t buy it well that is your right. The same story rings true with firearms. Progressives do not like guns, they do not want to own guns, so they think you should not be allowed to. Conservatives place the power to choose in the hands of the individual.
How much more suffering will have to happen before people wake up and realize that empowering the individual is the answer? How much longer will we allow nut jobs to continue this myth that guns are the problem? There is no evidence to support the theory, yet people are still forced to endure the painful results of its implementation.

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