Global Warming Theorist Proved Wrong for Ninth Year Running

Yes the end of the Atlantic Hurricane Season has come and once again I am ecstatic to report that, there were no hurricanes that hit the United States. The last hurricane to hit the United States was Wilma in 2005. That is the longest time without a hurricane sense the Civil War according to Jeff Masters Chief Meteorologist for Weather Undergound. What I don’t understand is how this is possible.

In the aftermath of Katrina Global Warming hoaxers told us that because of rising C02 emissions, which was causing global warming, that Katrina sized storms would become common place. That we would see four to five Katrinas every year. Yet, sense 2005 the seas remain quite. Global Warming alarmists seem to have gotten it wrong again.

Now hurricanes hitting the U.S. in nine years, no Global Warming in over fifteen, and all the while we remain bombarded by global warming nuts with allegations that we are destroying the planet. When will these people realize that we are on to their little hoax, and we aren’t buying the crap their shoveling.


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