The Real Racism in America

Before I begin I feel the need to preface this segment with the following. I will admit to anyone that I am a proud conservative. I believe in limited government, and maximum individual liberty. I am a proud member of the TEA Party. So a fair warning to you radical progressives out there, no real reason for you to listen to this.
Everyone is talking about the shooting that happened in Ferguson Missouri, where a police officer shot an unarmed 18 year old man, and just about everyone is missing the big picture. Almost everyone seems to be blind to the truth. The situation in Ferguson makes me sick to my stomach, my blood boil, and blood squirt from my eyes. The blatant racism that has been allowed to run unchecked in this country for so long is enough to make any sentient being violently ill.
There is a deep rooted bigotry in this country, one that we as a nation have been fighting for more than a century to end. The problem though is that this virus, this plaque is crafty and smart, very adept at hiding itself. I have long talked about it, and hinted at it in my writings, but never before have I been compelled to assault this problem head on. Monday night, I sat there and watched as a mob torched a town, set fire to business, and destroyed the lives out countless innocent people. Jobs were lost, property destroyed, and dreams smashed. We live in a civilized country, and this is unacceptable. I would expect to see footage like that to come from France, Spain, Greece, or the Middle East, not the heart land of America. What I saw Monday was raw hatred, hatred fueled by the racial divide in this country. What I saw was the inevitable results of over a century of exploitational racism.
The progressive movement is a parasite, slowly sucking away the life of anything it latches onto. It is absurd to me how anyone can think that progressive’s are a voice for the poor, for women, or for minorities. Now I am sure that people are throwing things at their computers right now, foaming at the mouth, how dare I question progressive compassion? Progressivism is directly to blame for the nightmare that is Ferguson.
Progressives have been trying to keep their boots on the throats of minorities in this country from the very beginning. It was big government progressives who attempted to stop the 13th amendment. It was a progressive, Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parent Hood as a eugenics program, to control the African American population. It was a progressive who re-segregated the military prior to world war one. It was a progressive who shuttled Japanese Americans off to camps during WWII. It was big government progressives who attempted to stop civil rights legislation. And it is the progressive movement that is holding back minorities today.
The constant never ending barrage of insults to the minorities of this nation is sickening. The progressives have promised to better their lives, gave them hope, but delivered servitude. They highjack political movements and bastardize them. They transform them into nothing more than a tool to ensure continued voter loyalty. They exploit the fears of minorities to drive their own perverse social agenda.
Remember progressives want only one thing, and that is power. We have no rights in their eyes, only privileges. The State is absolute, and our “rights” are gifts that they let us have. Anything we have is out of their good grace. A united America would never let such vial thugs usurp our God given liberty; however a divided America is another story. It is hard for someone to believe in liberty and justice, when they are told their whole lives that they are victims. That the white man, is trying to keep you down. That the nation and its laws are designed to smother you, to enslave you, that the system owes them because of how unfair the past has been. How can someone who is raised hearing this over and over again possibly believe in unity and liberty? How can they have hope for justice? How can they trust their neighbor, their community? The answer is they can’t, and they are not supposed to. Progressives want us divided, not united. Together we are strong, and impossible to restrain. The progressives will do anything they can to ensure that the people are segregated by gender, race, religion, and creed. Anyone who questions them, is shunned and ridiculed out of society.
Every action taken by a progressive is political, they calculate the benefit that could come from everything. They never let a crisis go to waste. They feed off of fear and suffering, and use the rage, frustration, and grief of a community to push through an agenda that would otherwise outrage the American Public. Never let a crisis go to waste, if someone’s suffering can be manipulated for political benefit, all the cards are on the table, no trick is too low. The ends justify the means. Divide, conquer, enslave, the progressive’s playbook for power.
Ferguson is the most recent example of classic divisive progressive strategy. The main stream media, the propaganda branch of the progressive movement, kindled the spark of this inferno. They set in motion the devastation that will forever be a scare on this poor town’s soul. The factual story was simple enough to report. A police officer, shot and killed an unarmed man. The man was suspected of robbing a connivance store, and assaulted the police officer. But what did the media focus on? How did they respond? As they always respond. Before the smoke had cleared, before the echoes of the gun shot faded, they were pumping out a headline. Before they even had any of the facts, they turned this story into the racial crime of the century. They jumped at a perceived opportunity and transformed this case into a political rallying cry. All by the addition of two little words, white, and black. By making the story “White cop, shoots black man” they laid the ground work for the battle to come.
Once they added those two words, any hope for healing was lost. The story stopped being about facts, and became a soap box for washed up has beens like Al Sharpton to stand up and cry foul about the unfathomable racism in this country. Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling in his grave right now. No one cried out for the truth, they demanded the officer’s head on a platter. They turned a cut and dry case into an excuse to discredit the justice system, and further divide this nation. To drive minorities further from the rest of the nation.
Dr. King had a dream, that one day white children, and black children would be able to play together, work together, and live together. The progressives have high jacked the memory of Dr. King and perverted it. They have transformed the civil rights movement from a quest for Equal Justice, into a war for Social Justice. Dr. King wanted equal protection in the eyes of the law, Equal Justice. The progressives have convinced the minorities that they are owed something, that the man has to pay for what he has done to them. They want heads to role, that is social justice, and it is another nice fluffy progressive term, used to enslave the populous to their agenda.
Ferguson is a symptom of a much greater problem. The minority populations in this country are being held hostage by the progressive movement. A movement that thinks that they are so stupid, so incompetent that they cannot possibly survive without their help. Ferguson will happen again, racial tensions will continue to rise, as long as we allow progressives to set the arguments. The key to solving this issue is a reduction of government. End the entitlement mentality, and unleash the American Economy. Economic growth is the greatest tool to end the suffering of low income regions. Give them hope, give them a chance, return to them the pride that the progressives have selfishly stolen away, and there can be healing in this nation. Continuing on the path that we are on now only ends in a divided and wounded nation, easy pickings for those who threaten our liberty.
So we have to choose, continue following progressive bigotry, or end the madness and restore rule of law. Preserve Equal Protection under the law. Equal Justice, or social justice, the choice is yours


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